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Dutch AIVD Manipulation and Propaganda

by Oui Mon Apr 17th, 2023 at 03:10:36 PM EST

Presentation midday today by Dutch Intelligemce … theme FEAR Inc.

See the writings by Noam Chomsky, Walter Lippmann, et.al.

Herman's "Propaganda model of communication" to "Manufacturing consent"

Commonly in recent decades, the warnings were for leftist politics, anti-Israel and Islam extremists ... search not for societal roots of inequality, homelessness, poverty or persons left behind by government. Never heard the AIVD sending a warning about poor performance by government institutions in The Hague.

Need for more data sweep so our AI programs can track subjects for pre-emptive interruption of unrest to our state of Law & Order. Don't rock the boat or capitalism will sink.

Dutch Intelligence AIVD Warns of NWO Terror Threat

AIVD: conspiracy theories about 'powerful elite' serious threat | NOS National Broadcast |

According to conspiracy theories, all kinds of agencies and persons play a malicious role. Ministers, journalists, judges and scientists would be part of an elite that wants to oppress, enslave or even kill the population. The so-called elite would invent events such as the nitrogen crisis in order to exercise far-reaching control over citizens.

The AIVD calls this body of ideas "anti-institutional extremism" for the first time. The service warns that this could pose a "serious threat" to the Netherlands in the long term, because the ideas are constantly being revived. The intelligence service speaks of the "most popular extremist narrative" currently circulating in society.


The AIVD labels anti-institutional extremism as dangerous for two reasons. According to the service, on the one hand, there is a risk that people who believe in the theories will eventually commit violence and justify it. As an example, the intelligence service cites plans for an attack on Prime Minister Rutte, for which people were arrested last year. On the other hand, such plots can cause a loss of trust in, for example, the police, the judiciary, the government administration and the media in society.

Quite easy for thirteen years of Rutte in power and entitling business and conservative policy leading to inequality. Pushing the nation from one crisis into the next and not biding by European Law and the Dutch Constitution to not work For the People. True repetitive failures of governing by the state and its ministries.

The new generation of highly educated persons of the new generation rolling into high paying jobs, selection on narcissistic personalities, excellent and broad social and business network, but never bearing responsibility for shortcomings.

An Overview of Disinformation, Opinion Manipulation and Propaganda

2022 was a year in which threats against the Netherlands and Dutch interests were sometimes visible to everyone, such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Tomorrow we will present the most important developments in our annual report. ⏰ From 1.30 pm on AIVD.nl.

Today, director-general Erik Akerboom presents our annual report for 2022. What developments have we seen in the past year? 🧵 #AIVD #annual report

In February, Russia invaded Ukraine. Every Dutchman has seen the consequences of this: gas shortage, inflation and nuclear threat. The course of the battle could have a long-term effect on the security and prosperity of the Netherlands. 📷 IPA USA

China uses whatever means it deems necessary to achieve its economic goals, including espionage and knowledge theft. The country is an important trading partner, but also the biggest threat to our economic security. 📷 ANP

I'm missing the terms "unprovoked attack" ... does the AIVD-MIVD know more than we do? :-(]

More and more countries have a cyber attack program, such as Russia, China and Iran. The cyber attack on Albania's government networks likely marks the first successful sabotage attack against a NATO member state by a state actor.

Right-wing extremist groups share conspiracy theories about "Jewish elite" and racist "great replacement", and ideologies that make hatred more normal and can radicalize supporters. For example, people can unjustly lose confidence in each other and the way in which the Netherlands is governed. 📷Getty

Global jihadism is still the greatest terrorist threat against the Netherlands. The AIVD estimates the threat of attacks directed by ISIS to be higher than in recent years. 📷EPA

More and more parts of the government and social partners are working together to keep the Netherlands safe. 👐#MIVD @Defense @NCTV_NL @MinMFA Read the annual report ➡️ Threats against Democracy 📷 ANP

Pegasus Incorporated Into NATO Hybrid Warfare

Dutch benefits scandal AI algorithm by tax authorities ...

The Dutch childcare benefit scandal shows that we need explainable AI rules | UvA |

See my writings about cyber warfare attacks by NSA, GCHQ, Unit 8200, AIVD, MIVD for over a decade ... undermining democracy, personal freedom and a tool for regime change of foreign leaders and intervention by wars. Return of the fascist state which should be worrisome for all. The hegemon clinging onto power by any means and losing its grip on the World Order over 75 years old ... the establishment having a difficult time. Losing allies across the globe. The dollar being attack by outside forces.

Favorite game by Mark and his mission of diversity in leadership and refusal for parliament to function.

Kicking the can down the road, not taking responsibility. Lessons from Tories and Boris & Co. ... let the (white-wash) Commission do its task w/o hindrance. 😂

Rutte the Teflon politician ...

Trust in government seated in The Hague?

From one scandal to the next 24/7 365 days in the year ... turbulence. As the government performs, so wil the effect become visible in society.

Start re-building community spirit ... take the lessons from previous generations's heroes Mel King, or South African leader against apartheid Nelson Mandela or American hero for the dispossessed Martin Luther King.

Nelson Mandela's name removed from US terrorist lists a few days before his 90th birthday in 2013, shortly before his death | ECCHR |

Changing the law for more data gathering will less or no oversight ...

Investigatory Powers Commission — Annual Report 2021

The review process

In the 2021 calendar year, the TIB assessed a total of 3,071 requests by the AIVD and the MIVD. The number of requests is growing each year and the scope and technical complexity of the requests is also on the increase. For 3.3% of the requests by the AIVD, the TIB ruled that the authorization had been granted unlawfully. That was 1.9% in the previous reporting period. For 7.1% of the requests by the MIVD, the TIB ruled that the authorization had been granted unlawfully. That was 8.1% in the previous reporting period. These percentages/figures could have been higher. In some cases the TIB asked questions about the proposed requests at which the Minister subsequently repealed the request.

In 2021 the AIVD unlawfully applied the urgency procedure six times (which involves using the procedure before the binding decision by the TIB). The use itself was found to be unlawful three times, two of which involved a journalist. Compared with the previous reporting period, there is a marked increase in the number of special investigatory powers ruled to be unlawful because they were either not proportional or not as targeted as possible.

Cable interception

In 2021 two requests were submitted to intercept cable internet traffic. The TIB ruled the requests for production (i.e. the actual interception of internet traffic on the cable for the intelligence process) as unlawful. In the first request it was likely that a significant amount of internet traffic from people, including Dutch citizens, would be stored and a part of that data would be shared unseen with a foreign partner service. However, there was no specific description of the expected yield that would justify the interception. In the TIB’s view, the second request failed to provide sufficient clarity on the safeguards. That could lead to a situation in which analysts would be able to track which websites were visited when by Dutch citizens.

Dutch are EU champions with 26,435 phone taps in 2009 | Jan. 20, 2010 | 

Wire tap technology is proprietary of the Israeli supplier of the computersystem for intercepts (Verint).

The condition to receive the highest grade of intelligence is full cooperation, opening all data sources and forceful legislation to circumvent privacy issues. The Dutch Masters 😆

The AIVD intelligence service and experts confirm the picture that the extreme right is growing, and is succeeding in reaching young people specifically. This also works through other social media such as TikTok and Instagram, where the extreme right also tries to promote more extreme Telegram and Discord groups.


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