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Israel's Killer Rabbi's Hate Mongering

by Oui Thu Nov 2nd, 2023 at 12:10:15 PM EST

One Year Cycle of Escalating Violence and Provocation by the Illegal Settler Community - TERROR

Meet the powerful rabbi who once called for killing Palestinians | MEE - 29 Nov 2022 |

Itamar Ben-Gvir's spiritual mentor Rabbi Dov Lior (Photo: Wikimedia)

Rabbi Dov Lior is the spiritual leader of a coalition now set to be part of Netanyahu's government

As far-right politician Itamar Ben-Gvir is set to become Israel's next minister of national security, his spiritual guide and ally Rabbi Dov Lior has come under the spotlight for his potential "racist" influence on the new government.

Lior, a proponent of the ethnic cleansing of Arab Muslims, is the spiritual leader for the entire far-right Religious Zionism coalition, which includes three parties: Religious Zionism, Jewish Power and Noam.

The political alliance won 14 seats in the Israeli parliament earlier this month, more than any religious-nationalist party in the history of the state, making it the second largest bloc in the governing coalition after Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu. Currently, the parties are locked in government-forming negotiation with Netanyahu's Likud, reportedly winning control over several key state institutions.

Lior had urged Israelis to cast their votes for the coalition and spoke at its press conference after the election results were published.

Lior is outspoken on political matters, and repeatedly promoted the theory that the "Western Land of Israel" (meaning all of historical Palestine) belongs to the Jews only.

'Palestinians are animals' -- Why many Jewish Israelis approve settler pogrom | Mondoweiss - 7 Mar 2023 |

"There is a sentiment among many Israelis, saying, OK these are the circumstances, they're animals anyway, let's behave the same way," Amos Harel says of Israeli view of settler attacks on Palestinians.

Many in Israeli society approve of the settler "pogrom" against the Palestinian village of Huwara because they regard Palestinians as "animals" and accept the occupation as normal, a leading Israeli reporter explained to American Jews last week.

Speaking to the Israel lobby group Israel Policy Forum, Amos Harel of Haaretz said the settlers' rampage in Huwara on February 26 that killed one Palestinian and destroyed stores and cars was reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan terrorizing blacks in the south, or Russian pogroms against Jews.

Susie Gelman, the chair of the IPF, then asked whether Israelis were horrified by Huwara, and could the pogrom be a wakeup call to those who have compartmentalized the horrors of the West Bank? Harel said most are not horrified, Huwara could be "the dark side of the moon" though it's 45 minutes from the outskirts of Tel Aviv.

Surviving a Pogrom: Palestinian in Huwara Decries Israeli Settler Attack as "Ethnic Cleansing"

Ali's on the grill

Settler Aided Murder of Palestinian, Defiled Memory of 18-Month-Old Murdered Baby Taunting: "Ali's on the Grill!" | Tikun Olam - 1 Sept 2023 |

Elisha Yered aided murderer of Qosai Mit'an. In 2018, he screamed vulgarities at the Dawabshe family

In 2018, two Israeli settlers appealed their sentence for murdering the Dawabshe family in 2015.  Among the family members, the father, mother, and 18-month-old baby, Ali, were burned alive. 4-year-old Saad survived with burns over much of his body.  Outside the courthouse, a group of settler youth taunted the Dawabsheh family defiling the memory of the little baby screaming: "Ali is dead" and worst of all, "Ali's on the grill."

An Israeli contacted me noting that the ringleader was the same person who was an accomplice to the murder of Qosai Mit'an in the Palestinian village of Burqa.  Elisha Yered took the murder weapon from the murderer, Yechiel Indore, and buried it outside their settlement.  After both were arrested and interrogated, Yered took the Shin Bet to the spot where the weapon was buried and they retrieved it.  His explanation was that he wanted to be sure that no Palestinians took the weapon, so he hid it.

Israel: Chronicle of a Genocide Foretold

Ultra-Orthodox rabbi calls for "war" against LGBTQ Jews, while senior ministers call to eradicate Palestinians

Targeting pregnant Palestinian mothers

Israeli shirts put Arab women in sniper crosshairs | IMEU - 23 Apr 2009 |

JERUSALEM -- Controversy has been sparked over a batch of T-shirts worn by Israeli soldiers that many say foment anti-Palestinian violence and human rights abuses. According to Israel's Ha'aretz newspaper: "Dead babies, mothers weeping on their children's graves, a gun aimed at a child and bombed-out mosques - these are a few examples of the images Israel Defense Forces soldiers design these days to print on shirts they order to mark the end of training, or of field duty.

