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City Agriculture - October 4, 2023

by gmoke Wed Oct 4th, 2023 at 06:18:57 AM EST

Babylon Micro-Farms - for corporate dining, student dining, senior living communities, and event and hospitality venues now in 31 states

Local ecosystem restoration and food forestry - the transformation of one yard in San Antonio, TX

Green Shades - vegetal awnings
hat tip Alexandra Sokol

Festival of Debate 2023: Cities, farming, construction and greenspaces - series of 4 recorded webinars

City Farmer News - from Vancouver, BC, Canada with news of urban farming from everywhere

Montreal street in transition from parking to community garden

NYTimes on Miyawaki Forests
https://www.nytimes.com/2023/08/24/climate/tiny-forests-climate-miyawaki.html?unlocked_article_code= v8kupwL3yFzi2-IC0KNf0BfACVFIpjsbxhk-7AhXQAjnPcgfL1u0jgLszg6uQztWlpZc6_V1QOwLy6Gv10Xwtcw4Ht8XwkuGji4r DhmQ9qYforZU9MX8B7Q19uUpL1k9IKEMDgPfj6FekloEFoqn1Y2VdY6nwLtGMfO64JI_zm6W9HOOXuzcd3NCbBmj1eTS-5WwgnUq 0Tm-ywZl4thMTz41iiE6RiRI11a0b8w_kTUQ855mbxbQVNWMm6Snn-J99xG67V4n4GNA2UfGJGq0DHfoU4lbAHtzu2ALpW-XHk-w GjHpUCFZ1zvw6xBW2LkxalBrw803-EJSR0-3v-fbax0XyIIi7FY&smid=url-share
Editorial Comment:  My sources at Biodiversity for a Livable Climate (http://bio4climate.org/) report that this article brought many new members and attention to their great work.

Urban oases combine roof gardens and solar panels

Green corridors instead of heat islands in Medellin, Colombia

Improving photosynthesis in plants through genetics

Botanarchy - guerrilla gardening on public property
http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/sep/28/i-call-it-botanarchy-the-hackney-guerrilla-garden er-bringing-power-to-the-people
Editorial Comment:  I've been known to do something similar myself from time to time and enjoy the idea that the concept of "seed bombing," preparing balls of mud full of wildflower seeds to throw into vacant lots, seems to have gone from a kitchen table conversation in late 1970s to an underground reality today

Learning from India

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Assessment 1: Charting the Course - Policy and Guidelines for Informatics Staff

"<a href="https://www.writinkservices.com/nurs-fpx-6412-assessment-1-policy-and-guidelines-for-the-informatics-staff-making-decisions-to-use-informatics-systems-in-practice" target="_new">NURS FPX 6412 Assessment 1 Policy and Guidelines for the Informatics Staff: Making Decisions to Use Informatics Systems in Practice</a>" expects professionals to create arrangements and guidelines for informatics staff. This assessment underscores the basic importance of informed decision-making while utilizing informatics systems in healthcare practice.

by pesoye on Thu Oct 12th, 2023 at 12:40:32 PM EST
NURS FPX 6412 Assessment 1 Policy and Guidelines for the Informatics Staff: Making Decisions to Use Informatics Systems in Practice

Can you reveal how your note relates to one of articles or your experience with city agriculture planning and production?

by Cat on Thu Oct 12th, 2023 at 05:57:50 PM EST
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