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July 2023

by Oui Sat Jul 1st, 2023 at 05:05:54 AM EST

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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Jul 1st, 2023 at 05:06:50 AM EST
by Oui (Oui) on Sun Jul 2nd, 2023 at 01:22:11 PM EST
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< wipes tears >
by Cat on Sun Jul 2nd, 2023 at 02:19:30 PM EST
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rizospastis.gr | All the country's ports are in the "hands" of the USA - NATO, 2 July New Democracy
The USA, the government and the Euro-Atlantic parties did not waste a day in the process of turning the entire country into "American territory" for the processing of military material to the border line with Russia. It is no coincidence that ND, SYRIZA, PASOK, Konstantopoulou, neo-Nazis did not say anything in their cockfights during the pre-election period, confirming their strategic alignment with the main priorities of the local bourgeoisie.

On this common basis, as early as the day after the elections, Monday the 26th of the month , given the new government, its guarantees of "stability" and the collusion of the other civil forces, the Americans invited companies from the "market" to send their offers by July 26 at the latest , in order for Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Alexandroupoli, Volos, Kavala, and other ports of the country to be appointed a contractor and to proceed with a series of works and infrastructures so that the Americans can exploit them at least until 2029 for advancing their military cargoes and munitions to Central and Eastern Europe, while the imperialist feuds over the wealth-producing sources and canals are escalating.

evil pinkie
According to the latest data published today by "Rizospastis", the Americans bid $42,000 per year plus $21,000 for the six-month extension, with the total cost of the contract reaching, for 5 ports for five and a half years of operation, 1,143 . 750 dollars.
by Cat on Mon Jul 3rd, 2023 at 08:13:02 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Jul 3rd, 2023 at 09:40:30 PM EST
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ekathimerini | Greece's crucial role on NATO's southern flank, PhD defense
In startling contrast to some comments made in the public discourse about the alleged indifference of the USA toward the Mediterranean due to its pivot to Asia and the war in Ukraine, the superpower has not abandoned the basin. It is exercising leadership to prevent crises and diplomatically mediating between countries to solve their differences. This is how the Israeli-Lebanese maritime accord of October 2022 was inked.
uh oh
In the same spirit, the US is seeking to strengthen NATO's cohesion on the southern flank by bringing Greece and Turkey closer. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met in Vilnius and agreed to restart bilateral collaboration at the highest level. Of course, this does not mean that < wipes tears > diachronic problems will be solved. More importantly, Turkey still believes in its exceptionalism in the international sphere, while it does not refrain from threatening both Greece and the Republic of Cyprus.
sputnik | US to Supply 'Significant Military Equipment' Soon - Greece's PM Mitsotakis, 14 July
"I mean not only the approval of the delivery of F-35 fighter jets, which is very important, but also the possibility of getting surplus military equipment, significant surplus equipment that will be given to us for free [?!]. That is what the US is doing and has every reason to do it to a greater extent for a good ally like Greece," Mitsotakis said in an interview with Greek broadcaster while expressing hope that F-35s would be delivered in 2028.
In 2019 and 2021, [Trumpy-Biden] Washington and [Mitsotakis] Athens amended the Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement, which allowed the US to establish new military bases on the territory of Greece and expanded the term of the agreement from one to five years. Until 2019, the US had only one military base in Greece but now has nine. The US was granted access to the port of Alexandroupolis in the north of the country, which is used for the delivery of military equipment to Eastern Europe and Ukraine. Mitsotakis then said that the amended agreement made Greece Washington's main partner in the region.

Greece is implementing 19 arms procurement programs worth 11.5 billion euros ($12.9 billion). Among them are the purchase of 24 French-made Rafale fighter aircraft, Belharra-class frigates and the modernization of 83 F-16 Block 52+ and 52+ Advanced fighters to the Viper variant -- the most advanced variant of F-16. The Greek air force already received two F-16 Viper fighters in September 2022. Moreover, Athens is planning to purchase [?!] over 20 F-35 fifth-generation fighters.

archived southbound Flying Fortresses and Nuclear Threat, Rejecting Fortress Europe in Neocon Years and NATO Expansion of 2008, service hubs set up in Slovakia and Romania
by Cat on Fri Jul 14th, 2023 at 01:17:25 PM EST
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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning's Regular Press Conference on July 4, 2023
AFP: I have two more questions. Firstly, can you confirm reports that the EU representative Josep Borrell will visit China next week? The second question is whether you can share details for the upcoming visit by US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to China? What's China expecting from the visit?
Mao Ning: On your first question, I have nothing to offer.
reuters | China cancels planned trip by Europe's top diplomat, 4 July
No reasons were given for the cancellation, which comes as Europe seeks to reduce the risks created by its close economic relationship with China, which [Borrell] has dubbed an "economic competitor and a systemic rival".
EU climate chief Frans Timmermans, who is in Beijing this week for environment talks, also failed to visit China in April, because he caught COVID-19.
Ambassador Fu Cong Met with Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission (06.06.23)
reuters | EU climate chief urges 'decisive' joint action with China on climate crisis, 4 July
Timmermans, who is in Beijing for climate talks, met with Chinese Vice Premier Ding Xuexiang at the Diaoyutai state guest house on Tuesday, where China's leaders have traditionally received senior foreign visitors. On Monday, Timmermans said China should peak [sic] its carbon emissions faster as the global carbon budget rapidly shrinks.
Remarks by Executive Vice-President Timmermans and High Representative/Vice-President Borrell on the new outlook on threats of climate change and environmental degradation on peace, security and defence [28.06.23]

Frans: ...Competition for scarce resources is not just for those countries aiming to strengthen their own systems, it is also an attempt to control and influence economic security. We've all experienced over the last year how Russia would try to weaponize its energy resources. ...
Josep: ...By the way, our army helicopters cannot fly as high as they used to because it is too hot, and the engines do not work. So, we have to review all the machinery of our warfare because of the high temperatures. And the demand for food will increase by 60% meaning that more water is needed when water will become less available. ...

"China is still building additional coal power capacities, substantial ones, which are, I think we can agree on that, the dirtiest way to generate electricity," he said in a speech [03.07.23] at Beijing's Tsinghua University, according to a statement from the EU.
eeas.europa.eu | Joint Communication to the European Parliament and the Council on the Climate-Security Nexus, 28 June, 25 pp
"Addressing the impact of climate change and environmental degradation on peace, security, and defence"
by Cat on Tue Jul 4th, 2023 at 11:17:21 PM EST
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by Cat on Fri Jul 14th, 2023 at 09:00:59 PM EST
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'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Fri Jul 21st, 2023 at 10:34:16 AM EST
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Misery for Sunak, glee for Davey, mostly joy for Starmer - our panel on the byelection results

No expectation management lessens the political shock of two historic losses in the deepest thickets of Torydom. Labour won Selby and Ainsty with a 24% swing, a seat 237th on their target list. Liberal Democrats demolished the Tories in Somerton and Frome.

As the Commons closes for the summer, Tory MPs with erstwhile rock-solid seats creep away to calculate their futures - a lost seat, thankless years on the opposition benches or run away now. There's no one else to blame for the abominable leaders they chose and the atrocious policies they voted through.

Even the rightwing press couldn't use the Tories' Uxbridge and South Ruislip survival to disguise the disaster. The cause of Labour's loss is particular: London mayor Sadiq Khan's expansion of the ultra-low emission zone (Ulez), in which polluting cars are charged £12.50 a day to enter.

Extraordinary win for Labour in Selby. First time they have ever overturned a 20k Tory majority in any election I think.

Tactical voting in byelections spells bad news for Tories | The Guardian - Editorial |

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Fri Jul 21st, 2023 at 10:35:48 AM EST
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'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Fri Jul 21st, 2023 at 10:36:40 AM EST
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I'm all for science AND evolution.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Fri Jul 21st, 2023 at 10:37:59 AM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Jul 1st, 2023 at 05:07:25 AM EST

Portrait of Ecocide. Digital photograph of Antanov Bridge alias Antonivka Road Bridge alias Antonivskyi Bridge across the Dnieper River's "natural riverbad" alias Kakhovka Reservoir between left bank Oleshky to right bank Antonivka, north of Novaya Kakhovka and south of the Dnipro Dam in the city of Zaporizh*. undated. 640px x 359px.
by Cat on Sat Jul 1st, 2023 at 04:04:55 PM EST
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Politico.eu.com Axel Springer | Kyiv not in NATO after Russia war would be 'suicidal,' Ukraine foreign minister says
"After the war ends, it will be suicidal for Europe not to accept Ukraine into NATO because it will mean that the option of ... war will remain open," [FM Dmytro] Kuleba told Axel Springer, POLITICO's parent company, in an interview on Friday in Kyiv.

"The only way to shut the door for the Russian aggression against Europe and Euro Atlantic space as a whole is to take Ukraine in NATO, because Russia will not dare to repeat this experience again," Kuleba said
Kuleba in the interview pushed back on Germany and others advocating against such a commitment, warning against an outcome similar to the 2008 NATO summit in Bucharest, when Berlin and Paris rejected NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia.

"Do not repeat the mistake Chancellor Merkel made in Bucharest in 2008 when she fiercely opposed any progress towards Ukraine's NATO membership," he said. ..."It's all just blah blah blah," Kuleba said.

by Cat on Sun Jul 2nd, 2023 at 01:39:47 AM EST
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yahoo! euronews | Ethics board will stamp out corruption in Brussels, says European Commission Vice-President, 12 June
...Euronews: Let's talk about this new ethics body because it will set future standards for all of the EU institutions. But NGOs and, MEPs are demanding that the control should be not connected to the European Union but should be independent. Why is it not happening?...
ec.europa.eu | EU rules on the protection of consumers' collective interestsn, 23 June
...Vice-President for Values and Transparency, Věra Jourová, said: "This significant law empowers consumers who have been victims of illegal commercial practices to enforce their rights and seek justice collectively. This principle, established in the EU acquis for the first time, is aimed to strengthen the consumers and improve the level playing field to deter perpetrators of such illegal practices. We expect all Member States to swiftly designate the entities that will be qualified to bring forward such actions."...
World's oldest [?] national newspaper prints final edition after 320 years, 1 July
The newspaper, which is owned by the Austrian government but is editorially independent, began publishing in August 1703 and has seen out 12 presidents, 10 kaisers and two republics.
The EU commission vice-president Věra Jourová told the Austrian news agency APA that she was "not happy with the situation" at the newspaper. "I think the Wiener Zeitung played a good role in informing people over the years," she said.
archived EU media bill seeks to curtail government meddling in NPI Systems Design, the puritan John Pym's public house PR campaign in It's not over yet, this.empowerment(Vera Jourova)
by Cat on Sun Jul 2nd, 2023 at 03:01:07 PM EST
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24 MEPs urge European Parliament to stop using Google Ads management "over reports the [EP payments] could be used to fuel [EU]'s propaganda" among Russian viewers
...The letter was sent to the [president] of the EU Parliament, Roberta Metsola, on Wednesday (5 July) following a report from Adalytics suggesting that Google violated its own standards and misled advertisers, picked up by The Wall Street Journal last week.
Google Violated Its Standards in Ad Deals, Research Finds (27.06.23)
...The firm [Adalytic] accused the company of placing ads in small, muted, automatically-played videos off to the side of a page's main content, on sites that don't meet Google's standards for monetization, among other ["Video Ad Safety"] violations....
"About 80% of Google's video advertisements placed by Google Video Partners on third-party sites are displayed on deceptive websites, including state-owned Russian propaganda websites and websites promoting terrorism," reads the [MEP] letter, seen by EURACTIV.
Our Video Ad Safety Promise is that certain types of content can't be monetized for ads on YouTube and Google video partners: we'll automatically apply exclusions to prevent your ads from showing on the most controversial content, such as terrorist acts, nudity, and recent sensitive events.

The content exclusion settings described below--inventory types, content types, and digital content labels--are meant to give you additional control and help you exclude types of content that, while in compliance with our policies, may not fit your brand or business. While content exclusions are done to the best of our ability, we can't guarantee that all related content will be excluded.

The Russian website Pravda was reported among those where Google's YouTube system delivered < squint > [EU] ads. Even though the amount of money spent by the EU institutions [on broadcast AI] is unclear, MEPs argue that EU money cannot be used to finance dictators, companies with dubious reputations, and terrorists.
"substantially transformed" ontology
Oncological right to be forgotten remains an unresolved issue in the EU
...only seven EU countries recognise the 'right to be forgotten' for former cancer patients. Cancer survivors therefore continue to experience difficulties in accessing financial services like insurance or mortgages, years after successfully completing treatment.
"There are more people living around the world now with cancer than ever before. So that has its own challenges", Conor O'Leary, general manager of Purple House Cancer Support, an Irish NGO that works on cancer support and psycho-oncology [?!] services, told EURACTIV. ...
Macron mulls social media shutdowns to contain civil disorder
by Cat on Thu Jul 6th, 2023 at 06:05:40 PM EST
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unian.net | Invaders learned to jam Starlink at zero - Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 30 July
...This statement was made by Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuriy Madyar, noting that the occupiers are jamming the work of Starlink at zero. At the moment, it is known that the aggressor is preparing the Starlink signal suppression system for industrial production.

"I think everyone understands that the front without Starlink is much more difficult than even the front without the F-16," Madyar said....

archive Invicibility Points, November 2022 trick or treat!
by Cat on Mon Jul 31st, 2023 at 09:49:32 PM EST
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mediazona | ["]Desert["] after the flood. The destruction of the Kakhovka hydroelectric plant and its unprecedented impact on Ukraine's environment, Dnieper (Dnipro) artificial and "natural riverbad"
The full ramifications of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant's (HPP) destruction can only be fully understood once the waters have completely receded. The catastrophe's scale is unparalleled, making it particularly challenging to assess the environmental damage. But even at this stage, environmentalists are certain that the disaster will cause irreversible changes in the ecosystems of Ukraine's southern regions and the Black Sea. Access to clean water is already a challenge in the disaster areas, with the threat of infections spreading. Many animals have died, and agricultural fields may become unfit for cultivation.
For decades, the Kakhovka Reservoir, established between 1955 and 1958, has been a depository for heavy metals, oil products, and radionuclides. These pollutants were discarded by enterprises located in Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro, and Kamianske. The contamination of the water in this reservoir had been a matter of concern for environmentalists long before the war. Now, a plume, heavy with silt stirred up from the depths of the Kakhovka reservoir, remnants of washed-away settlements, and layers of soil, was swept along the river towards Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey.

"This silt had been lying there for decades and no one was bothered by it. Already on June 6, the space imagery showed a plume--the river bed looked like a dark red stripe. With each successive day, the water became muddier and muddier. Such large-scale pollution had never happened before--within a week the wastes accumulated over 70 years had been dragged into the sea, something that previously had not been there at all. It is impossible to figure out how much polluting waste got into the environment and where exactly. This is why our aim is to understand the problem, not to quantify it," says [environmentalist surname] Vasylyuk.
The reservoir was home to at least 43 species of fish, 20 of which were commercially significant, with annual catches of up to 2,600 tonnes. According to UNCG [Ukraine National Conservation Group], it could take up to ten years to restore the fish stocks, as the habitat and all spawning grounds have been destroyed. The regional administration reported a pestilence due to the rapid drop in water levels in the stock [sic]—authorities warned that eating the dead fish was dangerous due to the risk of botulism. They urged residents to drink only bottled water, as the Dnipro contains toxic substances and infectious agents--from the same cemeteries and burial grounds washed away by water flows.

Russian casualties in Ukraine. Mediazona count, updated a/o 30 June
Mediazona, working with BBC News Russian service and a team of volunteers, continues to collect data about the casualties sustained by the Russian military in Ukraine. These numbers do not represent the actual death toll since we can only review publicly available reports including social media posts by relatives, reports in local media, and statements by the local authorities.

The real death toll is much higher. Besides, the number of soldiers missing in action or captured is not known....

southfront | Russian assault operations on Dnieper River (VIDEO), 7 July
The Dnieper River is one of strategically important battlefields of the war in Ukraine. While the warring sides are shelling enemy positions with artillery and aviation, [UAF, AFU] reconnaissance and sabotage groups on speed boats continue local assault operations mainly in the area of the islands located in the estuary.
The video shows that some Russian servicemen are forced to use old fishing boats to perform military operations on the Dnieper River. While the Armed Forces of Ukraine are equipped by NATO countries with the advanced military equipment necessary for crossing the ["desert"] river, the Russian military suffers from insufficient supplies of advanced military boats. The video shared by Ukrainian sources has provoked a public scandal which is likely to force the Russian military command to pay more attention to the problem.
by Cat on Sat Jul 8th, 2023 at 04:24:22 PM EST
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wsj | Ukraine Nears Nuclear Deal With Bulgaria in Fresh Blow for Russian Influence, 6 July
Bulgaria is nearing an agreement to sell two Russian-made nuclear reactors and other critical equipment to Ukraine's state-owned atomic energy company as Europe moves to roll back Moscow's hold on the continent's power supplies.

Under the deal, which is still being negotiated, Sofia's state power company NEK would sell Ukrainian state nuclear company Energoatom equipment from the unfinished Belene Nuclear Power Plant for at least €600 million, or around $650 million, officials and others familiar with the situation said.

If it goes through, the transaction would mark the first time since the start of the war in Ukraine that Russian-made nuclear-power equipment is used to help boost energy output for Kyiv.
With Ukraine struggling to foot the bill, one option discussed between Bulgarian and American officials would see the U.S. contributing through its aid for Ukraine, people familiar with the matter said. This could involve the U.S. giving funds to Energoatom, which would then pay its Bulgarian counterpart. Another option under consideration is for Bulgaria to take a minority share in Ukraine's Khmelnytskyi Nuclear Power Plant [KhNPP], where the equipment is to be installed.

The U.S. Embassy in Sofia didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. Energoatom declined to comment.

archived IAEA-SNRIU assistance in Casualty
by Cat on Fri Jul 14th, 2023 at 08:43:05 PM EST
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kmu.gov.ua | Ukraine's delegation to the negotiations on accession to Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership appointed, 1 May 2023
The First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine - Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yuliia Svyrydenko was appointed as the Head of the delegation and Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine - Trade Representative of Ukraine Taras Kachka as the Deputy Head of the delegation. The delegation also included representatives of the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, the State Customs Service and the Office of the President of Ukraine.

"The Ministry of Economy expects to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership [TPP?] Agreement in early 2024. At the same time, there is a prospect of joining the Agreement this year. This will give Ukraine the opportunity to liberalise non-tariff restrictions on trade in goods and services with countries in the region, as well as open access to new markets. In addition, it will allow us to expand access to foreign direct investment. In particular, the main investors in the economies of the [defunct] rans-Pacific Partnership countries are the United States, the United Kingdom, and the EU," said Yuliia [alias] Sviridenko, commenting on the President's order.

In his turn, Taras Kachka, Trade Representative of Ukraine, noted that negotiations would start after [?] the UK's final decision on joining the agreement. In particular, it is the first European country to join this transcontinental agreement in the near future.

