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War and March of the Living

by Oui Wed Apr 19th, 2023 at 12:40:40 PM EST

This morning an impressive documentary on EuroNews about the yearly March of the Living at Auschwitz with interview of a lone survivor David Schecter who lost 105 family members.

My earlier diary ...

Global Xenophobia and Historical Amnesia | July 1, 2018 |

Before the invasion of Holland on Sunday morning May 10th 1940, motivation speech of the German Wehrmacht ... "We must defend ourselves, the enemy threatens our industries in the Ruhrgebied... show the same courage as you have shown by the invasion of Poland. The Blitzkrieg from the air."

The Dutch remained neutral during World War I, as Belgium was witness to the ravages of a devastating war.

Soon to force surrender, the Nazi Blitzkrieg started brutal bombing of cities like Rotterdam, keeping the port area safe as this was needed further war effort.

Memories of German fire-bombing city center of Rotterdam May 14. 1940

Never forget the most horrible element of German Nazi war crimes ... genocide 6+ million Jews, Roma, LGBT, and mentally ill. I was born near Leiden on the coast with a large mental institution. All patients were transported to German extermination camps and never returned.

Dutch attitude during the war can be summarized in four emotions:  outrage, hope, fear and powerlessness.

Estimate 5% joined a resistance movement, 10% collaborated with the Nazi occupier. Most families were vulnerable and went into survival mode for food, some sort o making a living and secure limb and livelihood. Over the years I listened to many personal experiences from family and teachers in the classroom.

Fear played a role because often your neighbour or "friend" could be a collaborator or spread personal news that would get you into trouble with the occupier. No one could be trusted.

Living close to the North Sea just at the foot of the dunes, my parents watched the building of the Atlantikwall and the received the order of forced relocation to the city of Leiden. The so-called "Sperrgebiet" or no-go zone forbidden to tresspass.

  • Daily life during World War II in The Hague
  • History World War II -- Atlantic Wall

    Walking or cycling in the dunes, you will come across them sooner or later: German bunkers from World War II. But not everyone will know that they are the visible remains of the Atlantic Wall, a 5,200-km-long defence line, which ran from Norway to southern France. The story of the Atlantic Wall is about its construction and military importance, but also about the lesser-known aspects such as mass evacuations, the demolition and reconstruction. The bunkers and other remnants of the Atlantic Wall form a memory landscape reminding us of the dark past of World War II.

    Honest German citizens listened to Goebbels war propaganda for years, became more militarized as the production of war machinery got priority over other civilian needs. Millions believed the utter bull$hit as they became proud to be part of the "Wirtschaftswunder during the global depression years 1933-1939, and hyperinflation. Nearly all became enslaved in one single vision of destruction of enemy forces within, and from outside. Manipulation and propaganda is from all ages.

    Today I live in The Hague in the neighborhood with lots of history about the German occupation ... signs still seen today after 77 years. In Park Clingendael lies the mansion used by Seyss-Inquart, the defenses of bunkers are still present and the walking in the park, the anti-tank moats with steep slopes can be seen as perimeter.

    The park between Benoordenhout and Bezuidenhout was a launching pad for V-1 and V-2 rockets ... unimaginable today as the forest is dense again on lies in the hart of the city The Hague.

    In a late attempt Spring 1945 to destroy the launching site, British bombers attacked the area ... unfortunately due to erroneous calculation of coordinates, the massive bombardment hit the Bezuidenhout district of Dutch population.  Massive deaths and wounded, I still have the images in memory of a ruined district.

    In the lower right corner is the park Haagse Bos, cleared of trees to house the rocket site in the heart of civilian population. If the bombing would have missed but bombed  Benoordenhout, it would have destroyed the homes of German military and occupiers. This large area to was "Sperrgebiet".

    I do hate war more than the Germans of today. Just like the Japanese, shedding the feathers of pacifism ☮️... hard to bear.

    The stupid war in Ukraine brings back vivid memories of the early years post liberation  by Canadian and Polish allied forces on May 5th, 1945.

    In recent years, the U.S. Embassy in city center of The Hague had to relocate because of security issues. The mayor promised a wonderful area of a nearby park ... the old seat of the German administration led by Seyss-Inquart. A populous uprising during the presentation of the plan ultimately was successful.

    Beautiful Dutch Democracy ¶ June 1, 2005

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    Nice name for the prior greyhound race track ... John Adams Park 😂 🇾🇪 🇺🇸

    John Adams' second stay in France was disastrous. In July 1780 he wrote French Foreign Minister Vergennes that France was not doing enough to win the war. Affronted, Vergennes promptly severed communication with him. Franklin took the French Minister's side in a damning letter to Congress: ...

    Adams didn't learn of Congress' decision for a year, during which time he traveled independently to the Netherlands to see, as he told Franklin, "whether something might be done to render us less dependent on France."

    The embassy moved to the north in "no-man's" land, well fortified including a bunker construction six floors deep underground. After the US Embassy in the Green Zone in Baghdad, the most expensive construction by the State Department.

