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CIA's Research in Behavioral Modification

by Oui Wed Feb 1st, 2023 at 02:28:27 PM EST

From the CIA documentation center at Langley, Va.

Killing Hope -- U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II

The opportunity to build the war- ravaged world anew, to lay the foundations for peace, prosperity and justice, collapsed under the awful weight of anti-communism.

The weight had been accumulating for some time; indeed, since Day One of the Russian Revolution. By the summer of 1918 some 13,000 American troops could be found in the newly-born Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Two years and thousands of casualties later, the American troops left, having failed in their mission to "strangle at its birth" the Bolshevik state, as Winston Churchill put it.

The young Churchill was Great Britain's Minister for War and Air during this period. Increasingly, it was he who directed the invasion of the Soviet Union by the Allies (Great Britain, the US, France, Japan and several other nations) on the side of the counter-revolutionary "White Army". Years later, Churchill the historian was to record his views of this singular affair for posterity:

    Were they [the Allies] at war with Soviet Russia? Certainly not; but they shot Soviet Russians at sight. They stood as invaders on Russian soil. They armed the enemies of the Soviet Government. They blockaded its ports, and sunk its battleships. They earnestly desired and schemed its downfall. But war--shocking! Interference--shame! It was, they repeated, a matter of indifference to them how Russians settled their own internal affairs. They were impartial--Bang!

Operation Unthinkable - Churchill's plans to invade the Soviet Union in 1945

If you thought the Cold War between East and West reached its peak in the 1950s and 1960s, then think again. 1945 was the year when Europe was the crucible for a Third World War.  So concerned was the Prime Minister Winston Churchill, that in the spring of that year he ordered his Chiefs of Staff to prepare a plan, H’Operation Unthinkable' to attack the Soviet Empire.

From my diary -- United States An Existential Threat to Russia

How to bend truths into untruths, intelligence using "piggy back" trickery making use of complot and conspiracies on social media to participate in disinformation ... accusing our declared enemy states of atrocities in a prices of dehumanization going forward into a war. The long road ...

MKULTRA -- Only Fools Enter and Participate in Ukraine War

America joined by allies Great Britain and Israel, have historic "successes" in interventions to overthrow foreign regimes not to their liking. Nothing has changed from Cold War attitude only the tools have been extended in the digital age from pamphlets and news media to social networks, Big Brother surveillance and war powers. The Fort Detrick dark powers at work for US Intelligence and exceptionalism.

Nazi Science, Intelligence to neo-Conservatism USA

Fort Detrick and germ warfare: US pardoned Japan's war criminals in exchange for Unit 731 chemical weapons

The US played an equally key role in concealing information about biological warfare experiments by Japan and secured immunity from prosecution for the perpetrators. Along with the data from Unit 731 and experiments inside Fort Detrick, Howard Brody, director at the Institute for the Medical Humanities, University of Texas Medical Branch, shared in an article released in 2014 details of the shady deal, titled United States Responses to Japanese Wartime Inhuman Experimentation after World War II: National Security and Wartime Exigency.

Multiple US interventions, surge of refugees crossing into Europe resulting in political turmoil and rightwing instability ...

Winston Churchill Explains Enigma Russia | Jan. 18, 2022 |

Search: Operation Gladio OSS and "Wild Bill" Donovan Using former Nazi officials as counter intelligence against communism in former Soviet bloc states ... USSR.

Towards an Anthropology of Spies and Intelligence Agencies by Felix Padel

 The place of spies in the structure of power

.... How much he acted as an `agent provocateur' towards these conspirators has been much debated, prefiguring modern debates about conspiracies and false-flag attacks.

As we shall see, Intelligence Agencies (IAs) played a crucial role in the Allied victory in the Second World War. Since then, their scale and influence has increased vastly, not just in their conventional role of spying or gathering 'intel', but also in influencing events and steering the media narrative, employing the black arts of psy-ops and propaganda (Todd et al. 2009). Their extensive media control today evolved in relation to the CIA project of 'mind control', which many have understood in terms of extending Nazi medical experiments (Marks 1979/1991, Kinzer 2019, Gross 2019) and propaganda - 'Operation Mockingbird. The UK secret services' 'Integrity Initiative' is a recent manifestation of this (Elmaazi and Blumenthal 2018).

During the post 9/11 era of the 'war on terror', controlling the narrative starts with who we call terrorists. The UK Terrorism Act of 2000 (CAMPACC 2021), like anti-terrorist legislation in many countries, follows an intelligence agency definition of terror tactics that excludes government use of terror, even though much of what this discourse calls 'terrorism' can be understood as a reaction to state terror. This is the argument in Herman's book The Real Terror Network (1982) and in Manufacturing Consent (Herman and Chomsky 1998/2002). In Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and other countries, it seems painfully apparent that US-led attacks on 'terrorists' have increased conflicts and 'terrorist attacks' exponentially. As we shall see, the 'Jewish terrorism' leading up to the formation of the state of Israel is largely forgotten (Eveland 1980/2018, Giladi 1992/2003), and whether the Kurdish-led PKK should be counted a terrorist organization is much debated.