"I hope that the United Kingdom will soon join, and we will have a priority to become part of this agreement, which brings together our partners from the Pacific region, including Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Canada, and other countries," said Taras Kachka.
CP-TPP (2018 FTA): AU, BN, CA, CL (2022), JP, MY (2022), MX, NZ, PE (2021), SG, VN, UK (2023), CN*, CN-tw*, EC*, UY*, TH*, CR*, PH*, KR*

* observer, dialogue, or applicant status

The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) was signed in 2018. As of 2022, eight [!] countries have ratified the Agreement: Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Peru, New Zealand, Singapore, and Vietnam. The Trans-Pacific Partnership [TPP] countries mainly export electronics, machinery, cars, and mineral fuels.

In addition to boosting trade with Latin America, Ukraine is seeking to open new business opportunities with Asian countries. Ukraine already exports grain to Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Ukraine is also interested in attracting foreign investment in the processing industry to diversify its exports with value-added products. Expanding business ties and comprehensive international support is also important in terms of countering russian aggression.

japannews | (Update 1) Ukraine Submits Request to Join CPTPP Trade Pact, 7 July G7 syndicated MSM boilerplate
Ukraine has submitted a request to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP); a trade pact among 11 [!] countries, including Japan, Canada, and Australia; economic revitalization minister Shigeyuki Goto said Friday.

Speaking at a press conference following a Cabinet meeting on the day, Goto, who heads Japan's CPTPP efforts, said, "We need to discern whether Ukraine can fully meet the high level required to join the TPP."

If Ukraine's bid is successful, it will be the second time for a European country to join CPTPP after Britain, which inked an agreement in March [2023] and is set to join officially on July 16.

A ministerial-level meeting of the CPTPP is scheduled to take place in New Zealand on July 15-16, and attention will be focused on whether Ukraine's potential membership will be an agenda issue. The pact came into force in 2018. China, Taiwan, Uruguay, Ecuador, and Costa Rica have also applied to join.

reuters | Ukraine asks to join CPTPP trade pact, 7 July ditto
...The CPTPP includes Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam, with Britain becoming the 12th member state. China, Taiwan, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Uruguay all also have requests pending to join.

Japan's economy minister, Shigeyuki Goto, told a regular press conference that Japan, as a CPTPP member, "must carefully assess whether Ukraine fully meets the high level of the agreement" in terms of market access and rules.

archived WORLD POWs perfidious albatross
by Cat on Sat Jul 8th, 2023 at 08:48:06 PM EST
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Why does Ukraine need the CP-TPP?
short answer: It does not. UA mercs are bilking capital guarantees from the G7 until victory day. G7 wants capital control of CP-TPP, too. UA application to CP-TPP, "backed" by UK, is an instrument whose sole purpose is entry by force of dubious distinction. See BREXIT aims, IMF imperial army reserves.
long answer:
Do you think that Ukraine is currently producing something that may be of interest to these states far from it? What can Ukraine offer Japan [+11] that Japan [+11] does not already have.

How can Ukraine, which located thousands of kilometers from the participating countries and is not located in the Pacific region. How can apply for membership in this organization? In addition, the state of the Ukrainian economy at the moment is unlikely to allow it to become a full-fledged member of such a significant organization. Therefore, in Zelensk*'s intention to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership [sic], one motive is seen first of all—to distract the Ukrainian society POWs from the long-promised accession to the European Union [and] NATO. Thus shifting the emphasis from them to a more accessible prospect for the country to join  the most relevant for her, but so sweet-sounding for any ordinary man in the street—TTP [sic].

golden fleece
If one looks at a map, the territory of Ukraine would look more organically and perfectly in other international projects. For example, by taking a direct part in the international transport[, FTAs, FX, CRE, EdEx, CapEx,] and logistics network "One Belt - One Road"
ASEAN (1967), APEC (1989), SCO (2001), BRICS (2009), EaEU: (2012 FTA: AM, BY, KZ, KG, TJ, RU, VN*, CN*, RS*), BRI (2013), CPTPP (2018)
Also, the geographical position of Ukraine suggests thoughts about the "Common Economic Space from Lisbon to Vladivostok", the initiative [?] to create which was supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation back in 2020.
It is curious to note that even German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a statement back in March 2019 about the importance of the Silk Road and stressed that the European Union would like to play an active role in it. At the same time, the current British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philly Hammond, described "Belt and Road" as a project "with truly grandiose goals." But, apparently, "truly grandiose goals" are not up to President Zelensk*, who, in his presidential chair, pursues exclusively his own short-term goals.

The recent case of Ukrainian-Georgian relations has already convincingly shown the whole world that Ukraine, instead of gaining new partners, is only rapidly losing its old friends in the international arena, which negatively affects the image of Zelensk* and Ukraine as a state as a whole. This may lead  Ukraine in isolation without any friends to count on.

by Cat on Tue Jul 11th, 2023 at 03:32:07 PM EST
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White House Press Briefing (07.07.23)
Q [@00:13:37]: Hey, thanks, Jake. To follow up on the cluster munitions. Last year in March, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations—she described those munitions as, quote, "exceptionally lethal weaponry, which has no place on the battlefield." So how do you square those comments with this decision? And secondly, has Ukraine provided you with any assurances or guarantees, in terms of their use in civilian areas, that they won't use them within a certain radius of civilian areas, for example?
SULLIVAN: So, Ukraine has provided written assurances that it is going to use these in a very careful way that is aimed at minimizing any risk to civilians.

And, by the way, Ukraine—the democratically elected government of Ukraine has every incentive to minimize risk to civilians because it's their citizens. It's Ukrainians who they are trying to protect and defend. This is not Ukraine taking these and going and using them in the Middle East or in Southeast Asia or in some faraway land. They're using them on their territory to defend their territory.

dailysabah | Ukraine deserves NATO membership: Erdoğan in meeting with Zelensk*, 7 July
"Ukraine deserves to be a member of NATO," Erdoğan told reporters, adding that Türkiye has made the "most intense efforts" to end the Russia-Ukraine war through negotiations on the basis of international law. Erdoğan continued by saying that Türkiye will provide the necessary support to rebuild Ukraine.
"We listened to Mr. President from the Ukrainian side regarding the exchange of prisoners, and we are also in discussions with the Russian side," he said. He noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin may visit Türkiye next month to discuss these issues.

Ankara was hailed for its mediation of the conflict that broke out last year, striving to keep its ties intact with both sides. The efforts took a big stride in September 2022 when the two sides exchanged 200 prisoners of war, in Ankara. President Erdoğan had broken the news in the United States where he was attending the United Nations General Assembly.

Among the exchanged prisoners of war were members of Ukraine's famed Azov battalion, including its commander and his deputy.

Ukraine returns home five defenders of Azovstal following talks with Türkiye (08.07.23)
The soldiers were in Türkiye after being released from Russian captivity. President Volodymyr Zelensk* met the defenders at the Istanbul airport and congratulated them on their return.

"I congratulate you! You are our heroes. I am very glad of your return to your homeland. Glory to Ukraine!" he said.

On the plane, Zelensk* talked with the defenders of Azovstal and thanked them for their courage and resilience. Zelensk* said earlier that he was returning from Türkiye with Azovstal defenders who had been there since September 2022.

by Cat on Sun Jul 9th, 2023 at 12:43:20 AM EST
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Biden and NATO Big Bull$hitters

Ukraine's Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov welcomed a US decision to send cluster bombs to Kyiv Saturday, saying it would help to liberate Ukrainian territory but promised the munitions would not be used in Russia.

Oops ... Crimea voted by referendum to join the Russian Federation ... more exceptions coming?

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Sun Jul 9th, 2023 at 10:54:31 AM EST
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'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Sun Jul 9th, 2023 at 05:32:58 PM EST
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Leberwurst Gazettee | Zelensk* blasts 'absurd' NATO draft text
The Ukrainian leader's tweet did raise eyebrows in Vilnius.

"I am critical of many aspects and particularly of some allies' attitude, but I think that this is not a thoughtful and fair approach," said one senior diplomat from Central Europe, adding that Zelensk* "is going too far."

archived Sat Mar 5th 2022
by Cat on Tue Jul 11th, 2023 at 06:05:53 PM EST
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Buncha Bologney Bulletin | Biden hails Sweden's impending NATO admission ahead of tense meeting with Ukraine
Zelensk*'s outburst over NATO membership threatens sense of unity at summit.
Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), in Vilnius as part of a bipartisan congressional delegation, said NATO was right not to extend membership to Ukraine just yet.

Say, what else is DICK up to these days?
Bicycles for Rural African Transport Act

by Cat on Tue Jul 11th, 2023 at 06:21:01 PM EST
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Pfeffle Post | Zelensk* fails in effort to secure invitation
Volodymyr Zelensk* and the Lithuanian president, Gitanas Nausėda, hold up a Ukrainian flag as Olena Zelenska and Diana Nausėdienė look on in Vilnius on Tuesday.
by Cat on Tue Jul 11th, 2023 at 07:26:05 PM EST
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wapoo | To defeat Russia, Ukraine's top commander pushes to fight on his terms, 14 July

"Am I ready to die? Am I ready to kill? Am I willing to send people to die and kill?"

by Cat on Sat Jul 15th, 2023 at 01:01:37 PM EST
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dailysabah | Kyiv's drones hit Moscow, Crimea as Russia strikes Ukraine's south
Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said there were no casualties when the drones struck two nonresidential buildings. The Defense Ministry claimed that the military jammed both attacking drones, forcing them to crash.

Russian media reported that one of the drones fell on the Komsomolsky highway near Moscow's center, close to the main Defense Ministry building. Another drone hit an office building in southern Moscow, gutting its upper floors.

Ukrainian authorities didn't immediately claim responsibility for the strike, which was the second drone attack on the Russian capital this month....
Russia renews strikes
Russian forces, meanwhile, struck port infrastructure on the Danube River in southern Ukraine with exploding drones early Monday, injuring four workers and destroying a grain hangar and storage for other cargo, the Ukrainian military said. It said that Ukrainian forces downed three of the attacking drones.

by Cat on Mon Jul 24th, 2023 at 01:24:27 PM EST
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dailynewshungary | Orbán to EU: Where is the money? (29.06.23)
...Detailing the EC's amendment proposal, Orbán noted that member states were being asked to contribute another EUR 50 billion to the budget "so that they can give it to Ukraine even though they can't account for the money we've already contributed".

"They want a lot of money from member states so that they can cover the interests on earlier EU loans," the prime minister said. "These are the loans from which Poland and Hungary have yet to receive a single penny." Orbán said it was "unserious" of the EU to "want more money for migration, though not for border protection, but to bring migrants in"....

eurparl.europa.eu | Multilateral financial assistance to Ukraine, 23 Feb, 24 pp "in-depth analysis"
This paper provides a snapshot of multilateral financial assistance provided to Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion in February 2022 by the European Union and its bodies (European Investment Bank), international financial institutions (International Monetary Fund, World Bank Group, and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and informal groups of bilateral creditors ("The Group of Creditors of Ukraine"). The paper aims to increase understanding and support public scrutiny related to international financial assistance to Ukraine and will be updated with new elements regularly.
The MFA+ Regulation was adopted by the European Parliament and the Council on 14 December 2022. For this purpose, the Commission will borrow funds on capital markets, backed by guarantees from the EU budget using the available headroom, i.e. the difference between the own resources ceiling and ceilings of the multiannual financial framework (MFF). Loans provided under the MFA+ instrument will have long maturities (up to 35 years), with no repayment of principal before 2033. Upon request by Ukraine, interest rate and administrative costs under the loan may be subsidised by the EU budget through contributions from Member States in the form of "external assigned revenue" until the end of the current MFF period (2027).
taxsummaries.pwc.com | Ukraine, 30 June remittances and capital controls
...The official UAH to USD exchange rate has been fixed at the level of UAH 36.5686 per USD 1 starting from 21 July 2022....Physical movement of cash across the border in excess of EUR 10,000 is subject to filing a customs return....
archived Ukraine needs new economic model, 15 billion euros to be assigned to manage irregular immigration in Yuan and Dollar, closing session of the London conference in EURO and UAH
by Cat on Sun Jul 2nd, 2023 at 02:36:09 AM EST
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schmiegel | Berlin and Warsaw are fighting for the Leopard workshop, zloty and euro solidarity
[MOD  Boris Pistorius] was even able to estimate the approximate cost of the so-called repair hub at around 150 million euros.
Initially, the two German tank manufacturers Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) were to set up a joint venture. According to the plan, a joint tank workshop would then be set up at the Polish sites in Gliwice and Poznań together with the state-owned Polish armory PGZ. The federal government would have assumed the costs for the repair of the leopards.

In industry circles, however, it is said that the project has so far been slowed down by Poland. The Polish company PGZ, for example, presented very idiosyncratic ideas for the costs of working on the tanks, insiders spoke of "moon prices". For example, PGZ wants to charge more than 100,000 euros for the so-called "initial diagnosis" of the tanks. In Germany, only about 12,000 euros are usual for this diagnosis. In addition, PGZ does not want to assume any warranty for the repairs, which is also completely unusual.

archived cost of doing business > no SLA
by Cat on Sun Jul 2nd, 2023 at 08:13:47 PM EST
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Germany terminates the agreement on the repair of Leopard tanks for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Poland, Handelsblatt writes. It will be announced in the next few days. The reason lies in the many times overestimated cost of services from the Polish side....
reuters | Berlin scraps plans for joint tank maintenance hub in Poland
Berlin on Wednesday scrapped plans for a joint tank maintenance hub in Poland after arduous talks failed, saying modern Leopard 2 tanks damaged in the Ukraine war will be repaired in Germany.
17 May 2023
newsfrance | German tanks will be produced in Ukraine: the agreement between Rheinmetall and Ukroboronprom to strengthen defense against the Russians
lastampa | I carri armati tedeschi saranno prodotti in Ucraina: l'accordo tra Rheinmetall e Ukroboronprom per rafforzare la difesa contro i russi
Berlin has supplied around 20 Leopard 2A6 tanks to Kyiv, while Poland delivered the older Leopard 2A4 tanks.
trending .ua press astonishment
europeanintegration.ua | Germany Refuses to Create Leopard Tank Repair Center in Poland
The German government has declined to open a Leopard tank maintenance center in Poland for tanks transferred to Ukraine. According to Handelsblatt, sources familiar with the matter revealed that the reason for this decision was the inflated price expectations from the Polish side. An official announcement regarding this will be made soon....
mil.in.ua | Germany withdraws from the agreement on the tank repair plant construction in Poland
The German publication Handelsblatt reported on this with reference to people familiar with the matter.
...The aim of the planned repair center was to service Leopard tanks as close as possible to the border with Ukraine in order to have short distances. Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) and his counterpart signed a declaration of intent for the construction of the tank workshop in April...
There is also the possibility of deploying a site for an overhaul of tanks in the territory of Ukraine. For this, the Germans will cooperate with the Ukrainian Ukroboronprom State Concern.
by Cat on Wed Jul 12th, 2023 at 05:04:36 PM EST
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cnn | Rheinmetall will build and repair tanks in Ukraine, says CEO, 10 July recap
within the next 12 weeks, shrugging off concerns other Western defense companies reportedly have about building a presence in the country while it is at war with Russia. Germany's biggest arms maker will also train Ukrainians to maintain the tanks and other armored vehicles made in the factory, which will be located in the western part of the country, CEO Armin Papperger told CNN in an exclusive interview on Thursday [?].

"Ukrainians have to help themselves -- if they always have to wait for Europeans or Americans to help them over the next 10 or 20 years... that is not possible," he said.

aftershock | Details about the construction of a Rheinmetall plant in Ukraine and preparations for a mountain war in the Carpathians, 13 July  VC forecast
How exactly are the Germans going to defend their enterprise? With the help of geography and terrain. According to the Rybar branch Telegram channel, construction work has been going on for more than a month, and the enterprise itself is being built in Transcarpathia near the village of Chernotisov, almost near the border with Romania.

Through neighboring Vynohradiv, "columns of trucks with gravel, bulldozers and other equipment are continuously moving: residents note that there is simply not so much concrete for such a number of concrete mixers in all of Transcarpathia.[...] Trailers stuffed with soil are going back, which indicates the construction of underground structures to protect against missile attacks," the authors of the channel add.

"Location close to the Romanian border is beneficial logistically and for security reasons: Rheinmetall clearly expects that the Russian Armed Forces will not hit the plant because of the likelihood of a miss and an international scandal. Information about the arrival of Germans in one of the cities, who were looking for translators into Russian on the local market, also speaks in favor," the analysts add. "Against the background of a large-scale construction site with underground structures in conditions of total secrecy, this is not a coincidence. We also assume that at first the plant will not be engaged in the production, but in the maintenance of armored vehicles in an attempt to solve the problem of the zoo of Western equipment supplied by the Armed Forces of Ukraine," the authors admit.

A similar point of view is shared by Alexei Vasiliev, the author of the Russian Engineer Telegram channel. "The plant, most likely, will be a repair plant—for servicing European armored vehicles, so as not to drag it all the way to Germany for repairs. Well, the placement of the plant at the border crossing is a new word in the method of using a human shield," added Vasiliev.

Military development of the Carpathians

The expert community also assumes that the construction of a Rheinmetall military facility, no matter what purpose, is just a test of the pen and a prologue to the large-scale development of the richest military and infrastructure heritage that has been preserved in Western Ukraine within the former Carpathian Military District of the USSR.

The district partly or entirely included the Volyn, Rivne, Zhytomyr, Vinnitsa, Khmelnytsky, Ternopil, Lvov, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, and Transcarpathian regions. At the same time, the core of the district was located on the territory of Volhynia, Galicia, Bukovina and Transcarpathia. Today, these same regions are part of the operational command "West" of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

by Cat on Thu Jul 13th, 2023 at 10:32:38 PM EST
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lexpress | Nuclear: the undermining of Germany against France, existential ENTSOgate
"The obsession of the Germans for thirty years has been the disintegration of EDF. They have succeeded," [former CEO Henri Proglio] declared last December during his hearing conducted as part of the parliamentary inquiry into the loss of [Rosatom board] independence. In a recent dossier, L'Express also recounted the efforts made by our neighbor at European level to exclude nuclear power from any financial support mechanism. But with foundations like Heinrich Böll, who benefits from an address in Paris, the work of undermining is also carried out on French soil underlines the School of Economic Warfare.
...Political foundations resort to multiple and sometimes questionable influence strategies, while draping themselves in morality. Through the production of oriented content and the organization of meetings, these foundations alter civil society's perception of certain strategic subjects, in order to steer socio-political elites and ultimately influence policies in their favor.

With the aim of weakening the French industry and economy in general as well as to secure its own hegemony in these fields at European level, Germany destabilizes the French nuclear industry by blocking European institutions, exerting constant pressure on European politics, and practicing cognitive encirclement on French territory....

archived There will be no new nuclear power plants in the West
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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Jul 2nd, 2023 at 09:21:21 PM EST
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by Cat on Tue Jul 4th, 2023 at 04:49:11 PM EST
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Nice headline ... Jens definitely wanted to stop ... a united NATO was unable to agree on a successor ... veto by #Joe ... diversity EU/non-EU ... male/female ... old or new Europe ... frontline state representation or a more reasoned person ... de-risking most important in a crucial phase of the NATO confrontation with Russia 😂 disappointment by Mark Rutte ... has been strong Russophobic since July 2014.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Tue Jul 4th, 2023 at 05:22:27 PM EST
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Members Agree to Disagree on Successor Stoltenberg

Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin want Jens Stoltenberg to stay until election year 2024.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Tue Jul 4th, 2023 at 06:50:29 PM EST
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Joe Biden pushes for Ursula von der Leyen to be Nato chief, 5 July wooing
Joe Biden is pushing for Ursula von der Leyen to be installed as the next NATO secretary general after Ben Wallace's candidacy was blocked [by Biden], The Telegraph can disclose.