    Under the Trump regime, we were fortunate with Pete Hoekstra to bully us into submission and follow US leadership. Apparently it had succes as the political leaders offer no resistance to foolhardy missions of foreign campaigns to subdue adversaries by force of military intervention. After 9/11 when everything turned upside down, the European defense organization of NATO became a useful tool. Not just the UK, Poland, and Romania are America's best friends ... all of the EU are best partners of NATO in wars. Gone is the issue of sovereignty ... war by collusion and collaboration. Pax Americana from the New World is here.

    I am of the opinion now that G7 heads of state who have inherited the institutional "rules" of international order will never, ever acknowledge any war crime but WWII Holocaust identified with jewish persons in Europe, specifically. This tacit agreement among the heirs of G7 "wealth" creation and juridical norms is manifest in every denial for reparations demanded by the descendants of persons systematically enslaved, dispossessed, and murdered by "Great Powers" over the past 400 years as well as relentless renewal of innocence and sacrifice assigned only to Holocaust survivors, their assignees, museums, or memorials. If the travesties of antisemetic purges, Ukrainian genocide PR, COP27 "loss and damage" equity finance, and racist tort law in the US weren't enough to prove my proposition, behold the latest, cheapest excursion in "plausible deniability" of G7 liability.  

    3 million dead

    vnexpress | US to showcase war reconcilliation in HCMC, 10 Apr

    The United States Mission to Viet Nam is partnering with the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City to create an exhibit highlighting efforts to overcome the consequences of war.

    USAID Mission Director for Viet Nam Aler Grubb and museum director Tran Xuan Thao signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the project Monday. The War Remnants Museum (WRM) exhibit will be the first concrete result of a Letter of Intent agreed upon in 2021 between USAID and Viet Nam's Office of the Standing Board for the National Steering Committee on Overcoming the Post-War Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and Toxic Chemical Consequences in Viet Nam (Office 701). The new exhibit will focus on three areas: mine/UXO action, environmental remediation, and support for persons with disabilities, according to a statement by the U.S. Consulate General.

    vnexpress | Blinken breaks ground on $1.2B embassy compound, 14 Apr
    [Blinken] said that in 1995, when Secretary of State Warren Christopher [!] came to Hanoi to normalize diplomatic relations between the United States and Vietnam, opening the U.S. embassy was a key part of that effort.

    "Back then, things looked a little different at the U.S. embassy. There were fewer than 30 American employees. Since then a few things have changed....And the small team that opened our embassy has grown to include more than 600 American and local staff."
    The new eight-story [!] embassy compound will have four times the number of booths that handle consular procedures, to improve visa and passport issuance services. Construction is expected to take six years, create jobs for around 1,800 local people [USD 666/job ove 6 yr!], and contribute $350B [?!] to Viet Nam's economy, Blinken said.

    parity watch USD:VDN, 1:23,468; approx VND 1,548,888/job total
    The compound is designed by an American company, inspired by Viet Nam's topography, and Hanoi's urban architecture. ... Viet Nam and the U.S. agreed on on the location for the campus in 2019. The Hanoi People's Committee issued a decision to lease the land in 2021 [99 year term]. The land lease agreement was signed on August 25, 2021 in Hanoi with the visiting U.S. Vice President Kamala?! Harris.
    Take note also of recent, invidious US domestic "scholarship"—Viet Nam and China are enemies since 1979—that accompanies the Biden admin's attempt to animate INDOPACOM utility (IPEF, PBP, FRDP) and R2P the Summit for Democracy. I haven't the faintest idea what risks run the minds of vietna.gov.vn ministries, except that I hope, this deal (embassy + student visas) is a cynical test of "multipolarity": Building a democratic working style for cadres according to Ho Chi Minh's thought
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    Việt Nam

    Việt Cong/Việt Quốc

    translations don't write themselves, yo

    by Cat on Wed Apr 19th, 2023 at 04:10:52 PM EST
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    Inspectors check claims of law-breaking at US embassy construction site | Dutch News - Nov. 28, 2016 |

    `Nobody dares to speak out,' one is quoted as saying. `Earlier this year two workers who stood up for their rights were sacked on the spot and removed from the Netherlands.' The paper says most of the 250 construction workers are `foreign', mainly Romanian, Turkish and Bulgarian nationals and some have been brought into the Netherlands under the highly-skilled migrants scheme.

    An embassy spokesman told DutchNews.nl: `The US embassy is aware of these allegations and the US government will continue to cooperate to ensure full compliance with Dutch law. `The US government complies with all local labour laws, including those protecting the rights of workers, and requires our contractors to do the same. As is normal with projects of this scale, [the ministry] regularly reviews compliance with Dutch regulations.  We have not been made aware of any findings of irregularities under Dutch labour laws.'  

    🤥 🤥 🤥

    See similarity to constructing modern high rise in Dubai and the FIFA World Cup stadiums in Qatar. Under paid, withholding social benefits and non-compliance with Dutch labor laws.

    'Sapere aude'

    by Oui (Oui) on Wed Apr 19th, 2023 at 05:25:56 PM EST
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