The aircraft attacks in the USA on 11th September 2001 were widely seen as a huge failure of the US intelligence agencies (Kamarck 2021). As the War on Terror was conceived and acted out through US-led attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, this justified the IAs playing a rapidly expanding role in surveillance, as well as orchestrating operations and influencing media narratives. Expansion in the surveillance of citizens is what led Edward Snowden to become a whistle-blower (Snowden 2019).

    Or one could go back further, for the Republican Party's moralism was not "neo" even in 1900. In the 1850s, William Henry Seward [in the age of slavery and  bloody Civil War -- America has not yet recovered from darkness of racism] , the party's founder, New York's governor, and, later, Abraham Lincoln's secretary of state, declared it America's duty "to renovate the condition of mankind" and lead the way "to the universal restoration of power to the governed." Seward himself was only expanding on the beliefs of earlier American statesmen, such as Henry Clay, who had spoken of America's "duty to share with the rest of mankind this most precious gift."

The CIA'S Program of Research in Behavioral Modification

PROJECT MKULTRA and the Murder of Frank Olson | Sept. 22, 2022 |

By chance saw a documentary on National Geographic ... beyond the shadows of the Korean War and occupied Germany, the United States and Great Britain joined in the Fort Detrick program of medical experiments, torture and death of the Top Secret CIA MK ULTRA. Beyond human comprehension and none were held accountable.

I jotted down some names and events and quickly came to understand links to mind blowing propaganda of a new Cold War. Why does it remind me of today's global crisis of chaos and permanent war?

How do the new empires of permanent wars manage to dupe a large portion of the world community?

The United Kingdom is world class producer of disinformation and war propaganda throughout the 20th Century ... second to none.

Rutte Beating the War Drums Ahead of the Troops

White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby has defended Biden's decision not to send F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine.

"What I can tell you is that there's a lot of capability that is being sent, and will be sent in the coming weeks and months," Kirby told CNN.

By accident I came across a post with appreciation for Dutch PM Mark Rutte and FM Hoekstra willing to send a few F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. The post was written in a diary at Daily Kos, a rightwing blog in the US as it as a channel for White House ugly war propaganda 😡 at least the affiliated bloggers were true patriots for war.

I haven't visited dKos for a very long time ... great memories from the early years 2004-05 ... even was nominated for the Sandy Koufax Award ... second nomination that year from Martin Longman's BooMan Tribune. Now I carry the badge of honor to have been banned twice in 2005 at big bad Orange ... indeed, after the first time I was reinstated which by itself is quite a feat 🤣. Yeah  in the early years I was a bit contrarian 😉.

A lot of discussion in the Netherlands and groups are vying to be the best war accelerator into a doomsday scenario ... I had some criticism for a well educated political scientist Rob de Wijk who came out of a nest employed by a peace institute Clingendael at the end of the Cold War.

Today I found someone in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 blogging De Wijk is too careful and should beat the war drum of escalation to help Ukraine defeat the Russians and reconquer Crimea as an important goal. No one knows how this war will end, how far the Russians can be pushed into a corner and how deep the backlash of this war will be on the European continent. One conclusion is clear just as Donal Trump, Joe Biden could care less, especially for the Old Europeans ... Divide and Conquer ... unity is hollow phrase when US perceived national security is at stake.

  • I prefer a Pershing in my garden than a Russian in my kitchen
  • The slogan of the 80s to promote stationing Pershing II and cruise missiles in NATO countries. Across Europe mass protests and peace marches were organized by the many progressive leftist groups and pacifists.

    This guy admires one of the worst warmongers in journalism in The Netherlands ... total disinformation, war propaganda conduit and Russophobia. Immoral. See my earlier harsh criticism on Hubert Smeets and his so-called "Window on Russia". His private group receives funds, probably also a government subsidy. He has a similar position towards Russia as the Henry Jackson Society in London and blood hound Khodorkovsky, America's nominee to be the next president of Russia once Bill Browder passes on the invitation from US Congress.

    Who is this guy Karel Burger Dirven sitting in Provinciale Staten van Brabant?

    Honorary consul representing Ukraine in three Southern provinces of Holland.

    Ultimate form of hypocrisy ... history of pogroms in Ukraine in 19th and 20th centuries ...

    The Dutch have their very own evangelists community preaching the role of Putin in the destruction of Jews, the state Israel and the king from the North in prophesy of the End of Times.

    Russia's Role in the End Times | David Maasbach |

    First World War I -- British war propaganda, death camps of Germany and the extermination camps of WWII ... a proces of dehumanization of you foe on the battle field. Propaganda has consequences, often very brutal.

    The German Corpse Factory - Great Piece [very ugly face] of British Propaganda

    In April 1917, the story continued as many British and American newspapers quoted an article which had originated in a German newspaper, the Berliner Lokal-Anzeiger. This short article included a quote from a German journalist who was reporting on a visit to the Western Front:

    "We pass through Evergnicourt. There is a dull smell in the air, as if lime were being burnt. We are passing the great Corpse Utilization Establishment (Kadaververwertungsanstalt) of this Army Group."