The president of the European Commission was said to be the United States' preferred candidate after the White House rejected the Defence Secretary [Ben Wallace] for the role.
Fluent in French, she would likely secure the support of Emmanuel Macron, who was opposed to Mr Wallace's candidacy....Concerns, however, may arise over her recent poor handling of the German defence ministry, which she led between 2013 and 2019.

"de-risking" and "de-coupling" dance card
In private talks, Mrs von der Leyen reportedly told Mr Biden she would not be available to take over any role at NATO until at least next year. White House strategists see A WINDOW opening up to poach her after next year's European elections.

by Cat on Wed Jul 5th, 2023 at 07:51:42 PM EST
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A blow to censorship in the Atlantic Alliance for truth (правда) ...

In the Red State of Ten Commandments and the Bible ...

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Wed Jul 5th, 2023 at 08:19:28 PM EST
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Early Bird Big Reveal! Vilainous NATO Associated Press is up in arms

Swedish Model Pageantry
aljazeera | 'Historic day': Turkey's Erdogan agrees to back Sweden's NATO bid

...It was the first time that Erdogan linked his country's ambition to join the EU with Sweden's efforts to become a NATO member....
politico | Biden plans to meet with Turkey's Erdogan and Ukraine's Zelensk* at NATO summit
...The sessions, described to POLITICO by two people familiar with the planning, will come on the sidelines of the two-gathering of transatlantic allies this week. On Tuesday, Biden will sit down with Erdoğan to convince the AUTOCRAT that he should accept Sweden as NATO's 32nd member....
dailysabah | Erdoğan, EU chief Michel agree to re-energize Türkiye-EU ties
...Closed to the media, the meeting took place at the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre (LITEXPO) in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania....It was unclear what Michel, who heads the body representing the EU's 27 leaders, could offer to Erdoğan to help break the deadlock....

"deadbeat nation" Chronicle
NATO will boost defense spending to help back Ukraine but The Math® is tricky. Just ask Luxembourg

Under a pledge made in 2014, after Russia annexed Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula, NATO allies agreed to halt the spending cuts they made in calmer times after the Cold War ended, boost their national military budgets and move toward spending 2% of GDP on defense by 2024.

With that target date closing in, and THE BIGGEST LAND WAR IN EUROPE in decades RAVAGING UKRAINE, U.S. President Joe Biden and his NATO counterparts will commit to a NEW! spending goal at their two-day summit in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius starting on Tuesday.


"At the summit, allies will set a more ambitious defense ["]investment["] pledge, to invest spend a minimum of 2% of GDP annually on defense," NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Friday. No date will be set for achieving this target.
When grilled by U.S. and European lawmakers about budget priorities, Luxembourg Defense Minister François Bausch said last month that Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania would have to spend four to five times more than they do now to reach 2% if their economic growth matched that of Luxembourg ["letterbox" industry].

The three Baltic States—SO GEOGRAPHICALLY CLOSE to Russia and Ukraine, and historically aware of the potential threat that their giant neighbor poses—will all spend just above 2% this year, among only 11 nations to attain the goal, according to NATO estimates.

Sandwiched between France and Belgium, Luxembourg has DEMOGRAPHIC CHALLENGES, too. Of its roughly 630,000 passport holders, only 315,000 are Luxembourgers. The number of people ranging in age from 18 to 40&MDASH;military service age&MDASH;is smaller still.

archived Europe's Frontier: A Rusted Iron Curtain
by Cat on Mon Jul 10th, 2023 at 09:51:22 PM EST
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GAO, European Deterrence Initiative: DOD Should Establish Performance Goals and Measures to Improve Oversight, 10 July 39 pp
The European Deterrence Initiative (EDI) was established in 2015 to help boost military readiness of European allies and deter Russian aggression. Its activities have enhanced U.S. military posture in Europe by supporting the deployment of additional U.S. rotational forces and expanding the number of locations where U.S. forces operate. From fiscal year 2015 through fiscal year 2023, $35.1 billion has been spent on EDI activities. For example, according to Army officials, EDI amounts supported construction in Belgium to improve Army prepositioning maintenance and storage facilities (see figure). Also, the U.S. has entered into agreements with other countries to enable additional U.S. military posture changes in Europe
From fiscal year 2015 through fiscal year 2024, EDI budget requests made by the Department of Defense (DOD) were for activities defined and categorized by five lines of effort--Increased Presence, Exercises and Training, Enhanced Prepositioning, Improved Infrastructure, and Building Partner Capacity. During the same period, each of the military services used their own criteria to determine what activity should be funded as part of EDI, according to military service officials. In February 2023, DOD issued new guidance defining EDI criteria and standardizing EDI budget request presentations along the five lines of effort for fiscal year 2024 and beyond. The military services' fiscal year 2024 EDI budget requests do not include presentations along the five lines of effort because the fiscal year 2024 budget documents were already finalized when the February 2023 guidance was issued.
archived "deadbeat nation" w/e 20 May
by Cat on Tue Jul 11th, 2023 at 06:46:29 PM EST
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D1: "Defending Forward: Adapting NATO's Deterrence and Defence for the LOOMING Threats" panel @ 00:40:45
feat. PM J.Trudeau (CA), PM K. Kariņš (LV), PM K. Kallas (EE), Royal NL Navy Adm. Rbt. Bauer (chair. NATO Military Committee), and  moderator Heather "I'm so excited" Conley (GMF)

D2: "A Very Warm Welcome 2-Step Process", feat. J. Stoltenberg and V. Zelensk* @ 02:26:47

by Cat on Wed Jul 12th, 2023 at 01:16:44 PM EST
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tabloid USAToday subtitle | Zelensk* defends use of cluster bombs, pushes for NATO membership...
...Russia is already deploying the bombs in Ukraine, he said, promising that Kyiv would only use the artillery on military targets. "It's not going to be used anywhere else," Zelensk* said through a translator. "It's all about fairness. We are defending ourselves."

Zelensk* is scheduled to meet later in the day with President Joe Biden at the summit as the Ukrainian leader looks to accelerate a NATO invitation. In addition to the cluster munitions, which are controversial because of the risk they pose to civilians, Zelensk* said Ukraine needs long-range weapons, a request he said he would discuss with Biden....

by Cat on Wed Jul 12th, 2023 at 01:32:53 PM EST
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NATO D2 morning edition headlines

Another Trump legacy: Governor troll wars
(subtitle: "Foes with benefits: Governors reap rewards in their troll wars")

Zelensk* puts brave face on lackluster NATO membership signal

by Cat on Wed Jul 12th, 2023 at 01:44:32 PM EST
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F24 | HISTORIC trial balloon training hub, 12 July
by Cat on Wed Jul 12th, 2023 at 02:17:31 PM EST
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DW extends multipolar invite to donate collateral after Ukraine missed out on a timeline for its NATO accession.
...In a joint declaration, which other nations can join, the United States, Germany, Japan, France, Canada, Italy, and Britain, as well as the European Union, said the framework encompasses elements including modern advanced military equipment, training, intelligence-sharing and cyberdefence....
by Cat on Wed Jul 12th, 2023 at 02:31:18 PM EST
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gov.uk | Joint Declaration of Support for Ukraine, 12 July "symbol of peace"
We, the [nine] Leaders of the Group of Seven (G7), reaffirm our unwavering commitment to the strategic objective of a free, independent, democratic, and sovereign Ukraine, within its internationally recognized borders, capable of defending itself and deterring future aggression.

We affirm that the security of Ukraine is integral to the security of the Euro-Atlantic region.
Today we are launching negotiations with Ukraine to formalize -- through bilateral security commitments and arrangements aligned with this multilateral framework, in accordance with our respective legal and constitutional requirements -- our enduring support to Ukraine as it defends its sovereignty and territorial integrity, rebuilds its economy, protects its citizens, and pursues integration into the Euro-Atlantic community. We will direct our teams to begin these discussions immediately.

We will each work with Ukraine on specific, bilateral, long-term security commitments and arrangements towards:
[ (a) i-v  - (c) ...]

For its part, Ukraine is committed to:

Contributing positively to partner security and to strengthen transparency and accountability measures with regard to partner assistance;
[ (a) - (b) ...]

The EU and its Member States stand ready to contribute to this effort and will swiftly consider the modalities of such contribution.

This effort will be taken forward while Ukraine pursues a pathway toward future membership in the Euro-Atlantic community.

Other countries that wish to contribute to this effort to ensure a free, strong, independent, and sovereign Ukraine may join this Joint Declaration at any time.

other countries
< wipes tears >
by Cat on Wed Jul 12th, 2023 at 05:30:01 PM EST
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Zelensk* hails NATO summit as 'important victory' for Ukraine
... At a press conference this morning, Zelenskyy confirmed that, while no timeline has been set, NATO would not require Ukraine to create a full action plan before issuing a membership invitation in the future. This could greatly ease its path to joining, though some allies remain reluctant to admit Kyiv.
archived membership action plan [MAP, 23.05.23]
"I would like to extend words of gratitude to you for this important step," Zelensk* said. "Even during the full-scale war against Russia, Ukraine continues to conduct reform."

"We highly appreciate the recognition that Ukraine will not need an action plan on its way to NATO," he added.

Zelensk* acknowledged other allies' concerns about escalating tensions with Russia, calling this justified while the fighting continues....

by Cat on Wed Jul 12th, 2023 at 08:41:06 PM EST
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by Cat on Thu Jul 13th, 2023 at 09:24:26 PM EST
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ifw-kiel.de Ukraine Support Tracker, 24 Jan 2022-15 Jan 2023 cumulative "donations" to Ukraine

oaklandinstitute | War and Theft: The Takeover of Ukraine's Agricultural Land, 21 Feb, 33 pp

The war in Ukraine has been at the center stage of foreign policy and media reports since February 2022. Little attention, however, has been given to a major issue, which is at the core of the conflict—who controls the agricultural land in the country known as the "breadbasket of Europe?" This report addresses this gap—identifying the interests controlling Ukraine's agricultural land and presenting an analysis of the dynamics at play around land tenure in the country. This includes the highly controversial land reform that took place in 2021 as part of the structural adjustment program initiated under the auspices of Western financial institutions, after the installation of a pro-European Union (EU) government following the Maidan Revolution in 2014.
The report identifies many prominent investors, including Vanguard Group, Kopernik Global Investors, BNP Asset Management Holding, Goldman Sachs-owned NN Investment Partners Holdings, and Norges Bank Investment Management, which manages Norway's sovereign wealth fund. A number of large US pension funds, foundations, and university endowments are also invested in Ukrainian land through NCH Capital—a US-based private equity fund, which is the fifth largest landholder in the country. Most of these firms are substantially indebted to Western financial institutions, in particular the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the European Investment Bank (EIB), and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) - the private sector arm of the World Bank. Together, these institutions have been major lenders to Ukrainian agribusinesses, with close to US$1.7 billion lent to just six of Ukraine's largest landholding firms in recent years. Other key lenders are a mix of mainly European and North American financial institutions, both public and private. Not only does this debt gives creditors financial stakes in the operation of the agribusinesses, but also confers a significant level of leverage over them. This was evidenced by the debt restructuring of UkrLandFarming, one of Ukraine's largest landholders, which involved creditors including the Export-Import agencies of the US, Canada, and Denmark...
Kiel | The Ukraine Support Tracker: Which countries help Ukraine and how?, Working Paper No. 2218, 6 July
...A main aim of our database is to quantify the scale of aid to Ukraine and to make the support comparable across countries and time. We trace commitments by 41 donors, including all G7 and EU member countries (31), plus Australia, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, India, China and Taiwan (9). In addition, we trace commitments by the European Union institutions meaning the EU Commission and EU Council, but also via the European Peace Facility (EPF) and the European Investment Bank (EIB). For each of these donors, we quantify support flows in millions of Euros, accounting for both financial and inkind transfers. To do so, we set up a comprehensive "consensus" database that brings together information from official government sources, existing lists of Ukraine aid, and media reports. We mainly focus on bilateral (government-to-government) commitments transferred to Ukraine. This means that not all types of support are covered. In particular, in our baseline figures, we do not add the costs of helping refugees having fled Ukraine, e.g. by Poland, but we do show results in supplementary figures.2 Furthermore, we do not count private donations or those by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), mainly because reliable information across countries is not available. We do track aid by international financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or the World Bank, but report these results separately, as discussed below.
In total, we trace over €143 billion in government-to government commitments3 from January 24, 2022, until January 15, 2023. The United States (US) is by far the largest bilateral supporter of Ukraine having committed €73.18 billion, more than 50% of total commitments in our database. EU country governments committed a total of €19.9 billion bilaterally, plus €29.92 billion through the EU Commission and Council, €3.1 billion via the European Peace Facility and €2 billion through the EIB. This brings total EU commitments to €54.92 billion. It is remarkable that the US alone has committed considerably more than all EU countries combined, in whose immediate neighborhood the war is raging. Financial aid by multilateral organizations like the IMF, World Bank, UN and the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) add up to €13.27 billion. These are reported in a separate sheet in our database and are not included in the headline figures we report (see Section 2.4).4 ...
bloomberg | Ukraine Plea to Keep Grain Moving Clashes With Shippers' Reality, 18 July
Ukraine is calling on other nations to help facilitate shipments from three of its deep-sea ports, which were covered by the agreement.

The US said shipping escorts are not an option, and insurance broker Marsh on Tuesday suspended its program for grain exports from Ukraine, underscoring the challenges ahead.
"No sane owners will call there uninsured," said Vasilis Mouyis, joint managing director of Greece-based Doric Shipbrokers SA, which had previously had sent vessels through the shipping passage. Without the protection of the safe corridor "the Ukraine trade is dead."
Appeal to Turkey
Ukraine has asked the United Nations and Turkey—which brokered the deal almost a year ago —whether they will continue to back it.

"The main task for Ukraine now is to get the support of Turkey," said Dmitry Skornyakov, chief executive officer of HarvEast Holding.

osw.waw.pl | Ukraine's largest oligarch enters the agricultural market (12.06.11)
A new holding group has been created in Ukraine; HarvEast will trade on the agriculture and food market. Its creation on 7 June was announced by System Capital Management (SCM), the largest corporation in Ukraine, owned by Ukraine's richest man Rinat Akhmetov and Smart Holding's Vadim Novinsky (Akhmetov's partner, and himself one of the wealthiest businessmen in Ukraine)....
He suggested that military [naval] escorts from Turkey could be used for ships entering and leaving Ukraine's ports.
arcive AGRI-Ukraine
by Cat on Thu Jul 20th, 2023 at 01:13:42 PM EST
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UN Secretary-General's press encounter on the Black Sea Initiative, 17 July
I deeply regret the decision by the Russian Federation to terminate the implementation of the Black Sea Initiative—including the withdrawal of Russian security guarantees for navigation in the northwestern part of the Black Sea.

This Initiative has ensured the safe passage of over 32 million metric tons of food commodities from Ukrainian ports. The World Food Programme has shipped more than 725,000 tons to support humanitarian operations—relieving hunger in some of the hardest hit corners of the world, including Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa and Yemen.

Consilium infographics v JCC infographics (16.02.23)
The Black Sea Initiative—together with the Memorandum of Understanding on facilitating exports of Russian food products and fertilizers —have been a lifeline for global food security and a beacon of hope in a troubled world.
archive eeas.europa.eu | Debunking 10 Russian myths about the Black Sea grain initiative
With the decision to terminate the Black Sea Initiative, the Russian Federation also terminated its commitment to "facilitate the unimpeded export of food, sunflower oil, and fertilizers from Ukrainian controlled Black Sea Ports"—as expressed in Paragraph 1 of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Russian Federation and the United Nations. Ultimately, participation in these agreements is a choice.
Occupants blow up an ammonia pipeline ... in Kharkiv region (07.06.23)
Ammonia pipeline damaged in Kharkiv region(07.06.23)
Ukraine blows up Togliatti-Odessa Ammonia pipeline in Kharkov region (07.06.23)
"The Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline goes from the Russian province of Samara to Kharkov, then south and west to the Black Sea coastal city of Odessa, where the resource is exported. Ammonia is a significant basic element utilized in natural fertilizer enrichment."
I am aware of some obstacles that remained in the foreign trade of Russian food and fertilizer products.
archive Our sanctions don't affect the exports of food and fertilisers from Russia
This is precisely why I sent a letter to President Putin with a new proposal to keep the Black Sea Initiative alive. In that letter—which I believe is necessary to quote at length—I underlined that:

"Since the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, and also taking into account the measures adopted by the Russian Federation, Russian grain trade has reached high export volumes and fertilizer markets are stabilizing with Russian exports nearing full recovery, as stated by the Russian Union of Grain Exporters and Russian Fertilizer Producers Association."

The letter went on to detail action by the United Nations. Namely that we have: "also delivered breakthroughs even in some of the most challenging areas of trade facilitation. The United Nations has helped to secure the issuance of: U.S. General License 6B and 6C, which are especially important in light of the extra[-]territorial nature of US sanctions as these licenses apply not only to US imports from the Russian Federation but also to all countries concerned with their sanctions regime; two UK General Licenses on finance and trade in food and fertilizers, which are especially important for the insurance market; and the derogation by the European Union in its ninth sanctions package, which allowed, for example, the unfreezing of assets of fertilizer companies, as well as a range of clarifications
The letter went on to detail how: "We have built a bespoke payments mechanism for the Russian Agricultural Bank through JP Morgan [!] outside of SWIFT."

archive Rosselkhozbank services
My letter also mentioned that: "the Russian Federation has highlighted the issue of access to SWIFT by the Russian Agricultural Bank as a key factor influencing its decisions. On this front, the United Nations recently brokered a concrete proposal to enable a subsidiary [?!] of the Russian Agricultural Bank to regain access to SWIFT with the European Commission.
archive EU offers Russian banks alternatives to SWIFT, INSTEX disaster
The key element underpinning this proposal's political viability is that it can be implemented within existing regulations.  We see this as a unique political opening, stemming from a genuine desire to protect global food security beyond 17 July."

I am deeply disappointed that my proposals went unheeded.

UN Convention on the Law of the sea
Part II Territorial sea, §2. Limits, §3. Innocent Passage; PART III Straits used for international navigation, Art 34-41 legal status-transit
Initiative on the Safe Transportation of Grain and Foodstuffs from Ukrainian Ports
2. This Initiative is based on agreements of parties of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, as amended, (SOLAS), Regulations XI 2/11 and the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code), Part B, paragraph 4.26;
3. The purpose of this Initiative is to facilitate the safe navigation for the export of grain and related foodstuffs and fertilizers, including ammonia from the Ports of Odesa, Chernomorsk, and Yuzhny ("the Ukrainian ports").
Primary Aspects of the Initiative
C. All activities in Ukrainian territorial waters will be under authority and responsibility of Ukraine. The Parties will not undertake any attacks against merchant vessels and other civilian vessels and port facilities engaged in this Initiative. Should demining be required, a minesweeper of another country, agreed by all Parties, shall sweep the approaches to the Ukrainian ports, as necessary....
  • International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code), Part B, paragraph 4.26;
  • International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea
by Cat on Fri Jul 21st, 2023 at 10:40:05 PM EST
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aa.com.tr | Moscow gives UN Secretariat 90 days to normalize Russian agricultural exports, 19 July
Russia said late Tuesday that the UN Secretariat has 90 days to normalize Russian agricultural exports, reacting to statements by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Moscow's suspension of its participation in the Black Sea Grain Initiative a day earlier.