The slogans accompanying the drawings are not exactly anemic either: A T-shirt for infantry snipers bears the inscription 'Better use Durex,' next to a picture of a dead Palestinian baby, with his weeping mother and a teddy bear beside him. A sharpshooter's T-shirt from the Givati Brigade's Shaked battalion shows a pregnant Palestinian woman with a bull's-eye superimposed on her belly, with the slogan, in English, '1 shot, 2 kills.'"

News of the t-shirts were first reported in the aftermath of Operation Cast Lead, Israel's devastating military on Gaza in 2008-9 that killed some 1400 Palestinians, most of them civilians. A UN fact-finding mission under Justice Richard Goldstone found that Israel and Hamas both committed serious war crimes and crimes against humanity during Cast Lead. Human rights groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch came to the same conclusion.

An Israeli models a shirt reading "Sniper platoon" in Hebrew that depicts a pregnant Arab in a rifle sight

Israeli Settler Colonialism in Context: Celebrating (Palestinian) Death and Normalizing Gender and Sexual Violence

Halacha to commit war crimes and murder innocent civilians ... this doctrine isn't new, but a red line throughout history and biblical times. Inhumane and should be condemned just as much as hate mongering Imams are rejected or deported.

Israeli rabbis tell Netanyahu that Israel has a right to bomb Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza | Mondoweiss |

A group of influential Israeli rabbis wrote a letter to Benjamin Netanyahu affirming Israel's right under Jewish law to bomb Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza

Israeli right-wing journalist Amit Segal shared a letter from 45 influential Israeli rabbis (initial list), addressed to "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu May His Light Shine, the heads of state and security apparatus," explicitly affirming the right of the state to bomb the Al-Shifa' hospital in Gaza - the main hospital in the strip.

The Israeli military has made an allegation that Hamas is using both Shifa and Al Quds hospitals as bases and has warned both institutions to evacuate before an expected attack. The allegations cannot be verified, and regardless, an attack on healthcare facilities is prohibited under international law. If Israel does bomb Shifa it won't be the first time. The hospital was attacked on July 28, 2014, and at the time, it was the fourth hospital Israel bombed during that onslaught.

But now, the rabbis are assuring Israel's leaders that such a war crime would be OK by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Here's what they say about the Shifa hospital:

    "It is necessary to clarify, that also when the enemy hides behind a "human shield", as with the information about the terrorist headquarters at the Shifa hospital in Gaza - there is no halachic [Jewish religious law] or moral prohibition, nor a legal one, for bombing the enemy after sufficient warning. And if under such action innocent blood will be spilled, the guilt will be solely on the heads of the cruel [Hamas] murderers and their supporters".

There are several notable rabbis among the list of signatories who have advocated for the killing of "enemy babies" in the past. Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur explicitly wrote this in their 2009 book Torat Hamelech (King's Torah), claiming that such babies can often be in the way of killing the enemy and that their killing is therefore permitted. In addition, they wrote their murder is permitted under the justification that these babies "will grow to harm us."

One of the authors of Torat Hamelech, Yitzhak Shapira, rabbi of the Od Yosef Hai yeshiva in Yitzhar, is a signatory to yesterday's letter (the yeshiva was notably recipient of Kushner family fund grants until 2011). Two other rabbis on the list of signatories, Dov Lior (first signatory, former rabbi of Kiryat Arba and spiritual mentor of Itamar Ben-Gvir) and Yitzchak Ginzburg (third signatory, affiliated with Chabad movement) have endorsed the King's Torah book.

Israel’s Creeping Genocide | Tikun Olam -

Pogroms in 20 Palestinian villages targeted by masses of settler-thugs protected by the IDF

Israel has now commenced what can only be called “creeping genocide.” Settlers, with the IDF acting as willing co-conspirators, have launched pogroms against 20 Palestinian villages. They burn down homes with terrified residents sheltering in them from the rampaging terrorists outside. They set fire to fields planted with crops and orchards filled with olive trees. It’s reminiscent of Sherman’s Civil War March to the Sea, in which he burned everything of value to deprive the South of food, shelter, and the will to fight. When Palestinians confront the marauders, they are fired on by both settlers and soldiers. At least one man attempting to protect others was murdered.