    By the time that the war ended, the story of the corpse factory was widely believed in many parts of the world. It was used as evidence of German barbarity and, therefore, justification for the war.

    After the war, Charteris became a Conservative Member of Parliament for Glasgow. In 1925, he visited the United States.

    On the evening of 19th October, he gave a speech at the National Arts Club in New York City. He regaled his audience with stories about his wartime service, including the stunning claim that he had deliberately invented the corpse factory story.

    He explained how the story had been developed as a deliberate attempt to inspire horror and repugnance against the Germans. It had been revived in 1917 to help persuade China to join the war on the Allied side.

    In Germany, Charteris's comments caused fury. In response to German pressure, in early December 1925 the British Foreign Secretary, Austen Chamberlain, was forced to issue a statement formally accepting that there was no truth in the corpse factory story.

    However, he was careful not to comment on the suggestion that it had been invented by British Military Intelligence.

    Atrocity propaganda during and in the aftermath of World War I

    Atrocity propaganda, which aimed to mobilise hatred of the German enemy by spreading details of their atrocities, real or alleged, was used extensively by Britain during the war and reached its peak in 1915, with much of the atrocities related to Germany's invasion of Belgium. Newspaper accounts of "Terrible Vengeance" first used the word "Hun" to describe the Germans in view of atrocities in Belgium. A continuous stream of stories ensued that painted the Germans as destructive barbarians, but many of the reported atrocities were exaggerated or fictitious ...

    Propaganda inevitably involved a degree of censorship and control that sat uneasily alongside perceptions of democratic societies as free and open. An article by Aldous Huxley in Time and Tide in May 1932, the same year that he published Brave New World, reflected fears about a future `great Ministry of propaganda'. This was, according to Huxley, a very real, and sinister, threat to democracy: ‘A really efficient propaganda could reduce most human beings to the condition of abject slavery'. The challenge posed by Europe's dictators, who seemed to deploy propaganda to suppress the will of the people without regret, brought such concerns into sharp relief.  

    The Holocaust as enterprise to condone the war crimes and human rights abuse by the Jewish State of Israel in the Middle East for 75 years ... acting with impunity under the umbrella of the military might of the United States. Too ugly for words and the Western nations have been cozying up to Israel for the past two decades. Security, intelligence sharing and exploiting fear of Islam for their own evil deeds.

    When left progressive voices criticized their abuse of Palestinian rights, these persons and groups were targeted and silenced. Disinformation, false allegations of anti-semitische and nudging public opinion through propaganda. Social media as wrecking ball in communities and nations.

    Nothing new here to see, we have been blogging about Propaganda, Warmongering and Disinformation … #EUvsDisInfo

    #WeAreNato #unitedwithjoe  </blockquote<p>

    Eastern Europe researcher and Putin expert Hans-Henning Schröder on the bleak future for Ukraine, the danger of a nuclear attack and the end of the post-Soviet peace. (S+) What chance do the Ukrainians have of winning this war? "None"

    NATO and the EU even more united today ...

    Old Warriors Never Die, and Don't Fade Away

    A fresh conspiracy theory piling up on Russian involvement ... the line-up.

    The German Government has now confirmed in answer to a parliamentary question that the document is authentic.

    Leaked document: How the Federal German Government is working on "Gleichschaltung of the narrative" on the Ukraine war--Part I 

    NachDenkSeiten has exclusively been leaked an internal document of the German Government. We were able to verify the paper and we also know the identity of the whistleblower. The document gives an illuminating insight into the extent of the horizontal and vertical structures of--there is no other way to put it--propaganda by the German state at federal level, especially as regards the official involvement of media (e.g. Der Spiegel and Stern), Western social media corporations, educational institutions and so-called "fact-checkers".

    Censorship a Characteristic of Advanced Fascism

    European Union 50 years of reversals, a return to militancy and war. Just incomprehensible and abhorrent. The new generation ...

    How Europe became a vassal state of the American Empire ... a fool's path to self-destruction.

    Under Charles de Gaulle and Adenauer ... France and West-Germany.

    The Impact of the Franco-German Entente | Sage Journals by Harold C. Deutsch - 1963 |

    What Moscow has a bit too much, Brussels and Western Europe have too little authoritarianism. Plenty of "Democratic" input, discussions and lack of decision making. How I miss the clarity of the Cold War. Economic sanctions and declaring a sovereign state as a pariah or enemy state is de facto a declaration of war. Europe has become diluted in power structure due to forced expansion to please capitalist masters on the U.S. East coast. Re: NATO

    A Franco-German Manifesto for a European industrial policy fit for the 21st Century | May 12, 2019 |

    France and Germany put together a joint Manifesto aimed at  creating a European industrial sector which is fit for the 21st century. The Manifesto takes into account the fast digitalization of the global economy and puts forward recommendations that will help keep Europe competitive globally. 

    France and Germany call for a genuine European industrial policy with clear objectives for 2030 and believe that EU Member States should pool their funding, skills and expertise in order to maintain Europe's manufacturing power. Both countries believe this should be the next European Commission.

    NATO and the US have no plan in place when the war cannot be won on our terms ...


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