"According to Paragraph 6 of the Memorandum [of Understanding], the agreement 'will be in effect for 3 years,' and if one of the parties (Russia and the UN) intends to terminate its implementation, it must notify three months in advance. Thus, the UN Secretariat still has a whole 90 days to continue its work on the normalization of Russian agricultural exports," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The statement said the 90 days are those quoted by Guterres in his statement, during which the UN Secretary-General "planned to restore access to the SWIFT system for the 'subsidiary' or affiliated structure of the Russian Agricultural Bank (Rosselkhozbank)."

It further said that Russia sees "no alternatives to the direct reconnection of Rosselkhozbank to SWIFT, neither through a marginal channel with JPMorgan, nor within a theoretical platform with Citi and Afreximbank, nor with the options of branches and subsidiaries."

"All these palliative measures are simply not implemented in practice and are only intended to create the appearance of work in a situation where, in the end, the influence of the UN on Washington and Brussels, which control payment systems, is no more than on the Kyiv regime, which undermined the (Togliatti-Odesa) ammonia pipeline," it said.

Russian Navy destroys Ukrainian mine adrift in Black Sea (VIDEO), 19 July
...In a statement on Wednesday, Russia's Black Sea Fleet said a Ka-27 military helicopter had destroyed the Ukrainian mine with machine gun fire, after it had been located by patrol ship the Sergey Kotov 180km (112 miles) away from the Bosporus Strait.
Stray mines have been discovered in the Black Sea on numerous occasions since the start of the conflict between Moscow and Kiev. The Turkish and Romanian Navies destroyed several pieces of such ordnance off their respective shores last year....
dailysabah | UNSC to discuss Russian withdrawal from Ukraine grain deal, 20 July
The Security Council will meet on Friday morning for a "briefing on Ukraine," the mission said on Twitter on Thursday. The U.K. currently holds the rotating presidency of the 15-member Council....
press.un | Daily Press Briefing by the Office of the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General, 20 July
Good afternoon. Sorry for the delay, but compared to yesterday, I am early. I will start off with a statement on Ukraine:...
SC/15362 | Russian Federation Attacks on Ukrainian Ports Risk Far-Reaching Impacts for Food in Developing Countries, Under-Secretary-General Tells Security Counci, 21 July readout
Rosemary DiCarlo, Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, said that the Russian Federation's decision to terminate its participation in the Black Sea Grain Initiative [BSI] added to existing agricultural, energy, and financial crises that are already severely impacting the world's most vulnerable people. "We have now witnessed a further blow to global food security, as Russia—for the fourth consecutive day— struck Ukraine's Black Sea ports in [BSI-covered] Odesa, Chornomorsk, and [not BSI-covered] Mykolaiv with missiles and drones, destroying critical port infrastructure, [fuel and munitions] facilities, and grain supplies," she reported, adding that this new wave of attacks risks far-reaching impacts on global food security, particularly in developing countries.
Russia Warns Ukraine Against Striking Crimea with US, British Missiles (20.07.23)
Russia says it continued 'retaliatory strikes' on Ukraine (20.07.23)
Martin Griffiths, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, similarly pointed out that higher prices will be most acutely felt by families in developing countries, who tend to spend a much higher share of their household income on food.
Biggest buyer of Russian grain revealed (10.07.23)
Egypt was the largest buyer of Russian wheat in the 2022-2023 agricultural year, according to data from the Russian Grain Union (RGU) cited by the Agrotrend news outlet. The North African country imported 11.9 million tons of Russian wheat during the stated period, amounting to 22.5% of all Russian exports. Türkiye was the second biggest importer with 10.2 million tons (19.3% of Russian exports), followed by Algeria (3.3 million tons), Iran (3.1 million tons), and Saudi Arabia (3.1 million tons). Pakistan, Libya, Bangladesh, Israel, and Sudan were also among the top 10 importers.

According to Elena Tyurina, head of the RGU's analytical department, Russian traders exported upwards of 53 million tons of wheat to foreign markets, almost one and a half times more than the previous year.... The expert linked the trend to several factors, including high demand from traditional buyers of Russian wheat, the addition of buyers from countries that had not previously contracted Russian grain, and a drop in prices [?] due to the recent reduction of export duty. A number of traders also bought wheat in advance amid concerns of a supply shortage on the global market in 2023-2024, Tyurina added....

Also briefing the Council was Mikhail Khazin, an independent macroeconomist, who said the grain deal was commercial and not humanitarian in nature, with a "trivial" impact on delivery to poor countries. Yet, as the market is currently unbalanced, it is impossible to establish a stable prognosis for the situation.
The representative of the United States [Linda "eat muh gumbo" Thomas-Greenfield] stated that, by weaponizing food, the Russian Federation is "using the Black Sea as blackmail, holding humanity hostage".  Echoing her concerns, the representative of the United Kingdom [Barbara Woodward], Council President for July, speaking in her national capacity, described Moscow's withdrawal as a "stab in the back" for countries in the Horn of Africa, that are already impacted by drought.
archive Hag Watch Int'l "in violent agreement"
France's representative [ Nicolas de Rivière] added that, by blocking exports from Ukrainian ports, Moscow is increasing the profit from its own exports to finance its WAR OF AGGRESSION against Ukraine.

Gustavo Manrique, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility of Ecuador, pointed out that, even a few weeks after the war began, its regional and global consequences were emerging as a central concern for Latin America and the Caribbean [LAC].

voa | UN Aid Chief Warns End of Ukraine Grain Deal Means 'Hunger or Worse' for Millions , 21 July "substantially transformed" starving Africans
....The United Nations says 64% of almost 33 million metric tons of Ukrainian grain exported under the deal went to low- and middle-income countries, helping keep food affordable and available in the midst of a global cost-of-living crisis and rising fuel prices.
archived "The club of five" has entered the room.
He warned that with shrinking options for selling their grain, Ukrainian farmers may have no choice but to stop farming. The country was an international breadbasket before the conflict, supplying 400 million metric tons [LOL] of grain and foodstuffs to world markets annually....
APsplainin: Russia comes under pressure at UN to avoid global food crisis and revive Ukrainian grain shipments, 21 July
by Cat on Sat Jul 22nd, 2023 at 12:38:42 AM EST
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punchline | Storm clouds gathering in the Black Sea, 21 July
... Of course, Washington hopes that the NATO moving in as the guarantor of the grain corridor, replacing Russia, would have resonance in the Global South. ...
by Cat on Sat Jul 22nd, 2023 at 02:32:00 AM EST
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Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] between the Russian Federation and the Secretariat of the United Nations on promoting Russian food products and fertilizers to the world markets
Signed in duplicate at Istanbul on 22nd of July 2022 in English and Russian.

In the event of dispute or a disagreement as to the interpretation of this MoU, the English version will prevail.

/s/ For the Russian Federation: H. E. Mr A. R. Belousov, First Deputy PrimeMinister of the Russian Federation

/s/ For the United Nations Secretariat: H.E. Mr. A. Guterres, United Nations

by Cat on Sat Jul 22nd, 2023 at 02:51:03 AM EST
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22 July Daily Sabah Sez, Ukraine drone attack in Crimea causes ammo depot to explode. 19 July [?] Reuters photo.

Ukraine's Counter-offensive at Work for Democracy

[Crimea PM] Sergei Aksyonov said there was an explosion at the depot in Krasnohvardiiske in central Crimea but reported no damage or casualties. Footage shared by [WHOSE?] state media showed a thick cloud of grey smoke at the site. Aksyonov blamed it on a Ukrainian drone attack. There was no immediate comment from Kyiv.
The brief halting of traffic on the Crimean Bridge [alias Kerch Strait Bridge or Kerch Bridge], about 180 kilometers to the east of The Drone Incident™, came five days after explosions there killed two people and damaged a section of roadway [CNN 17.07.23]—the second major attack on the bridge since the start of the war.
torygraph | Ukraine unveils stamps celebrating Kerch bridge explosion - hours after the attack, 8 Oct 2022
(I did not have sex with that "woman) in front of an artwork shaped as a big stamp of the Ukraine Post Office's new stamp collection."
Russia accuses Ukraine of carrying out the attacks on the bridge. Officials in Kyiv have welcomed them, without directly claiming responsibility. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensk* said on Friday [21.07.23] that the bridge was a legitimate target because it was a military supply route for Russia.

"This is the route used to feed the war with ammunition and this is being done on a daily basis," he said.
"Remember that a video posted on the web of military or other critical facilities is work for the enemy," [Aksyonov advisor Oleg Kryuchkov] said.

archived @DefenseU "work of art", "I'm not some loser!", OPU confirmed the attack on Kharkiv CHPP-5, Dutch Reporter Thrown Out of Odesa
by Cat on Sat Jul 22nd, 2023 at 03:42:28 PM EST
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Persona non grata for a period of 10 years.

In general for the expected duration of the war ...

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Sat Jul 22nd, 2023 at 04:07:53 PM EST
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voiceofeuropoe | Today, July 17, Russia officially notified the UN Secretariat, Ukraine and Turkey of its objection to the extension of the grain deal, told Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova., 17 July
...This morning, the last ship within the grain initiative departed from the port of Odessa in Ukraine, according to Reuters. It is supposed to deliver 15,300 tons of rapeseed and 23,500 tons of corn to the Netherlands. This ship was the last one to receive permission from the Joint Coordination Center (JCC) on June 28 to pass through the Bosporus to Odessa.
16 July  Odesa  ..........NL  15,553 mt rapeseed
16 July  Odesa  ..........NL  23,031 mt corn
13 July  Odesa  ..........IQ  37,867 mt corn
08 July  Odesa  ..........TN  27,000 mt corn
04 July  Chornomorsk  CN  62,447 mt corn
04 July  Chornomorsk  FR  22,387 mt sunflower meal
Afterward, Russian inspectors did not grant permission for the passage of ships.

Earlier in Germany, it was explained that Russia's refusal to participate in the grain deal will pose a problem for Ukraine's recovery. This was reported by German agricultural economist Bettina Rudloff.

"This could become a problem for the country's recovery in the long term," Rudloff stated in an interview with Spiegel. She noted that in the midst of uncertainty in Ukraine's economy, farmers will remain unemployed.

dailysabah | Türkiye ramps up record wheat output to mitigate drought threat, 20 July
...The wartime initiative, with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as its powerful sponsor, proved what Tezcan says is Türkiye's ability to host the entire world's entire milling sector.

"The world is watching Türkiye's success closely. For these reasons, Türkiye has demonstrated and continues to show that it is a candidate to become the wheat warehouse of the world with increasing confidence in every environment," [Flour Industry Federation (TUSAF) BoD chair Haluk Tezcan] noted. In the first four months of 2023, Türkiye exported about 965.42 million tons of flour, generating a revenue of some $442.2 million. This year's overall figure is expected to exceed the $3 billion in exports made in 2022....

by Cat on Sun Jul 23rd, 2023 at 11:25:31 PM EST
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ukranews | Naftogaz stops performing functions and duties of the "last resort" supplier, 24 July Burisma sale or IPO exit strategery?
"The Naftogaz of Ukraine Gas Supply Company LLC, which, in accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of July 22, 2020 No. 917 -p, was determined by the supplier of "last resort" and for the past three years has been the guarantor of gas supply for consumers left without a supplier, informs about the expiration of the term
ukranews | Cabinet appoints [PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC] auditor of financial statements of Naftogaz, 25 July news from the future
The firm will carry out a mandatory audit of Naftogaz's financial statements in 2023-2024. PricewaterhouseCoopers (Audit) was also approved by the government as an independent auditor of Naftogaz's financial statements for 2021-2022 years.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in the 1st quarter [2023], Naftogaz received UAH 7.7 billion in profit.

Naftogaz expects UAH 40 billion in losses in 2022.

archive possible audit of 2022 Naftogaz's write-down, Lost Property Of Naftogaz In Crimea, Naftogaz Offers Debt-Freeze Plan
by Cat on Tue Aug 1st, 2023 at 12:36:06 AM EST
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ecb.europa.eu | Monetary policy decisions
The Governing Council is determined to ensure that inflation returns to its 2% medium-term target in a timely manner. It therefore today decided to raise the three key ECB interest rates by 25 basis points. [...] The Governing Council also decided to set the remuneration of minimum reserves at 0%.
The Governing Council decided to raise the three key ECB interest rates by 25 basis points. Accordingly, the interest rate on the main refinancing operations and the interest rates on the marginal lending facility and the deposit facility will be increased to 4.25%, 4.50% and 3.75% respectively, with effect from 2 August 2023....
Christine Lagarde, President of the ECB, Luis de Guindos [!], Vice-President of the ECB, press Q&A
[Q:] Does the absence of guidance for September mean the Governing Council is equally open to another hike, to a pause or even to the conclusion that rates have already reached their peak? That would be the first. And the second one - I am wondering how much of your decision on lowering the remuneration of minimum reserves was driven by concerns over central bank losses.....
reuters | Credit Suisse inquiry will keep files secret for 50 years, 15 July
A parliamentary investigation has triggered concern
reuters | Swiss investor group lawsuit to seek compensation over UBS-Credit Suisse deal, 17 July
"Due to the large number of inquiries, the Swiss Association for the Protection of Investors (SASV) has decided to coordinate a lawsuit under Art. 105 of the Merger Act"
archived Sun Mar 19th 2023, de Guindos album
by Cat on Thu Jul 27th, 2023 at 10:48:57 PM EST
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Wed May 25th 2022 "Saudi Arabia does not plan to increase oil output"
Thu Jun 16th 2022 "as warm as the weather in Riyadh"
Wed Oct 5th, 2022 "(ceiling - 3M) - 2M"
Wed Nov 23rd 2022 "cut of 2 million barrels per day by OPEC+ continues until the end of 2023"
Sun Dec 4th 2022 uncertainty in the oil markets on both the supply and demand side
Sun Apr 2nd, 2023 Riyadh, Moscow, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Algeria
Fri Jun 2nd 2022 OPEC excludes some reporters from meeting
Mon Jun 5th 2023"oil production cuts until the end of 2024"

almonitor | At OPEC, Saudi Arabia defends oil cuts with Russia, despite mild market reaction, 5 July

On Monday Saudi Arabia and Russia, two of the most powerful members of the Organization of Petroleum Producing Countries (OPEC), announced further production cuts to prop up the market. Riyadh confirmed it would extend its cut of 1 million barrels per day (bpd) through August, while Russia said it would reduce oil exports to 500,000 bpd in August, tightening global supplies.
At the OPEC International Seminar in at the 23-member cartel's headquarters in Vienna on Wednesday, Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman Al Saud defended the move, saying it was "meaningful" for Riyadh and Moscow to announce the cuts, which were voluntary and not "imposed." Voluntary cuts do not need to be implemented by all OPEC+ members, nor do they require unanimous approval from the 23 countries.
RT: "We worked with seven independent enTItIeS to review Russia's numbers, and they stood by the review. It is a voluntary cut; it was not mandatory, which shows their commitment," the Saudi minister said. The latest round of crude oil output cuts comes on top of voluntary reductions of 1.66 million barrels per day that some OPEC+ members had first declared in April [2023], and then agreed to extend until the end of 2024.
"Part of what we have done with the help of our colleagues from Russia was also to mitigate the cynical side of the spectators on what is going between Saudi Arabia and Russia, in that specific matter," he said, referring to traders who are selling oil off despite the cuts, causing prices to stay low.... He also railed against the International Energy Agency, which has provided conflicting data to OPEC on oil demand [$/bbl/d]. OPEC forecasts oil demand [$/bbl/d] to grow to 110 millions bpd by 2045, while the IEA believes that global demand [bbl/d] for oil will slow significantly by 2028.

Goehring & Rozencwajg, Natural Resource Investors | The Permian Basin Is Depleting Faster Than [IEA?] Thought (30.06.23)

Market Power ...The shales [IEA-N. American] "fracking"] seemed particularly invincible between 2014 and 2017. In the autumn of 2014, Saudi Arabia stunned the oil markets when it [seemed to] abandoned its role as a swing producer. [total] Crude balances shifted into surplus in the middle of 2014, and instead of cutting production to balance the market, Saudi Arabia announced it would grow output by nearly 1 mm b/d. Immediately, crude prices fell by 15% from $75 to $60 per barrel and would drop by 65% over the next eighteen months to bottom at $26 by spring 2016. Bankruptcy. With much lower prices and capital-intensive drilling, [IEA-N. American] shale developers reduced their drilling activity by 80%. In the summer of 2014, the industry turned 1,600 rigs; less than two years later, the rig count stood at only 325.... If we are correct, then the only [crude] source of non-OPEC growth over the past 15 years is about to shift from growth to decline...Finding attractive investment opportunities in shale E&P companies will become very difficult. Here too, we believe our machine-learning models can help. Based on current drilling activity, the average publicly traded Permian company will run out of Tier 1 drilling locations within 3.7 years....
"There is always reviews, and that's why we have unfortunately—and I say unfortunately—discarded the IEA because the IEA had their own set of numbers," the Saudi energy minister said. "But then they come and revisit and revise those numbers along with the other anomalies that come out of the IEA, which create a distortion to what the market should see today."
archived Wed Nov 24th, 2021
by Cat on Thu Jul 6th, 2023 at 02:28:59 PM EST
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yahoo! reuters | Countries repatriating gold in wake of sanctions against Russia, 9 July
Over 85% of the 85 sovereign wealth funds and 57 central banks that took part in the annual Invesco Global Sovereign Asset Management Study believe that inflation will now be higher in the coming decade than in the last.

Gold and emerging market bonds are seen as good bets in that environment, but last year's freezing of almost half of Russia's $640 billion of gold and forex reserves by the West in response to the invasion of Ukraine also appears to have triggered a shift.

The survey showed a "substantial share" of central banks were concerned by the precedent that had been set. Almost 60% of respondents said it had made gold more attractive, while 68% were keeping reserves at home compared to 50% in 2020.

One central bank, quoted anonymously, said: "We did have it (gold) held in London... but now we've transferred it back to own country to hold as a safe haven asset and to keep it safe."

by Cat on Mon Jul 10th, 2023 at 10:40:41 PM EST
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revolving door racketeering talent search concludes...in academic farce

Commission rebuffs calls to retract US antitrust hire

The European Commission said there are no grounds to reverse the choice of a U.S. professor for a SENSITIVE ["anti-coercion"] competition post after four European Parliament groups called for the job pick to be retracted.

Renew Europe, the European People's Party [EPP], Socialists and Democrats [SD], and Greens [360°] sent a letter to Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager on Friday, expressing "dismay" over the appointment of Fiona Scott Morton as chief competition [read: sanctions] economist this week. It is the first time a non-EU person has held such a senior Commission post.
French ministers have also criticized the choice after some Commission officials complained that they weren't consulted in advance about [PhD, MBA] Scott Morton's appointment and that there was also no internal debate on potential conflicts of interest. There's even a French online petition opposing the nomination. Scott Morton has previously worked for < wipes tears > Big Tech [scofflaws] including Microsoft and Apple.

Commission spokesperson Arianna Podestà said Wednesday that the Commission had opened the vacancy to non-EU candidates to net "the widest possible pool of candidates" [BUT] only received "a limited number of applications."