The State further incites such terror attacks by launching its own military raids on major Palestinian population centers like Jenin and Nablus, in which it terrorizes local residents with armored vehicles smashing cars and even mounting sidewalks pursuing terrified pedestrians. In one such attack last month 11 Palestinians were murdered. In the Jenin attack 7 were murdered, including a 15-year-old girl, who was filming from her front gate. She was murdered by an IDF sniper with an execution-style “kill shot” to the forehead.

From 2014 Gaza War

Bloody Day in Gaza as Calls for Cease-Fire Intensify | TIME - 28 July 2014 |

The U.N. Security Council's call for an immediate cease-fire between Israeli forces and Hamas failed to cease violence in Gaza, as two large attacks left over a dozen dead and scores wounded.

Israel and Hamas traded blame for explosions at al-Shifa Hospital and a nearby refugee camp in the Gaza Strip on Monday, which killed at least 10 children and left at least 30 people dead or wounded, NBC reports.

Hamas said the explosions were a "direct" strike by Israeli drones, while Israel said they were caused by failed militant rockets. "A short while ago Al-Shifa hospital was struck by a failed rocket attack launched by Gaza terror organizations," the IDF said in a statement, adding that "there was no Israeli military activity in the area surrounding the hospital whatsoever."

The Israeli army prevented us from showing solidarity with suffering Palestinians ...

Stand With Us' Assault on the Jewish Peace Movement | Tikun Olam - 8 Feb 2011 |

Why is Stand With Us assaulting American Jews?  I use the term "assault" both in its figurative and literal sense.  In tactics that echo those of the Israeli right-wing advocacy group, Im Tirzu, Stand With Us members have engaged in verbal and physical confrontations with activists from Jewish Voice for Peace in San Francisco-Oakland, Los Angeles and Seattle.  I too have been verbally harassed locally here in Seattle.

SWU appears to have appointed itself the watchdog of Zionist purity among the American Jewish community.  It has singled out for special attention the fast-growing Jewish peace organization, Jewish Voice for Peace and attacked its activists both verbally and physically.  At a San Francisco demonstration a few months ago, SWU activists on video were heard warning the JVP marchers that they would disrupt their family lives.  Then a few weeks ago, at a JVP meeting in Berkeley, an Israeli-flag clad SWU leader Robin Dubner pepper-sprayed two JVP attendees in the face.

In Los Angeles, JVP is organizing a new chapter.  The lead organizer, Estee Chandler, who is relatively new to Israeli-Arab peace organizing has already had an education it takes many of years to earn.  An anonymous stalker left an ominous threatening flyer at her home displaying her picture, her employer, and names of child family members with the caption:

WANTED: Treason and Incitement Against Jews

Arab anger as Hillary Clinton backs Israel on settlements | The Guardian – 2 Nov. 2009 |

Hillary Clinton and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a press conference during Clinton's attempt to restart peace talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

  • US secretary of state praises concessions by Israel
  • ’Israel can get away with anything,' claims Arab League

    Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, sought to deflect the anger and disappointment of pro-western Arab states today after backing Israel's position that it did not need to freeze settlement activity as a prelude to resuming peace talks with the Palestinians.

    Clinton was due to meet foreign ministers from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other key Arab states at a G8 conference in Morocco after brief talks in Jerusalem and Ramallah at the weekend. In what appeared to be a significant policy shift she publicly supported the position taken by Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel's Likud prime minister, and even praised him for making "unprecedented" concessions.

    Amid mounting concern that Barack Obama's much-heralded engagement with the Middle East peace process is going nowhere fast, Arab leaders expressed their fury at Clinton's endorsement of Israel's argument that it is not required to halt settlement activity in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, as the administration had previously demanded. The Palestinian Authority, Jordan and Egypt all protested.

    Number of Deliberate Murders: 9061 killed, including 3,760 children and 2,326 women.

    Escalating Death Toll and Healthcare Crisis in Gaza as Israeli Aggression Continues | PNN |

    UN rights office says Israeli attacks on Jabalia could be ’war crime’ | Al Jazeera |

    Intent of Genocide and violation of human rights exspressed by General Yoav Gallant.