Scott Morton was "the best choice in terms of her qualifications and of her performance in the recruitment process," Podestà said.

archived Now Hiring

Prof. Fiona Scott Morton Named Chief Economist of EU's Directorate-General for Competition
IANAL informant for DOJ enforcement fail

by Cat on Fri Jul 14th, 2023 at 02:05:54 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Fri Jul 14th, 2023 at 02:19:44 PM EST
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"More Profits and Less Antitrust Enforcement"
by Cat on Fri Jul 14th, 2023 at 04:48:39 PM EST
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France tells EU Commission to rethink American choice for top job | Politico |

Pressure grows on antitrust boss Margrethe Vestager over the appointment of US professor as chief competition economist.

French ministers lashed out Thursday at the European Commission for picking a U.S. professor for a top antitrust job overseeing U.S. Big Tech firms.

France's Europe Minister Catherine Colonna said she was "astonished" by the choice of Fiona Scott Morton as chief competition economist, "which deserves to be reconsidered by the Commission."

Digital Minister Jean-Noël Barrot said the Commission should rethink the hire, which raises "legitimate questions" at a time when the EU is rolling out ambitious digital enforcement legislation.

French Secretary for Europe Laurence Boone swiftly joined her government colleagues, saying she'd talked to Vestager about her nomination of Scott Morton when "Europe has many talented economists."

Boone said she, Colonna and Barrot "are immediately engaging in a dialogue with the Commission so that the appointments are consistent with our European ambitions."

Scott Morton will be the first non-European to take on the sensitive role, which advises the commissioner on a wide variety of competition cases, including antitrust probes, big deals, government subsidies and the Digital Markets Act that will curb powerful tech giants. She's due to start on September 1.

Prof. Fiona Scott Morton Named Chief Economist of EU's Directorate-General for Competition | Yale |

From 2011-12, she served as the deputy assistant attorney general for economic analysis (chief economist) at the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, where she helped enforce U.S. antitrust laws.

Empirical studies of competition authored by Fiona M. Scott Morton

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Fri Jul 14th, 2023 at 04:05:41 PM EST
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Her published articles range widely across industries from magazines, to shipping, to pharmaceuticals to internet retailing, and she has been published in leading economics and legal journals. The focus of her current research is competition in healthcare markets and the economics of antitrust.
agent for change. you betcha!
by Cat on Fri Jul 14th, 2023 at 04:55:36 PM EST
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I bet she ll start with pharma...how to decouple from China, how to close pharmacies (NL model.... we are almost there, hospitals have one, and the rest, only for a large neighborhood, are basically here to receive a fax from the family gp and do some lengthy paperwork before they give you the exact number of pills prescribed....nothing that an amazon drone cannot do).
As the saying goes it is easier to find mushrooms, ecstasy or synthetic marijuana than aspirin.
by Oosterbeek on Sat Jul 15th, 2023 at 08:44:17 PM EST
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This country is a joke... cant find any neutral alcohol even at the pharmacy nowadays. Just ketonatus which smells and cant be used to make own Cologne water...


by Oosterbeek on Sun Jul 16th, 2023 at 07:41:19 AM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Jul 16th, 2023 at 08:21:24 AM EST
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Commission to reopen chief economist vacancy after Scott Morton withdraws, 19 July
wut: "September is a crucial month in competition policy, with the Commission due to designate "gatekeepers" under its Digital Markets Act; large online platforms deemed to have exceptional market power that will be subject to much tighter regulation."
by Cat on Thu Jul 20th, 2023 at 04:12:19 PM EST
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wallstreetonparade | Apple Hits $3 Trillion Market Cap After Spending More than Half a Trillion Dollars on Stock Buybacks Since 2013, 3 July future of the "social economy"
On Friday, June 30, 2023, Apple, the iPhone manufacturer, closed the trading day in New York with a market value (market capitalization) of just over $3 trillion, an historic record. Apple's $3 trillion market value is eight times that of the second largest mobile phone manufacturer, Samsung....Over the past decade, and including the first quarter of this year, Apple has juiced its share price by buying back a total of $573.4 billion of its own stock.
The second most valuable company in the world is Microsoft, which closed on Friday with a market cap of $2.53 trillion. According to its 10-K filings with the SEC, it has bought back $150.9 billion of its stock over the same span of time, that is, fiscal years 2013 through 2022 and the first quarter of 2023. To put that into perspective, Apple has bought back $422.5 billion more of its own stock than Microsoft. This raises the question, where would Apple's stock price actually be without all of those stock repurchases?
Alphabet and Meta Platforms are also spending big buying back their own stocks. In fact, if you add the share buybacks in 2022 of Alphabet ($59.3 billion), Meta Platforms ($27.93 billion) to the amounts spent buying back their own stock by Apple ($90.2 billion) and Microsoft ($28 billion) in 2022, these four companies represented 22 percent of the dollar amount of all stock buybacks in the S&P 500 last year. (As noted above, total stock buybacks of S&P 500 companies in 2022 tallied up to $922.7 billion.)
< wipes tears >
wallstreetonparade | Why the Fed Is Terrified to Stop Raising Interest Rates and Why Nasdaq Is Ripping Higher, 5 July future of the "plural economy"
...The Fed has one giant albatross around its neck that it didn't have in the 70s. The Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and 401(k) were created in the 70s. As of March 31 of this year, IRAs held $12.5 trillion in assets, according to the Investment Company Institute, while 401(k)s and similar forms of defined contribution plans held $9.8 trillion....
archived No future for Europe without a new social contract, Promoting Social and Solidarity Economy Ecosystems
by Cat on Fri Jul 14th, 2023 at 07:19:21 PM EST
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reuters | G20 bloc fails to reach agreement on cutting fossil fuels
"We had a complete agreement on 22 out of 29 paragraphs, and seven paragraphs constitute the Chair summary," Indian Power Minister R.K. Singh said.
archive EU makes 'final offer' on climate disaster compensation fund
Timmermans (COP27 18.11.22)
Sections urging developed countries to deliver on the goal of jointly mobilising $100 billion per year for climate action [loss and damage] in developing economies from 1992 2020 2022-2025, and description of the war in Ukraine, also eluded consensus.
supra OPEC, Saudi Arabia defends oil cuts with Russia (05.07.23)
Fossil fuel use became a lightning rod in day-long discussions, but officials failed to reach consensus over curbing "unabated" use and argued over the language to describe the pathway to cut emissions, two sources familiar with the matter said.
Major fossil fuel producers Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, South Africa, and Indonesia are all known to oppose the goal of tripling renewable energy capacity this decade.

G20 Energy Ministers' Meeting | Outcome Document and Chair's Summary, 22 July
27.    [1] [2] The war in Ukraine has further adversely impacted the global economy. There was a discussion on the issue. We reiterated our national positions as expressed in other fora, including the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly, which, in Resolution No. ES-11/1 dated 2 March 2022, as adopted by majority vote (141 votes for, 5 against, 35 abstentions, 12 absent) deplores in the strongest terms the aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine and demands its complete and unconditional withdrawal from the territory of Ukraine. Most members strongly condemned the war in Ukraine and stressed it is causing immense human suffering and exacerbating existing fragilities in the global economy – constraining growth, increasing inflation, disrupting supply chains, heightening energy and food insecurity, and elevating financial stability risks. There were other views and different assessments of the situation and sanctions. Recognizing that the G20 is not the forum to resolve security issues, we acknowledge that security issues can have significant consequences for the global economy.
1 Russia recognizes the status of this document as Chair's Summary in particular due to inclusion of Paragraph 27, in addition to paragraphs 21-26. Russia agrees with rest of the text. Russia has expressed its distinct view on the situation in Ukraine, geopolitical tensions, and sanctions during the meeting.
2 China stated that G20 is not the right platform to address security issues and opposed the inclusion of the geopolitical related content.
RT | Debt-ridden Sri Lanka seals key deals with India, 21 July
India and Sri Lanka have agreed to boost air and maritime connectivity, and will explore the feasibility of a petroleum pipeline and land bridge. These were among the key deals reached in the areas of trade, energy, tourism and fintech during a visit to New Delhi by Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe, who is marking his first year in office.
archived SIDEBAR Sri Lanka, Wickremesinghe, Hag Watch Int' Powerball in Imran Khan, Debt, IMF Vassal to America
They also decided to fast-track work to connect electricity grids and establish an energy and industry hub in Sri Lanka's Trincomalee district, where the closest port to India's Chennai is located. The project could be seen as competing with China, which also has major geostrategic interests in Sri Lanka as part of its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).
timesof india | India's ambitious power plan for the neighbourhood, 21 July
by Cat on Mon Jul 24th, 2023 at 12:52:59 AM EST
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Before we begin our summit, a moment of silence for our NATO prayer under orchestral accompaniment of our drammer boy ... 😊

The war in Ukraine has further adversely
impacted the global economy.
There was a discussion on the issue.
We reiterated our national positions
as expressed in other fora ...

We Are NATO ... we are United until hell freezes over.
Burn, baby burn  🌎 🌍 🌏

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Marty McFly, PhD, supply chain discipline webinar: "In all, the coalition [OPEC+] which pumps around 40% of the world's crude oil already has in place cuts of 3.66 million barrels per day amounting to 3.6% of global demand [ie. val]. As a result oil prices hit USD 85.00 per barrel as of July 7, and now [20 July] it's hovering around the USD 80.00 mark." So. Why doesn't OPEC+ pump MORE crude for less reserve currencies? Could it beeeee that G7 energy ministers with green, blue, grey, and pink renewable fuel technologies are nearing total fossil fuel demand [ie. vol] destruction at home and abroad by 20230? OPEC+ simply wants to help accelerate the transition action plans of advanced economies!


Eurozone business downturn deepens to reignite recession woes (24.07.23)
"Manufacturing continues to be the Achilles heel of the eurozone. Producers have cut their output again at an accelerated pace in July, while the [eurozone] services sector's activity is still expanding, though at a much slower rate than earlier in the year," said Cyrus de la Rubia, at Hamburg Commercial Bank. "The eurozone economy will likely move further into contraction territory in the months ahead, as the services sector keeps losing steam." The decline was broad-based with the eurozone's two biggest economies—Germany and France—both in contractionary territory and will likely add to fears the bloc will slip back into recession.
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pmi.spglobal | Germany PMI moves into contraction territory in July, 24 July NEWS RELEASE
Embargoed until 0930 CEST (0730 UTC) 24 July 2023
...A lack of incoming new work saw firms make further inroads into their backlogs of work during July. Moreover, the rate of decline was sharp and the quickest seen for over three years. A shrinking pipeline of outstanding business in turn contributed to a weakening of firms' expectations towards future activity, which turned negative as pessimists outnumbered optimists for the first time since December last year. By sector, the cautious optimism among services firms seen in June was replaced by slight pessimism towards the outlook, while manufacturers grew gloomier still....
S&P GLobal Commodity Insights | New Urals (DAP India) vs Dubai symbols
Commodity: Oil
Region: EMEA, Asia
The following Urals (DAP India) vs Dubai symbols have been created in Market Data category RI (Crudes: at 16:30 London).
They will appear in Platts Crude Oil Marketwire, Platts Oilgram Price Report page PCR 1221 and Platts Global Alert page PGA 1220.
They are scheduled to begin updating Aug. 1.
archived S&P Global Platts no longer includes Russia as potential origin source in Asia, Middle East gasoline, Platts to discontinue restricted-origin European ULSD, in light of an upcoming EU ban on Russian oil product imports, Yellen said
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EuroStats: EU's production of manufactured goods 2021-2022

Biggest recovery in food products compared to 2020.

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archived EU6
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Yellen says Washington might 'respond to unintended consequences' for China due to tech export curbs (09.07.23)
She said the Biden administration wants to "avoid unnecessary repercussions" but gave no indication of possible changes.
Why the US must revoke sanctions on China's defence minister—now (10.07.23)
While there seems to have been small advances in the diplomatic and economic fields, there is no sign of "de-risking" in one crucial area
moar blind spots
S&P Global | Platts invites feedback on its European Natural Gas methodology guide
Commodity: Natural gas, Natural Gas
Region: EMEA
Subscriber note type: Methodology Note
As part of its commitment to open and transparent pricing and product specifications, Platts, part of S&P Global Commodity Insights, would like to invite feedback on its European natural gas methodology, specifically the guidelines described in the methodology guide posted online.

Platts reviews all methodologies annually to ensure they continue to reflect the physical markets under assessment, and regularly assesses the relevance of methodologies through continuous contact with the market. Feedback on methodologies is always welcomed by Platts.

Please send all comments, feedback, and questions to eurogas_pricing@spglobal.com and pricegroup@spglobal.com. For written comments, please provide a clear indication if comments are not intended for publication by Platts for public viewing. Platts will consider all comments received and will make comments not marked as confidential available upon request.

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reuters | Obscure traders ship half Russia's oil exports to India, China after sanctions
... The network marks a major departure from the handful of well-established oil majors such as BP and Shell and top trading houses including Vitol, Glencore, Trafigura, and Gunvor that handled Russian crude and oil products for decades. There is no suggestion the trades break sanctions, although they may make it difficult for sanctions enforcement agencies in Europe and the United States to track Russian oil transactions and prices.
In July, a U.S. Treasury official said sanctions were designed to keep Russian oil in the market, dampening prices for consumers while limiting oil revenues Moscow uses to finance the war in Ukraine.

"We recognise that (sanctions on Russia are) going to change the shape and structure of the Russian oil markets," the official told reporters. The official also said Washington was unconcerned that sanctions were resulting in more trades in currencies other than the dollar—after a rise in the use of yuan and UAE dirham to settle Russian oil transactions as Moscow finds itself shut out from international banks [SWIFT].

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The EU and China economies still in the doldrums ...

Dr Hisham Foad

My research focuses broadly on the economic significance of national borders and in particular on the economics of immigration. Recent research on the topic has explored the effects of immigration policies such as the construction of the US-Mexico border wall and the implementation and subsequent removal of birthright citizenship in Ireland. I am also working on a book on the very broadly defined pros and cons of immigrant enclaves. 

I love to teach and am constantly updating my courses. I have taught everything from 500 seat econ principles courses to our graduate research methods capstone course. Some of my most recent courses are on the Economics of the Middle East, Eonomics of Immigration, and Health Economics. I am in the process of developing a new course on economic inequality. 

From BBC News interview this morning ...

FED interest rate expected to rise 0.25% core inflation still 5%, however lower energy price -17% compared to 2022  expect short and shallow recession

Inflation developments in the euro area and the United States | Q3 - 2022 |

Headline inflation and components
a) Inflation developments
b) Contributions of the main components of inflation

Energy and food price inflation have played a key role as drivers of the higher headline inflation recorded in the euro area.

How Different is Euro Area and US Inflation? | Q2 - 2023 |

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July Fed meeting preview: Can the Fed hike rates and keep avoiding a recession?

The decision is expected to come even after investors and consumers celebrated an inflation win in June: Prices rose 3 percent from this time last year, the slowest increase since August 2021. It marks major progress from the highs of last summer when inflation soared three times faster. Adding to the positive news, annual price pressures when excluding food and energy -- "core" inflation -- slowed by the fastest pace since the Fed began raising interest rates.

The Fed, however, has had to lift interest rates to the highest since 2007 so far to do it -- and after July's likely increase, the upper bound of the Fed's benchmark rate will soar to the highest level since 2001. One more rate hike is even on the table after that.

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July Fed meeting preview: Can the Fed hike rates and keep avoiding a recession?

The decision is expected to come even after investors and consumers celebrated an inflation win in June: Prices rose 3 percent from this time last year, the slowest increase since August 2021. It marks major progress from the highs of last summer when inflation soared three times faster. Adding to the positive news, annual price pressures when excluding food and energy -- "core" inflation -- slowed by the fastest pace since the Fed began raising interest rates.

The Fed, however, has had to lift interest rates to the highest since 2007 so far to do it -- and after July's likely increase, the upper bound of the Fed's benchmark rate will soar to the highest level since 2001. One more rate hike is even on the table after that.

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ECB Is Doubling Down on Rate Hikes Just as a Recession Bites | Dec. 2022 |
  • While pace of rate increases slows, Lagarde vows more to come
  • Aggressive action getting riskier as euro zone faces recession

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New challenges for the Economic and Monetary Union in the post-crisis environment

Despite the welcome turn in inflationary developments, the path towards sustained price stability remains uncertain and fraught with risks.

Profit margins expected to absorb rising labour costs

In the June 2023 Eurosystem staff projections, headline inflation is expected to decline notably over the coming months and to gradually converge to levels somewhat above 2% in 2025.

The projected decline in headline inflation rests, to a significant extent, on a further decline in energy inflation and a marked drop in food inflation, both driven by large base effects. Core inflation is projected to moderate more gradually, from an average of 5.1% this year to 2.3% in 2025, as pipeline pressures recede and the tightening of monetary policy increasingly weighs on economic activity.

Over the near term, disinflation is hence primarily driven by a reversal of the supply-side shocks that had caused the unprecedented surge in inflation. Surveys show that bottlenecks in the global manufacturing sector have by now fully unwound and that input prices have fallen to the lowest level in many years as gas and oil prices have continued their sharp descent.

Softening demand, as reflected in a decline in new orders, should further support the disinflationary impulse in the manufacturing sector, which is particularly sensitive to higher interest rates.

As the energy shock unwinds and supply chains normalise, domestic demand, and wage growth in particular, has become the dominant factor driving recent inflation developments, and is expected to remain so over the projection horizon.

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China gets a new central bank chief as economy struggles for lift-off

Pan Gongsheng, longtime banking official, appointed as new head of China's central bank | Global Times |

China's top legislature on Tuesday appointed Pan Gongsheng, former deputy governor of China's central bank the People's Bank of China (PBC) and a longtime banking official, as the new governor of the PBC, at a crucial time as the central bank is expected to take policy steps to boost economic growth amid downward pressure.

The decision was adopted at the fourth session of the Standing Committee of the 14th National People's Congress. At the meeting, Yi Gang was removed from the post of the central bank governor.

Pan, with his extensive experience in the financial sector, has previously worked at various financial institutions, including the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Agricultural Bank of China. He became a deputy governor of the PBC in June 2012, and later, in December 2015, he assumed the role of the party secretary of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange. On July 1, Pan who just turned 60 was appointed as the party secretary of the central bank

During his tenure as deputy governor of the PBC, Pan frequently provided authoritative responses on topics of public concern, such as the exchange rate of the Chinese yuan, financial openness, monetary policies, and real estate.

Regarding the trend of the yuan exchange rate and the operation of the foreign exchange market, Pan spoke out at the right time to provide "reassurance" for the market at that time. He emphasized that the country's foreign exchange market is expected to maintain a relatively stable operation and the government has the confidence, conditions, and ability to maintain the stable operation of China's foreign exchange market. 

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3 July APsplainin MODI! MODI! MODI!
PUTIN will speak with leaders of CHINA and INDIA in his first summit since the [24 HR] Wagner insurrection (24-25 June)
Leaders will convene virtually on Tuesday for a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization [SCO], a security grouping founded by Russia and China to counter Western alliances [GWOT] from [west] Asia to the [Pacific] Ocean.
OIC (1969 NGO): AZ, AE, IR, IQ, BD, TR, TN, SN, SL, GA, GW, QA, KW, ML, MR, YE, JO, ID, PK, AF, UZ, BH, AL, UG, BN, BJ, TM, BF, TJ, TG, TD, DZ, SA, SS, SY, SR, SO, OM, GM, GY, GN, PS, KM, KG, KZ, CM, CI, LB, LY, MV, MY, EG, MA, MZ, NE, NG
"Putin will want to reassure his partners that he is very much still in charge, and leave no doubt that the challenges to his government have been crushed," said Tanvi Madan, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.
G20 (1999 NGO) FR, DE, IT, ES, JP, UK, US, EU-CO, EU-EC, AU, CA; RU, CN,  AR, BR, IN, ID, KR, MX, SA, ZA, TR
"This SCO meeting is really one of the few opportunities globally that Putin will have to project strength and credibility," said Michael Kugelman, director of the Wilson Center's South Asia Institute.
SCO (2001 NGO): CN, RU, IN, PK, KZ, KG, TJ, UZ, IR, AM*, AF*, AZ*, BY*, TR*, LK*, KH*, SA*, EG*, MY*, MV*, KW*, AE*
A key priority for India in the forum is to balance its ties with the West and the East, with the country also hosting the Group of 20 [G20] leading economies' summit in September. It's also a platform for New Delhi to engage more deeply with Central Asia.
BRICS (2009 FTA): CN, RU, BR, IN, ZA; AR*, DZ*, EG*, ID*, IR*, CM*, ML*, SN*, TH*, UZ*, FJ*, ET*, KZ*, TN*, BD*
"India glorifies in this type of foreign policy where it's wheeling and dealing with everybody at the same time," said Derek Grossman, an Indo-Pacific analyst at the RAND Corporation.
archived 24 Hours the West Went Into Crisis Mode, post-Yoga Day dual-use QUAD democracy

aftershock.news | Euromaps of the Eurosilk European Route, 1 July Global Gateway "de-risking"?
GRAPHIC WARNINGS from a CPCS dont-say-BRI pitch deck
• Alternative routes between Europe and Central Asia via the Caspian Sea
• The most sustainable transport connection between Europe and Central Asia
• Priority soft connective measures and infrastucture investment in Kazakstan
• Priority soft connective measures and infrastucture investment needs in Kyrgystan
• Priority soft connective measures and infrastucture investment needs in Tajikstan
• Priority soft connective measures and infrastucture investment needs in Turkmenistan
• Priority soft connective measures and infrastucture investment needs in Uzbekistan

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Don't forget bad boy in the Caspian basin -- Azerbaijan. Military ally of Israel for springboard into the Islamic Republic of Iran ... also natural ally of Turkey to squash the Armenians if they dare to rise from the genocide over 100 years ago. High officials from Brussels HQ (EU) knock at the door with a empty can for some oil.

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New Delhi Declaration of the Council of Heads of State of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, 4 July
Based on the proximity of assessments of the current regional and international agenda, the Member States confirm their commitment to formation of a more representative, democratic, just and multipolar world order based on the universally recognized principles of international law, multilateralism, equal, joint, indivisible, comprehensive and sustainable security, cultural and civilizational diversity, mutually beneficial and equal cooperation of states with a central coordinating role of the UN.

The Member States reaffirm that the SCO is not directed against other states and international organizations and is open to broad cooperation with them in accordance with the goals and principles of the UN Charter, SCO Charter, and international law, based on consideration of mutual interests and common approaches to solving regional and global problems.
The Member States consider Central Asia to be the core of SCO and support the efforts of the countries of the region to ensure prosperity and peace, sustainable development and the formation of a space of good-neighbourliness, trust and friendship.

That's quite a task list!
• implementing SCO Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure(RATS)
• regulating sovereign threats in the information space
• countering trafficking of illicit drugs and their precursors
• observing the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
• promoting Conference on Disarmament
• verifying the Convention on Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on Their Destruction (BTWC, CWC, OPCW)
• ratifying  Protocol on Security Assurances to the Agreement on a Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone in Central Asia
• fulfilling  the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan on the Iranian (JCPOA)
• rehabilitating Afghanistan
• improving the World Trade Organization (WTO)
• increasing the share of national currencies in mutual settlements
• implementing the SCO Economic Development Strategy 2030
• cooperatng in the field of environmental protection
• transfering the 2024 presidency of the SCO to the Republic of Kazakhstan
by Cat on Wed Jul 5th, 2023 at 03:16:51 PM EST
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• V. V. Putin, Speech at the meeting of the SCO Heads of State Council
• H. E. Xi Jinping, Staying True to Our Founding Mission and Advancing Unity and Coordination to Realize Greater Development
• K-J. Tokayev, Speech by the President at a meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the SCO Member States
• S. N. Modi, Remarks at the 23rd SCO Summit, 4 July

uh oh
punchline | India's discontent with the SCO, 6 July

...The opening address by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the SCO event failed to convince, leave alone stimulate the other member countries -- especially Russia and China who invented the "Shanghai spirit" almost three decades ago, which became five years later in 2001 the guideline for the SCO cooperation.

The saddest part is that Modi seems unaware of the Shanghai spirit, although his government fortuitously came to harvest the foreign policy initiative by the previous Manmohan Singh government to seek SCO membership for India. Modi's speeches on the multilateral platforms have by now come to acquire a familiar trait -- aiming barbs through innuendoes at Pakistan and China. They enthrall the anti-Muslim and Sinophobic lobbies within India but will have no use for the SCO collective....

archived Fri Jun 23rd 2023, Tue Jun 20th - Fri Jun 23rd 2023
by Cat on Fri Jul 7th, 2023 at 09:14:22 AM EST
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reuters | Foxconn[.iPhone.tw] pulls out of India chip JV with Vedanta
"metals-to-oil conglomerate Vedanta Ltd (VDAN.NS) that was set up to produce semiconductors"
theverge | Foxconn drops out of another big factory deal, this time in India
Foxconn[.iPhone.tw] says the deal was ended mutually. Vedanta has "lined up other partners" to set up the foundry, the company said in a statement.

The Foxconn-Vedanta fallout is a blow to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's economic growth efforts for the country and for his home state of Gujarat, where the factory was planned. Foxconn is still operating other facilities in the country, including one in Sriperumbudur, where it's building iPhone 14 models.
Foxconn's Vedanta deal is only its latest to go south. As Wisconsin has learned the hard way, throwing $4 billion in [Inflation Reduction Act] incentives tax credits at Foxconn is not enough to get the company to build a factory. And it's currently being sued in the US by ailing EV automaker Lordstown Motors due to alleged "fraud and willful and consistent failure to live up to its commercial and financial commitments."

forbes | Foxconn Withdraws From $19 Billion Joint Venture With India's Vedanta
...A report in the Times of India said Foxconn withdrew its commitment as the JV struggled to get a technology partner to produce chips that are used in mobile phones.
Foxconn to apply for India chipmaking incentives (11.07.23)
₹10L cr loss to country due to Foxconn leaving (12.07.23)
Foxconn did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the matter....
foreignpolicy | India Gets a Tech Reality Check
...Indian officials have downplayed Foxconn's move, insisting that the company remains committed to semiconductor investments in India—a message Foxconn reiterated on Tuesday, describing its pullout as part of the growing pains that accompany investing in a "new geography." However, the reported reasons for the decision include cost concerns and the refusal of a third multinational company, STMicroelectronics, to play a greater role in the project. This all suggests differences with India that need to be addressed.
archived Why Europe needs Taiwan
As defense expert Abhijit Singh recently explained, U.S. defense firms remain cautious about transferring technology to India for reasons ranging from cost to concerns about intellectual property rights. Some tech firms are uncomfortable with India's data localization policies, which aim to give New Delhi more control over data management, although new Indian legislation has addressed some of these concerns. Others are unhappy about India's attempts to suppress content critical of the government....
containment Semiconductor Industrial Policy from the 1970s to Today
by Cat on Thu Jul 13th, 2023 at 11:57:09 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Fri Jul 14th, 2023 at 05:24:33 AM EST
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I've previously encouraged eurtrib readers to set aside time for Vinay Lal's survey course, History of British India, 1601-1950. The material examined dispells many stereotypes. It laid a firm foundation in my mind when interpreting cultural criteria and political conflict that today envelops western presentations of foreign relations between gov.in and G7 autocrats. Lal even comments on administrative purposes (imperial "sociology") of compulsive data collection said to measure acccoutrements of modernity—such as plurality, liberty, sophistry, * security, * autonomy, * plumbing, undsoweiter—in "developing countries" relative to status of Old World "advanced economies" indices (src: WB Group, CIA Factbook, OECD, UNESCO, Transparency.org, UNHCR, German Weather Service, and independent research). What the data cannot illustrate is historicity ("lived experience" as the kids say) with worlddata's proxy panel of capital formation, of which languages and religions.

Now, comes Mr Modi to the fore of opprobium—G20, SCO presidency and G7 guest. He is steeped in the manner of Hinduvita for which worldata offers the proxy Hinduism, itself a proxy correlating cultural dominance among twelve observed "native" languages in India to political unity. Here comes Mr Modi speaking the only language the G7 shares, money, and the aspirations of the "natives" he represents is met with cynicism stoked by guardians of "great power" and Anglo-Indian émigrés steeped in the theology of wealth. Some bask in poetic justice of Mr Modi's celebrity; others guard privileges that dual-nationality entails.

Will Modi be able to liberate G7 "partners" from the Difference Between Hinduism and Hindutva ?

...[Hinduism] is the modern, secular, liberal vision of India enshrined in the Indian Constitution, which was originally drafted in English as a further tribute to its modernity. This vision was also shared by the leaders of the freedom movement in India, which lends it further credence. This is the version of Indian history subscribed to by most of those Indians who stand by Hinduism (rather than Hindutva).

The alternative vision of India points out that the moment of Indian Independence was also the moment of Partition of British India into India and Pakistan, with the latter country being formed explicitly as the homeland of India's Muslims. This would seem to imply that the division of the subcontinent was between a Muslim Pakistan and a Hindu India. But this implication was rejected on the Indian side. The usual response from the liberal side to this implication is that the distinction between India and Pakistan was not between Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India but between a theocratic Pakistan and a secular India.

For a long time, this argument prevailed, but the subsequent history of modern India seemed to follow a course that can only be described as characterized by asymmetrical secularism, in the course of which the interests of the Hindu majority were felt to have been compromised.

It is this secular erosion of Indian polity that is often held responsible for the rise of Hindutva or Hindu nationalism. Ironically, the Hindu right also accepts the idea of secularism in the sense of separation of church and state as a legitimate aspiration, and therefore dubbed the secularism as practiced by the Indian National Congress—India's dominant party until recently, which swears by secularism—as pseudosecularism....

by Cat on Sat Jul 15th, 2023 at 06:21:19 PM EST
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India and UAE agree to settle trade in rupees and dirhams, 15 July
...During Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's one-day visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), one of the largest oil producers in the Middle East, the two nations' central banks signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a framework to promote the use of local currencies such as the rupee and the dirham [AED] for cross-border transactions. They will also link their instant payment systems, India's Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and the UAE's Instant Payments Platform (IPP).
archive LCT and RPC, Shetab and SFPS, SFPS and CIPS parity watch
The development comes just a day after Modi announced that an agreement had been reached for the use of the UPI payment system in France. The PM said the service will begin from the Eiffel Tower, where Indian tourists will be able to make payments in rupees [INR] using a mobile application.
archive BDT and RMB, AED and INR, IQD and YUAN, ARS and RMB, BRL and RMB parity watch
Bilateral trade has increased by approximately 15% since the CEPA came into effect on May 1, 2022. In a further boost to investment opportunities for the UAE in India, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) will set up a free zone in Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City), which is modeled on the lines of Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), in the next few months.
New Development Bank | Subscribed Members: AE, BR, BD, CN, IN, RU, UY*
by Cat on Sun Jul 16th, 2023 at 01:46:46 AM EST
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RT | India seeking to electrify South Asia - Reuters, 22 July from 177 GW to 500 GW by 2030
"Once we are able to connect India's national grid to Burma [?!](Myanmar), we should be able to strengthen the grid there and further transmit to Thailand and even Asia's east," a source told the agency...
India has engaged France's EDF to prepare a regulatory framework for the project, which is expected to be completed by the end of this year...
India currently generates 75% of its total power from coal. The government announced plans in April to massively boost its renewable energy capacity and to achieve a target of 500 gigawatts from non-fossil fuels by 2030, up from the current 177 gigawatts....
India is pursuing the 'One Sun, One World, One Grid' policy, which was put forward by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2018 and launched jointly with the British government*.
well, that's counter-intuitive
G20 Engergy Ministers' Meeting (22 July 2023)
RT | India outlines global 'green' ambition (22.07.23)
"Prime Minister Modi noted that India is among the global leaders in solar and wind power.... "We have set targets to meet 50% of our energy requirements from non-fossil sources by the year 2030. India will achieve more than its target of generating 500 GW renewable energy by 2030"

reuters | Russia, Saudi oppose G20 proposal to triple green energy capacity (22.07.23)
"The renewable targets were proposed by the G7 countries at the G20 ministerial delegation meeting in Goa, India, based on a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the two sources who attended the meeting said."

The initiative aims to connect different regional grids through a common network that will transport power generated from renewable energy sources, especially solar energy. As part of the program, India began efforts to trade power with Middle Eastern countries such as the United Arab Emirates.
Can this be true?!

reuters | Exclusive: India aims to trade electricity with Southeast Asia, 21 July Fact Check

India is considering trading power with Southeast Asian countries through Myanmar [MM] and Thailand [TH], five sources briefed on the matter said, as New Delhi looks to use its growing renewables capacity to boost regional diplomatic engagement.

The grid linkages, which an industry official said could take at least four years to complete, follow India's effort to begin trading power with Middle Eastern countries such as the United Arab Emirates [UAE]....The Sources®, who also include four power ministry officials, declined to be identified as the previously unreported plan has not been made public. India's federal power ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Indian energy officials are holding separate and group discussions with some countries on advancing regional power grid interconnections at ongoing Group of 20 (G20) ministerial meetings in the Indian state of Goa, the power ministry officials said.

uh oh
India has engaged France's EDF (EDF.PA) to prepare a regulatory framework that would address key challenges including pricing, the industry official said. EDF did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
uh oh
"Once we are able to connect India's national grid to Burma [!] (Myanmar), we should be able to strengthen the grid there and further transmit to Thailand and even Asia's east," the industry official said.
Members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have been trying for decades to form a regional grid to facilitate multilateral power trade, but progress has been limited to bilateral deals between countries.
This is ASEAN (1967 FTA): BN, KH, ID, LA, MY, MM, PH, SG, TH, VN, TL
This is APEC (1989 FTA): CN, CN-hk, CN-tw, RU, ID, SG, VN, TH, PH, MX, PE, CL, BN, PG, MY, KR; US, AU, JP, NZ, CA
This is SCO (2001 NGO): CN, RU, IN, PK, KZ, KG, TJ, UZ, IR, AM*, AF*, AZ*, BY*, TR*, LK*, KH*, SA*, EG*, MY*, MV*, KW*, AE*

Over there is CP-TPP (2018 FTA): AU, BN, CA, CL (2022), JP, MY (2022), MX, NZ, PE (2021), SG, VN, UK (2023), CN*, CN-tw*, EC*, UY*, TH*, CR*, PH*, KR*

India plans to boost its renewable and big hydropower capacity to 500 gigawatts (GW) by 2030, from 177 GW currently. Solar parks are expected to account for much of the new capacity. The effort could help ease fossil fuel dependence by making solar power available for more hours of the day, the ministry officials said.
timesof india | India's ambitious power plan for the neighbourhood, 21 July
* the British provided this education system to prepare a servant class for themselves

IRENA | Country Profile | India
Total energy supply in 2019: coal + others 47%, oil 24%; gas 6%, nuclear 1%, renewables 22% of which 2% hydro, 3% solar, 89% "bioenergy"

by Cat on Sun Jul 23rd, 2023 at 01:14:00 AM EST
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EDF, Enedis and the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have launched the MASERA microgrid project (Microgrid for Affordable and Sustainable Electricity in Remote Areas), as part of the Singapore International Energy Week

This project illustrates EDF's drive and unique expertise in designing, developing and executing smart grid and microgrid projects on islands and territories with no access to the grid or facing reliability issues. In recent years, EDF has developed multiple innovative microgrid solutions
including a 100 percent renewable energy system on La Réunion island, the Nice Grid demonstrator in Carros near Nice and hybrid microgrids in Toucan and Kaw in French Guiana. In the frame of these developments, EDF benefits from Concept Grid, the EDF R&D leading smart grid laboratory near Paris.

The Dutch could use some of French ingenuity on many fronts, especially energy production and transmission ... just be smart.

High-voltage grid reaches capacity: no more connections for new companies

Слава Україні ! - Glory to Ukraine song

Soaring profits global fossil fuel corporations, war profiteers and last but not least Dutch government reaping tax benefits over energy ... 100% taxation. Just like foremost NATO states, gifts of weapons, tanks, munitions and Patriot anti-missile systems to Ukraine have reached new heights. People are really hurting and the backlash is still to come ... Rutte left like a thief in the dark.

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APsplainin transition action plan sustainability.
Tugs tow burning cargo ship to new location on North Sea while salvage crews ponder next steps, 31 July scuttle preppers
The ship carrying 3,783 new vehicles, including 498 electric vehicles, from Germany's Bremerhaven to Singapore has been burning since Tuesday [25.07.23]. Firefighters decided not to douse the flames with water for fear of making the nearly 200-meter (656-foot) ship unstable as it floats close to North Sea shipping lanes and a world-renowned migratory bird habitat.
"The final port is not yet known," the ministry said. "It depends in part on the situation on board the cargo ship, the expected weather conditions and an available port with the right facilities."
archive B1M needs moar Scan-Med kilometers
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RT | Can opposition unity stop PM Modi's juggernaut?, 17 July hinduism v hinduvita
The battlelines have been drawn as next year's parliamentary elections draw closer in India, where incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 72, is seeking a third consecutive term. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and opposition parties are both holding key meetings to form stronger political forces ahead of the crucial vote.

How do the numbers match up?
The NDA, which was formed 1998, will hold a meeting at the Ashok Hotel in New Delhi on Tuesday, where it claims 38 parties, including several small regional outfits, will back the alliance. The opposition, which was named the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) after the 2004 parliamentary elections under its chairperson and Congress Party president Sonia Gandhi, started a two-day meeting in Bengaluru, Karnataka, on Monday.

The fractured opposition - a motley crew of 26 parties - is seeking to iron out its differences and project a united front in the monsoon session of parliament, which starts on Thursday amid the buzz of a possible cabinet reshuffle of the Modi government....

archived Thu May 23rd 2019, India votes in Phase III of general elections
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Hon Hai fined NT$10 million for China investment | Taipei Times - Jan. 22, 2023 |

Hon Hai's Shanghai-listed communication network equipment subsidiary Foxconn Industrial Internet Co (FII, 富士康工業互聯網) acquired a stake in Tsinghua Unigroup Co (清華紫光) in July last year without getting the green light from the Investment Commission.

Hon Hai disclosed in July that FII's Xingwei (Guangzhou) Industrial Investment Partnership Ltd (興微廣州產業投資) had bought a stake in Tsinghua Unigroup for 5.38 billion yuan.