    Urgent: Israel Announces Total Warfare on Gaza's Civilian Population, Employing Starvation as Weapon | Mezan - 9 Oct. 2023 |

    On 9 October 2023, Yoav Gallant, Israel's Minister of Defense, stated: "We are imposing a complete siege on [Gaza]. No electricity, no food, no water, no fuel - everything is closed. We are fighting human animals, and we act accordingly." This statement, that includes genocidal language, appears as an admission of intent to commit war crimes and other grave international crimes against the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.

    Gaza has a civilian population of over two million Palestinians, half of whom are children. Imposing a total closure of the Strip amounts to a collective punishment of an unprecedented scale, which cannot be justified either legally or morally. All crossings between Gaza and Israel have been closed since Friday, 6 October. Since then, no people or goods have left or entered Gaza via Israel, including medical patients in need of urgent medical care unavailable in Gaza.

    Sixteen years of Israeli closure and recurrent military attacks have shattered Gaza's welfare system and ability to meet the basic needs of the population, particularly health services. As a result, Gaza has become gradually reliant on humanitarian aid: in January 2023, the UN OCHA reported that 58 percent of Gaza Strip residents require humanitarian aid, and a large number of households are subjected to severe, extreme, or catastrophic conditions. Ninety-seven percent of water in Gaza is unfit for human consumption based on the standards of the World Health Organization.

    The number of Palestinian deaths and injuries in the last 48 hours is so high that Gaza's crippled health system is barely able to cope with the influx of people needing treatment. Mahmoud Shalabi, the Gaza-based Senior Programme Manager for Medical Aid for Palestinians, said: "There were many dead bodies in the morgue and many medical staff were unable to cope with the huge influx of casualties they were receiving." Currently, the only hospital in the Beit Hanoun area is out of service due to the repeated strikes that have made it impossible for ambulances to enter and exit the hospital.

    See earlier diary ...

    Armenian Genocide, Rwanda and Gaza Today

    'Sapere aude'

    by Oui (Oui) on Sat Nov 4th, 2023 at 04:34:13 PM EST
    Israel's 'Total War' Strategy in Gaza

    A somnolent world continues its sleepwalk through Gaza's House of Death.  There are so very many horrible things being done and said. The worst of course in Gaza itself.  But there are so many disgusting things being said by some of the most powerful figures in the world. It not only makes one's skin crawl. But it makes you want to flay your skin entirely. Except it would leave you with no protective layer between your body and the pain of the world.  That thinnest of layers, you do need.

    US leaders have telegraphed their acceptance of this approach by floating the notion of "what comes after Hamas is defeated."  In other words, after Hamas is totally dismantled and destroyed as a viable entity.  They may be thinking of how the west and its regional allies attacked and largely eliminated ISIS as a viable force.

    U.S. Complicit in Gaza Massacre

    Global leaders and Israel apologists prattle like birds on a telephone wire the same Israeli talking points: "right to defend itself-squawk!" "Hamas terrorists-squawk!" "human shields-squawk!" "hiding terrorists-squawk!" "protect civilians-squawk! "terror tunnels-squawk!" It's banal. It's obscene, because it is propaganda rather than truth. It is easily digestible slogans instead of nuanced analysis.  It's like giving a drink to an alcoholic or a fix to a junkie.  Goes down easy.  It's what they know. Hits the pleasure centers in the right spot.  But ends up killing them.  And if this propaganda goes on much longer, it will not kill 9,000, it will kill 20,000 or 30,000.

    'Sapere aude'
    by Oui (Oui) on Sat Nov 4th, 2023 at 04:39:38 PM EST
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    My comment ...

    Indeed the horror of Dresden (payback for Coventry), Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Xmas bombing of Hanoi (20,000 tons of bombs), and modern day Grozny ... can never equate any new conflict with the past. Gaza is the horror of genocide as the world watches the video's and few reports from journalists stationed in Gaza.

    It is thought that some 25,000-35,000 civilians died in Dresden in the air attacks, though some estimates are as high as 250,000, given the influx of undocumented refugees that had fled to Dresden from the Eastern Front.

    'Sapere aude'

    by Oui (Oui) on Sat Nov 4th, 2023 at 04:40:10 PM EST
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