Following the deal, Xingwei controlled a 48.91 percent stake in another Chinese company that held a 20 percent stake in Beijing Zhiguangxin Holding Co (北京智廣芯控股), which owned a 100 percent stake in debt-ridden Tsinghua Unigroup after a business restructuring.

Despite its complex structure, the deal raised concerns that it would help strengthen China's chipmaking capability and compromise Taiwan's national security, at a time when Taipei was forging closer ties with Washington amid escalating threats from Beijing.

Taipei would not be pleased if this was leaked to the White House of Jake and Joe #anger

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PM Modi's meeting with President Biden to deliver substantial outcomes on semi conductors, defence and critical technology | CNBC - June 14, 2023 |

USA & India are set to make a big announcement on semiconductor supply chains as early as next week, says USA's National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan; adds the Biden Administration is also working on removing all regulatory barriers to defence exports to India through executive actions.

Prime Minister Modi's visit to the United States next week will be truly historic and the visit will deliver substantial outcomes on semi conductors, defence and critical & emerging technology. That was the message from Jake Sullivan, the US National Security Advisor who was in Delhi for preparatory meetings ahead of the Prime Minister's state visit next week.

Narendra Modi will only be the third leader, who President Biden would be hosting for a state visit. Sullivan said that hard work and celebrations will accompany this high level visit.

Sullivan said, the high level meetings between US and India next week would deliver results on a range of issues including, defence co production, semi conductors, AI, deployment of 5G, 6G and OpenRan. Both leaders will spend a lot of time together, he said.

Speaking to journalists Sullivan said, that there would be substantial results on India-US cooperation on semi conductor supply chains. "US and India are working on ways to promote semi conductor manufacturing in India. US has invested resources in reshoring semi conductor supply chain to US but we would like to contribute to semi conductor manufacturing in India. This is one area we would like to make rapid progress and show results", he said.

The US NSA also said that there would be announcements on training Indian engineers, designers, startups in every aspect of semi conductor manufacturing and value chains. There would be agreements between research organisations of India and US for work on future collaboration on semi conductor applications. 

A multi billion dollar deal between GE and HAL is also likely to be signed during the Prime Minister's visit. Without commenting on the contours of the deal, Sullivan said, 

"The President has directed every element of the US government to remove unnecessary barriers to defence technology cooperation with India. He wants to make good on the long standing promise to deepen cooperation on co production and co development. This includes co production of critical defence technology here in India." 

France Nears €3 Billion Fighter Deal for India in Modi Arms Push | BNN News - July 10, 2023 |

The growing closeness between Moscow and Beijing has allowed Modi to position India as a partner in Asia for Washington and its allies looking to draw New Delhi into their orbit by offering sophisticated weapon platforms and investments.

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Transcript of IMF Press Briefing, 13 July
MS. KOZACK: Good morning and welcome to this press briefing, both to those of you in person and those who are joining us online. I am Julie Kozack, Director of the IMF Communication Department. This briefing is < wipes tears > embargoed until 11am eastern time. I will start as usual with some announcements and then we will of course go to your questions in person, on Webex, and on the Press Center.

I am going to start with travel. On July 17 th and 18th, the Managing Director and the first Managing Director will travel to India to attend the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting in India [13.07.23 G20 PR]. In advance of the G20 meetings, earlier this morning we released the Managing Director's blog on the G20, as well as the G20 surveillance note, that give you an update on the global economy. And you can find these documents on our website at IMF.org.
QUESTIONER: I wanted to ask you about the G20 summits. So far, under India's leadership, we are two months away from the summit. How has it done this year under India's leadership? What are the key points for that? Thank you.
MS. KOZACK: So, India's G20 presidency has been centered on the theme of one earth, one family, one future. The presidency's key priorities are enhancing financing for global public goods and strengthening macroeconomic coordination across a range of policy areas, including debt, reform of multilateral development banks, or MDDs, and digitalization. India has taken a very proactive approach toward making progress on the various G20 priorities. On debt, India [lower-middle income] has facilitated tangible progress on understanding and addressing debt vulnerabilities, including through co-chairing the GSDR, Global Sovereign Debt Roundtable, that we just talked about, and helping to find consensus on stepping up implementation of the common framework, very important for debt relief to vulnerable and low-income countries.
QUESTIONER: There have been talks about a BRICS currency. Does IMF have a position on it?
MS. KOZACK: Let me answer in the following way. With respect to the way countries, or the currencies in which countries conduct trade, we view that as a decision of the participants involved in the individual transactions. That is, generally, our view. With respect to a particular BRICS currency, we do not have any specific comments on this.

IMF | G-20 Surveillance Note: G-20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors' Meetings, Gandhinagar, India, July 2023
17 July
thehindu | India, U.S. commit to strengthening ties, look for alternatives to fund energy transition
"Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman during a meeting with United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on the sidelines of the 3rd G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting"
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Biden's 9 March 2023 World Bank pick Ajay Banga says, "The Global South's frustration is understandable. In many ways they are paying the price for our prosperity"
G20 meeting in India split on debt relief and Ukraine (18.07.23)
A two-day meeting of finance ministers and central bankers from the Group of 20 leading economies ended Tuesday without a final communique due to differences over the war in Ukraine. Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman told reporters that the host country, India, instead issued a chair statement "because we still don't have a common language on the Russia Ukraine war."

According to the chair summary, China and Russia objected to language left over from the previous G20 declaration in Indonesia, saying the war has caused "immense human suffering" while "exacerbating existing fragilities in the global economy."

Third G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting G20 Outcome Document and Chair's Summary , 18 July, 18 pp
3. It is essential to uphold international law and the multilateral system that safeguards peace and stability. This includes defending all the Purposes and Principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and adhering to international humanitarian law, including the protection of civilians and infrastructure in armed conflicts. The use or threat of use of nuclear weapons is inadmissible. The peaceful resolution of conflicts, efforts to address crises, as well as diplomacy and dialogue are vital. Today's era must not be of war.
WFP chief puts hold on Sudan aid operations, following death of 3 staff in unrest (16.04.23)
World Food Programme Resumes Direct Deliveries of Emergency Food to South Sudan From Kenya (09.06.23)
The World Food Programme has said it is suspending food aid to 1.7 million people in South Sudan (14.06.23)
5. While global food and energy prices have fallen from their peak levels, the potential for high levels of volatility in food and energy markets remains, given the uncertainties in the global economy. In this context, we welcome the G20 Report on Macroeconomic Impacts of Food and Energy Insecurity and their Implications for the Global Economy, informed by policy experiences shared by members and supported by analysis from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank Group (WBG), International Energy Agency (IEA) and Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and take note of its voluntary and non-binding policy learnings. We look forward to an ambitious replenishment of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) resources at ...
1 1 China stated that the G20 FMCBG meeting is not the right forum to discuss geopolitical issues.
2 Russia dissociated itself from the status of this document as a common outcome because of
references in paragraphs 2, 3, and 5.
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G7 to G8 to G20 Evolution In Global Governance

Build on financial crisis from Breton Woods in 1971 to most recent crisis. The G20 was raised to a leaders' summit at the outbreak of the global financial crisis of 2008.

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courthousenews AP | US set to destroy its ["]last["] chemical weapons, closing a deadly chapter dating to World War I, 7 July inventory
Workers at the Blue Grass Army Depot [KY] are close to destroying rockets filled with GB nerve agent [sarin] that are the last of the United States' declared chemical weapons and completing a decadeslong campaign to eliminate a stockpile that by the end of the Cold War totaled more than 30,000 tons.
"declared" sites
By destroying the munitions, the U.S. is officially underscoring that these types of weapons are no longer acceptable in the battlefield and sending a message to the handful of countries [EG, IL, KP, SS] that haven't joined the agreement*, military experts say.
errata: South Sudan tld s/b .SS (not s-SS). Sudan tld is .SD. DPRK tld is .KP
In southern Colorado, workers at the Army Pueblo Chemical Depot started destroying the weapons in 2016, and on June 22 completed their mission of neutralizing an entire cache of about 2,600 tons of mustard blister agent. The projectiles and mortars comprised about 8.5% of the country's original chemical weapons stockpile of 30,610 tons of agent.[...]
The Colorado and Kentucky sites were the last among several, including Utah and the Johnston Atoll [US Minor Outlying Island], where the nation's chemical weapons had been stockpiled and destroyed. Other locations included facilities in Alabama, Arkansas, and Oregon.

Kingston Reif, an assistant U.S. secretary of defense for threat reduction and arms control, said the destruction of the last [oldest?] U.S. chemical weapon [stockpiles] "will close an important chapter in military history, but one that we're very much looking forward to closing."

In general. -- No United States intelligence information may be provided to the Organization or any organization affiliated with the Organization, or to any official or employee thereof, unless the President certifies to the appropriate committees of Congress that the Director of Central Intelligence, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense, has established and implemented procedures, and has worked with the Organization or other such organization, as the case may be to ensure implementation of procedures, for protecting from unauthorized disclosure United States intelligence sources and methods connected to such information.
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Joint Communiqué of the 56th ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Meeting, Jakarta, 11-12 July 2023, 31 pp
ASEAN (1967 FTA): BN, KH, ID, LA, MY, MM, PH, SG, TH, VN, TL

side show: state.gov | Secretary Antony J. Blinken at a Press Availability, 14 July EAS meeting

QUESTION:  Thank you.  My first question for you today would be:  What is some of the U.S. practical steps to maintain safety and stability in the region, while upkeeping ASEAN centrality? How is the SEANWFZ negotiations going, and how close is the U.S. to possibly acceding to the treaty? My second question is: What would be your respond to the criticisms saying that the U.S.'s increased military presence in the Pacific will inevitably provoke what it's trying to deter, which is conflict? Thank you.

arabnews | Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and visiting Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida during the welcoming ceremonies at Al-Salam Palace in Jeddah on Sunday, 16 July

Japan hopes a visit by its prime minister to Saudi Arabia will help accelerate bilateral cooperation in several fields, Noriyuki Shikata, Cabinet secretary for public affairs to the prime minister of Japan, told Arab News Japan on Sunday.

Shikata also said he is aware of the reforms happening in Saudi Arabia, which has recently surpassed Japan when it comes to closing < reckless eyeballin' > the gender gap, according to recent figures released by the World Economic Forum [WEF]. Japan is aware of its need to do more with regards to gender equality [?!], Shikata said, adding that the two countries can learn from each other.

archive where the NEW money is headed
"As Saudi Arabia introduces new policy measures related to gender equality, we can learn from each other," he said. Shikata's comments came as Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida arrived in Jeddah on Sunday afternoon. Shikata's comments came as Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida arrived in Jeddah on Sunday afternoon. He was joined by a Japanese delegation of businesspeople, ready to explore a Saudi Arabia BRIMMING with investment and cooperation opportunities.
Japan's Mitsui says no plans to exit Russia's Sakhalin-2 LNG project (21.06.23)
Later on Sunday, Kishida, who is on a tour of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Qatar, attended the Saudi-Japan Roundtable Meeting along with Saudi Minister of Investment Khalid Al-Falih.
Shikata explained that Japan has been dependent on Saudi Arabia for oil imports, but the plan is to build on it. "We wish to move on to new areas of decarbonized energy, including hydrogen or ammonia. We see Saudi Arabia as a great opportunity for producing either green or blue energy for the future," he said.
archive What is Neom?, The World's Largest Green Hydrogen Plant

"We are hoping this visit would accelerate exchanges between the two countries."

archived bisht or no bisht, nine heads of the G7 symbol of peace, the exception
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Meet The Press 16 July: We just got rid of our chemical weapons!
kommersant | USA and China are waiting for good weather (17.07.23)
US Presidential Special Envoy for Climate Affairs, former Secretary of State John Kerry is visiting China, thereby resuming cooperation between the two world's leading economies on the climate crisis. The visit continues a series of bilateral contacts intensified after US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken's recent trip to Beijing. Washington is sure that the best model of relations with China can be described in two words: pressure and negotiations.

John Kerry's visit to Beijing, which will last until July 19, began on Monday with his meeting with China's special envoy for climate change, Xie Zhenhua. The negotiations lasted four and a half hours. No details were given, but before flying to the Chinese capital, John Kerry, who served as Secretary of State in the administration of President Barack Obama, said he was going to Beijing to discuss reducing methane emissions, reducing the use of coal in China, and deforestation.
Before the start of talks in Beijing, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan ssssaid in an interview with CNN [A/V (EN) 00:01:22] that Washington considers China's actions to overcome the climate crisis insufficient. "China should not hide behind any claims that it is a developing country in order to avoid responsibility.

New World Bank country classifications by income level: 2022-2023: GNI per capita (USD per annum)
This responsibility under the Paris climate agreement is to take significant measures to reduce emissions," the snake hissed. And he called on "the world to step up and put pressure on China."
13 July July 2023 frenemy transition action plans
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aftershock eagle-eyes spot US TankieTalk, so I don't have to.

time | How the Taliban Suppressed Opium in Afghanistan--and Why There's Little to Celebrate, 17 July Brookings Institution fellow Vanda Felbab-Brown

According to David Mansfield of consulting firm Alcis [UK], the Taliban's enforcement of its 2021 ban on drug production more or less wiped out poppy cultivation in Helmand and Nangahar, two major production areas.[...]The Taliban has been remarkably effective in maintaining brisk trade and crucial minerals exports, stabilizing the Afghan economy, significantly reducing corruption in taxes and customs, and generating some $2 billion in yearly revenues--the same as what the Afghan Republic did under far more generous international circumstances. But according to Mansfield's estimates, the current opium ban has cost the Afghan economy $1.3 billion and 450,000 jobs at the farm-level alone, and that doesn't include the high economic losses downstream.
CIA-funded heroin labs? Mexican cartels? WFP Cindy sanction wavers?
Those who lost their opium livelihoods mostly cannot find economic alternatives to feed their families, including in the security services, as they used to during the Afghan Republic. Wheat has never been a good replacement crop
MY 2022/2023
USDA Foreign Service
forecast Afghanistan Wheat MY 2022/2023, MY 2023/2024 yield and production
interfax (25.04.23)
In the current agricultural year (July 2022-June 2023), as of the end of February, deliveries of flour have already reached 504,000 tonnes, of which 78,900 tonnes went to the Afghan market.
FAO cereal production, harvest calendar (05.06.23)
wheat, rice, maize, others
reliefweb.int (05.06.23)
Total 2023 cereal production is currently forecast at a below‑average level of 4.85 million tonnes...Slightly above‑average cereal import requirements forecast... over 8 percent less than in the previous year
ukragroconsult (04.07.23)
Officials in the country's Agriculture and Livestock Chamber say that Afghanistan needs 6.5 to 7.5 million metric tons of wheat annually....Fortunately, with the construction of Kamal Khan Dam, Qosh Tepa Canal, Shah wa Arous Dam, and other dams, we can achieve self-sufficiency," Mirwais Hajizada, deputy of the Agriculture and Livestock Chamber, said.
LOCUST! watch (15.07.23)
This year's outbreak could destroy 1.2 million tonnes of wheat, a quarter of the annual harvest and a loss of up to $480m, according to the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
and the economy in Afghan cities is down as well. Essentially, once stocks from the summer 2022 opium bumper crop that the Taliban allowed to be harvested runs out, many households will experience dramatic declines in their ability to buy food, rent land, maintain housing, and receive medical care.
Either way, it's clear that cutting off supply doesn't end use. It just forces those with substance use disorder and without treatment to switch to more dangerous drugs or new suppliers. For these reasons, the Taliban should not be praised for or encouraged to persist in its drug ban. Certainly, no diplomatic recognition of the Taliban regime should be awarded for it. But the international community should increase humanitarian aid and explore strengthening the Afghan rural economy through local investment. Such an approach made a lot of sense before the drug ban enforcement--it is even more urgent now. Like during the past 20 years, the flow of heroin out of Afghanistan is best tackled through economic development and by countering drug trafficking outside of Afghanistan.
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ohchr | High Commissioner for Human Rights Tells Urgent Debate of the Human Rights Council that Speech and Inflammatory Acts against Muslims and Others Are Offensive..., 11 July
... The High Commissioner [Volker Türk] said that it was clear to him that speech and inflammatory acts against Muslims; Islamophobia; anti-Semitism; and actions and speech that targeted Christians - or minority groups such as Ahmadis, Baháʼís or Yazidis - were manifestations of utter disrespect. They were offensive, irresponsible and wrong. Advocacy of hatred that constituted incitement to violence, discrimination and hostility should be prohibited in every State.
Ms. Ghanea [Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, speaking on behalf of the Coordination Committee of Special Procedures] said that restrictions of freedom of expression needed to respect the three-part test set out in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: they must be legal, strictly necessary, and proportionate to achieve a legitimate objective set out in international human rights law. All States should exercise due diligence to prevent, investigate and punish acts of violence against persons belonging to religious minorities and to detect signs of intolerance that may lead to discrimination based on religion or belief....
thewire.in | India Votes in Favour of UNHRC Resolution Against 'Religious Hatred' After Sweden Quran Burning, 12 July
Pakistan, on behalf of the OIC, had presented the draft resolution which condemned "recurring acts of public burning of the Holy Koran in some European and other countries". The draft resolution L.23 was orally revised once tabled. It is titled 'Countering religious hatred constituting incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence'....
European states vote against Quran burning UN resolution, 12 July
... 28 of the Council's 47 members approved it, including China, Ukraine, and most African countries. There were seven abstentions and twelve states votes against, including France, Germany, the UK, and the USA. ...28 of the Council's 47 members approved it, including China, Ukraine, and most African countries. There were seven abstentions and 12 states votes against, including France, Germany, the UK, and the USA....
media.un | Consideration of Draft Resolution (Cont'd), Urgent Debate on Public Acts of Religious Hatred, 12 July, A/V 00:25:32, translator enabled
Vote on Draft Resolution A/HRC/49/L.23 - Urgent debate to "discuss the alarming rise in premeditated and public acts of religious hatred as manifested by recurrent desecration of the Holy Quran in some European and other countries"

Costa Rica, Ms. Shara Duncan Villalobos
Mexico, Ms. Francisca E. Méndez Escobar
China, Mr. Chen Xu
Argentina, Mr. Federico Villegas
Paraguay, Mr. Marcelo Eliseo Scappini Ricciardi
Chile, Ms. Claudia Fuentes Julio
Mr. Václav Bálek, President of the Human Rights Council (Adoption)
Pakistan, Mr. Khalil ur Rahman Hashmi
United States of America, Ms. Michèle Taylor

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xinhua: Network should not be new battlefield for engaging in digital iron curtain, says Wang Yi

Wang, also director of the Office of the CPC Central Commission for Foreign Affairs, made the remarks while attending the 13th Meeting of BRICS National Security Advisers and High Representatives on National Security in Johannesburg, South Africa, which began Monday [24-26 July].
BRICS meeting kicks off, making preparations for leaders' summit
The two-day meeting, held under the theme of "Cybersecurity is increasingly becoming a challenge for developing countries," is being attended by Minister in the Presidency of South Africa Khumbudzo Ntshavheni, Chief Adviser of the Presidency of Brazil Celso Luiz Nunes Amorim, Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev, National Security Adviser Ajit Doval of India, and representatives of Belarus [!], Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Burundi [!], the United Arab Emirates [!], Kazakhstan [!], Cuba [!], and other countries.

All participating parties said that with the rapid development of information and communication technology [ICT], the importance of maintaining cyber security has become increasingly prominent.

The international community should strengthen and regulate the use of information and communication technologies, jointly combat cybercrime, promote digital connectivity, narrow the digital divide, strengthen international cooperation in technological innovation, and promote the economic and social development of all countries, they noted.

They said the global network governance system should be reformed and improved to increase the representation and voice of developing countries. BRICS countries and the "Friends of BRICS" should work together to address traditional and non-traditional security challenges such as cyber security, create a mutually beneficial, inclusive and secure international environment, achieve common security and development, and promote global peace and prosperity.

I see; joining 4G-6G terrestrial and satellite telecom networks and blockchain data structures.
GT | China-Russia joint drills wrap up in Sea of Japan, to be followed by joint naval, air patrols in Pacific Ocean, 24 July
...In the four days of intense joint military exercises, the naval and air forces from both countries completed multiple training objectives including sea-air integrated escort and deterrence expulsion, as they switched between joint formations and combat groups and practiced live fire surface-to-air shooting with ship-borne weapons systems, according to the press release....
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning's Regular Press Conference on July 24, 2023
Dragon TV: According to reports, on July 20, CIA Director William Burns while attending the Aspen Security Forum said that progress has been made in rebuilding the US spy networks in China and they are working hard to build a very strong human intelligence capability to complement what they can acquire through other methods. What's China's comment?
Mao Ning: We've noted the reports. This is rather concerning. The US on the one hand keeps spreading disinformation on so-called "Chinese spying and cyber attacks", and on the other hand tells the public about its large-scale intelligence activities targeting China. This in itself is quite revealing. China will take all measures necessary to safeguard national security.
< wipes tears >
msn CBS | Biden names CIA Director William Burns to his cabinet, 21 July
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University of D'Oh Bulletins for goldbugs: Wutabout NDB "fintech"?

reuters | BRICS currency not on August summit agenda, South African official says, 20 July

[...] "There's never been talk of a BRICS currency, it's not on the agenda," Anil Sooklal, South Africa's Ambassador at Large: Asia and BRICS, told a media briefing. "What we have said and we continue to deepen is trading in local currencies and settlement in local currencies."
However, India's foreign minister said earlier this month that currencies would remain "very much a national issue for a long time to come", while South Africa's central bank governor has pointed out that a common currency requires a banking union, a fiscal union, and macroeconomic convergence.
RT | BRICS leaders to discuss sustainable payment mechanism, 21 July
"Given the current international situation, this issue will be addressed during the upcoming meeting of the bloc's leaders," the ministry said, referring to the summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, on August 22-24. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the use of national currencies in mutual trade is complicated by factors such as their limited convertibility and higher volatility compared to the US dollar.
BIS (1930): BE, FR, DE, IT, UK, CH
IMF (1944) controlling CB shareholders: US, UK (+ Geo. IV INR), USSR, CN, FR (+ 1945 CFA/1973 CAEMC/1994 WAEMU zone), CA, NL, BE, AU, BR
First Mover Advantage: Scott and Zachariadis, The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT): Cooperative governance for network innovation, standards, and community (2013)
IMF (1962-1971 controlling CB shareholders): BE, CA, CH, FR, DE, IT, JP, NL, SE, UK, US
SWIFT ("convergence" 1969-1973): AT, BE, DE, DK, ES, FR, IT, LU, NL, SE, UK, US (Citi, BoA, Chase), CA* (1 imputed Canadian bank, eg. CIBC or RBC, of 4 known N. American EBIC, SFE transnational bank members plus 10 EEC member banks comprising 15 purported founding subscribers)
"BRICS started a process that has been expedited as a result of the conflict, as a result of unilateral sanctions," Sooklal said. "The days of a dollar centric world is over, that's a reality. We have a multipolar global trading system today."

The ministry also acknowledged that the potential creation of a new BRICS single currency would be a "delicate" process.

The BRICS nations have been seeking to shift further from the US dollar in mutual trade, with the de-dollarization trend gaining momentum following sanctions that effectively cut Russia off from Western financial mechanisms [SWIFT]. Numerous developing nations—including Russia's fellow BRICS members China, India, Brazil and South Africa—have started to move toward alternative currencies in trade [LCT].

After Shock | About SWIFT, ISO20022 and greed, 22 May
archived CBDC "Banks can attach SWIFT Codes" in Ruble and Yuan
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Axel Springer | Why Belgium [BE] may be about to break up, 21 July
... Now the strains between Dutch-speaking [NL] Flanders, in the north, and French-speaking [FR] Wallonia in the south of the country threaten a far bigger crisis...
"subsidarity" upside: neither ECB faction need abandon SWIFT subscription
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GT | Wuhan Earthquake Monitoring Center suffers cyberattack from the US; investigation underway, 26 July
This is another case of its kind following the June 2022 cyberattack from overseas against [Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU) in Xi'an, Northwest China's Shaanxi Province].
After the attack on NWPU, the CVERC and the company 360 jointly formed a technical team to conduct a comprehensive technical analysis of the case. They concluded that the cyberattack was conducted by the Tailored Access Operations (TAO) of the US' National Security Agency (NSA).
According to company 360's monitoring results, the NSA has carried out cyberattacks on at least hundreds of important domestic information systems in China, and a Trojan horse program called "validator" was found to be running in the information systems of a number of departments, transmitting information to the NSA headquarters.

Moreover, the findings show that a large number of "validator" Trojan horse programs are running in critical information infrastructure not only in China, but also in other countries, and the number of such programs planted in these countries' systems far exceeds that of China.

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China earthquakes could harm American national interests, security and general harm for our citizens. Hybrid warfare ... pre-emptive strike ... they scored first, we replied ...

Countering China's Coercion Against U.S. Allies and Partners in the Indo-Pacific | RAND Corp. |

Reminds me of dominoes, Vietnam and Robert McNamara.

National Interests ... Pentagon messaging Mix-Up

G L O B A L.  W A R M N I N G

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< wipes tears >
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De-risking China, taking high risk stakes with Modi invite on Bastille Day ...

Modi's Bastille Day visit stirs controversy in France | DW News |

It's good to have rights one can trample on, that's true freedom in a democracy ... best  example is the current body of nine, called the US Supreme Body trampling on women's rights. If one didn't have Roe vs. Wade, how could one abolish those rights?

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to be the guest of honor at France's traditional Bastille Day parade

The head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Jean-Louis Bourlanges, however, dismissed concerns about India's democratic backsliding when asked about the invitation to Modi in the French parliament last month.

"India is certainly an imperfect democracy. But it's a democracy that's an absolute model if you compare it to Russia or to China or to many countries in Africa," he said.

Some, however, think France should tread a fine line in calling out rights violations by allies like India while continuing to work with it.

"Of course, you can't conflate India and China when it comes to human rights abuses," Balveer Arora, former rector and pro-vice-chancellor of the Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, told DW.

"The big difference is that liberties don't exist at all in China. Here in India, they exist and are being trampled upon," he said. "That's the tragedy and why countries like France should care."

Ukraine war casts shadow on EU-India relations | May 2022 |

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Related reading ...

'Institutional racism': 20 years since Stephen Lawrence inquiry | The Guardian - Feb. 22, 2019 |

This research complicates how we understand experiences of misogynoir when race consciousness is blended in a transnational context and how Amsterdam Black Women has made possible the refusal of Dutch norms that require members to accept their oppression silently and support false narratives of progressiveness and color-blindness.

Silent racial discrimination is a fact of every day life in the Netherlands.

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To join or not to join ...

'A strong gesture': French delivery of SCALP missiles to Ukraine

The French army's SCALP missile stocks are estimated at 400 or fewer, depending on the source. Their unit price is €850,000, according to the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI). The number of missiles delivered to Ukraine has not been specified.

Battle for the Falklands, French's one off "succes" of the Exocet missile. Follow-up a stream of new orders ... in addition the counter-measures Dutch supplier HSA offered Goalkeeper CIWS. [later Thales]

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U.S. implements sanctions amid concerns over fairness of Cambodia's elections (24.07.23)
The US, the European Union, and other [w]estern nations declined to send election observers, questioning the conditions and fairness of the process. In contrast, both Russia and China provided observers.

The US State Department announced late on Sunday that visa restrictions would be enforced on individuals who it believes have threatened democratic principles and that certain foreign aid programs would be temporarily halted. These decisions came after the assessment that the recent Cambodian [constitutional monarchy] elections lacked freedom and fairness.

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wsj | Saudi Arabia to Host Ukraine Peace Talks as Part of Western Effort to Woo Global South, 29 July
as Europe and Washington intensify efforts to consolidate international support for Ukraine's peace demands.
Kyiv Security Compact International Guarantees for Ukraine: Recommendations  delivered 13 Sep 2022
10-point Peace Plan addressed to the G20 Summit, 15 Nov 2022
According to diplomats involved in the discussion, the meeting would bring senior officials from up to 30 countries to Jeddah on Aug 5 and 6. It comes amid a growing battle between the Kremlin and Ukraine's Western backers to win support from major developing countries, many of which have been neutral over the Ukraine war.
G7 Leaders' Statement on Ukraine on 19 May 2023
We reiterate our call on third parties to immediately cease providing material support to Russia's aggression OR face severe costs. We will reinforce our coordination to prevent and respond to third parties supplying weapons to Russia and continue to take actions against third country actors who materially support Russia's war.
The meeting follows on from a gathering of senior officials in Copenhagen in late June, attended by Brazil [BR], India [IN], Turkey [TR], and South Africa [ZA]. U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan dialed into the meeting. Ukraine and several major European countries also participated.
archive June 2023 price cap mania invitational
For the Jeddah meeting, Saudi Arabia [SA] and Ukraine have invited 30 countries, including Indonesia, Egypt [EG], Mexico [MX], Chile [CL], and Zambia [ZM]. It is not yet clear how many will attend, although the countries who took part in the Copenhagen talks are expected to do so again.

The UK, South Africa, Poland [PL], and the EU are among those who have confirmed attendance. For now, Sullivan is expected to attend, according to a person familiar with the planning. There was no immediate comment from the [US] National Security Council.

"China sat out the Copenhagen meeting."
archive 11th G7 sanctions package
At the Copenhagen meeting, there was a large gap in views between Ukraine and most of the attending developing countries, according to people involved. Ukrainian officials pushed participants to back President Zelensk*'s existing 10-point peace ["demands"], which calls for the return of all occupied territory and demands that Russian troops exit Ukraine before peace talks can start.

The developing country group made it clear they were open to discussing shared principles but wouldn't sign onto Ukraine's plan.

Seems reasonable to me. "Ukraine's plan" is for Ukraine's benefit alone in point of fact, per G7 enforced sanctions packages "against Russia" and restraint of "third country" trade.
by Cat on Sun Jul 30th, 2023 at 03:22:01 PM EST
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Source Murdoch's WSJ? wtf

Saudi Arabia seeks to host multilateral Ukraine peace talks; Russia to steer clear | TOI / AFP |

Officials from Kyiv, Western powers and developing countries to take part in Jeddah summit, in kingdom's latest push for diplomacy over Moscow's invasion

In May, the kingdom hosted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at an Arab League summit in Jeddah, where he accused some Arab leaders of turning "a blind eye" to the horrors of Russia's invasion.

Riyadh has backed UN Security Council resolutions denouncing Russia's invasion as well as Russia's declared annexation of territory in eastern Ukraine.

At the same time, it has continued to coordinate closely with Russia on energy policy, including oil production cuts approved last October that Washington said at the time amounted to "aligning with Russia" in the war.

Last September, Riyadh played an unexpected role in brokering the release of foreign fighters detained in Ukraine, including two from the United States and five from Britain. [... came alongside a broader prisoner-of-war swap, brokered by Turkey, that saw 215 Ukrainians walk free while Russia received 55 prisoners. A former Ukrainian lawmaker MP Viktor Medvedchuk and ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin were among those released.]

Earlier this year, a Saudi official told journalists that Riyadh remained open to contributing to mediation to end the conflict, especially "on important minor issues that may help cumulatively in the end to have a political solution of the whole issue."

As Ukraine war grinds on, Saudi influence grows | Japan Times - Sept. 27, 2022 |

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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Jul 30th, 2023 at 04:53:33 PM EST
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G7's objective, from planning to execution of "proxy" war, is (1) NATO "enlargement" for the primary purpose of (2) "isolating" the Russian Federation (altenately labeled Putin "regime change", partition, economic collapse, and a Lord Ismay axiom), and secondarily, (3) controlling supply and price of raw material "hosted," according to UNCTAD and World Bank, by "so-called Global South countries including the G20".

Forget Zelensk* harping the 10-point Ukraine victory term sheet guaranteed by G7 chartered justice, environmental protection, food and "energy" security for the whole world. It's ludicrous. Delivery of Kyiv Security Compact "guarantees" is already in progress—from perpetual grants in matériel and cash right down to the part where Ukraine invents "snapback sanctions" and demands a "legal framework...which will allow authorities to seize the property of the aggressor, its sovereign funds and reserves, and the assets of its citizens and entities on the sanctions list". If the ECB cannot rationalize even that bullshit, who could.

So none will. They step over it. Impunity on the move.

"Signing on" to Ukraine's conditions is tantamount to every "third-country" conceding "strategic autonomy" to Ukraine's "international partners" alias Price Cap Coalition of 40 countries d/b/a G7 domination of every "multilateral" institution and binding or non-binding UN convention, erected by his "Big Seven" since 1945. That's a "deal breaker."

Which isn't to agree that the "so-called" Global South countries are actual combatants or effectively state parties in the conflict between Ukraine and the RF or bound by some contract that obliges participation of ("support of") any sort in the hostilities. However, the status of many "third-countries" is as debtors financed by public- and private-sector agents of G7 states who have revealed their eagerness, under color law where domiciled, to enforce arbitrary, extra-judicial authority. Hostages. POWs. Some willingly accept the script, others do under duress.  But ambivalent reception frustrates illusions of (magic word) solidarity with, or allegiance to, restoring international norms of "advanced economies."

Check out the invite list. The party is assembled to identify the weakest link.

archive G7 hit list: commodity dependence by export product in Energy as a Weapon of War: Russia, Ukraine, and Europe in Challenging Times

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G7 ultimatum
cease providing material support to Russia's aggression OR face severe costs.

G7 'outreach' transition action plan
"Together we have a lot to do to close the infrastructure gap"
"We want to put a better offer on the table"
"Without the support coming from the countries in the Global South, the G7 cannot, unlike before, effectively respond to the most pressing issues in the world."
by Cat on Sun Jul 30th, 2023 at 09:35:22 PM EST
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Will the G7 break the BRICS nations by increased duress ... what will India do and decide ... Saudi Arabia will not bow to a momentary promise of "peace" with Israel ... I reckon the economy of the EU will be broken within 5 years when long term industrial contracts have come to term ... Türkiye sitting on the fence in an ideal position to reap maximum benefits no matter how the Ukraine war ends ... doesn't want escalation ... Crimea, Catherine the Great and Ottoman Empire, while Israel is trying to survive internal strife and turmoil with its neighbors.

When the Russo-Turkish War began in 1768, the Tatars who lived on the Crimea operated somewhat autonomously under a Khanate. The predominantly Muslim population descended from centuries of intermarriage between the native Turkic people and Mongol armies who had occupied the region during Genghis Khan's time.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Mon Jul 31st, 2023 at 11:52:33 AM EST
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The Tatars had a fractious relationship with the surrounding Russian and Polish-Lithuanian Empires because they raided their neighbors, engaging in human trafficking. As Russia expanded southward, these raids decreased in frequency, but continued to take place until the annexation of the Crimea.

The 1774 Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca temporarily ended the conflict, leaving the Crimea with nominal independence but giving Russia control of key ports on the peninsula. Catherine refused all offers from Prussia, Austria and France of further mediation, determined to continue pursue her territorial ambitions in the region. Catherine's fellow monarchs ultimately accepted the loss of the Crimea's independence, and Russia formally annexed the Crimea in 1783.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Mon Jul 31st, 2023 at 03:29:49 PM EST
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In addition to the military response, Catherine acted legislatively too, issuing the 1785 Charter of the Nobility that affirmed the rights of nobles to own peasants and dispense justice on their estates. The newly conquered Ukrainian peasants suffered along with their adopted countrymen.

Catherine valued her own sovereignty and the expansion of Russian political power over all other considerations. The Ukranian people, and the Tatars especially, would continue to be ruled by various sovereignties, from the Russian Empire to the Austro-Hungarian Empire to Poland to the Soviet Union. From Catherine's reign through the Soviet Union to the present day, the Ukraine continues to be Europe's battleground.

Crimean Khanate and Tatarstan - Golden Hordes

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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Jul 31st, 2023 at 03:30:59 PM EST
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Axel Springer, "Saudi Arabia reportedly will host a Ukrainian-organized peace summit in August" By ASSOCIATED PRESS

Accurate attribution in headline. Fair start. Then, what happens?

The [anonymous] official who spoke to the AP said the summit would be the next step after talks that took place in Copenhagen in June.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates [UAE] -- Saudi Arabia will host a Ukrainian-organized peace summit in early August seeking to find a way to start negotiations over Russia's war on the country, an official said Saturday night.

archive The only thing missing from this [Kyiv Security Compact] formula is neutrality, Zelensk* added (22.09.22)
The kingdom and Kyiv did not immediately acknowledge the planned talks. The summit will be held in the Red Sea port city of Jeddah, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity as no authorization had been given to publicly discuss the summit.
uh oh
Those taking part in the summit will include Ukraine as well as Brazil, India, South Africa[,] and several other countries, the official said. A high-level official from U.S. President Joe Biden's administration also is expected to attend, the official said. Planning for the event is being overseen by Kyiv[,] and Russia is not invited, the official said.
archive FT | G7 leaders to discuss proposal for Ukraine peace summit (18.05.23): "in an effort to promote Kyiv's proposal for how to end Russia's war against the country rather than rival plans [sic] proposed by China....and is not expected to include Russia..." et seq. UN Charter Art. 51
Details regarding the summit, however, remain in flux and the official did not offer dates for the talks. The Wall Street Journal, which ["]first reported["] on the summit, said [Sssullivan said] the [Global Peace Summit] talks would take place Aug. 5 and 6 with some 30 countries attending, citing [anonymous] "diplomats involved in the discussion."
archived: We will make the Ukrainian Peace Formula the basis of a new security in Europe and the world (25.02.23) in Ruble and Yuan
Saudi officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Associated Press, nor did Ukraine's Embassy in Riyadh. News of the summit comes after U.S. national security adviser Jake Sssullivan [!] visited the kingdom on Thursday (27.07.23).
whitehouse.gov | Readout of National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan's Trip to Saudi Arabia
(a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing)
Saudi Arabia's hosting of the [Ukraine - "so-called Global South countries including the G20"] talks come as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensk* in May attended an Arab League summit in Jeddah to press those nations to back Kyiv.
archive an appearance in Saudi Arabia at the Arab League Summit (19.05.23)
Arab nations largely have remained neutral since Russia launched the war on Ukraine in February 2022, in part over their military and economic ties to Moscow [formerly-known-as Washington].
archive "we will not sell oil to any country that imposes a price cap on our supply", Congressional NOPEC Bill
Saudi Arabia also has maintained a close relationship with Russia as part of the OPEC+ group. The organization's oil production cuts, even as Moscow's war on Ukraine boosted energy prices, have angered Biden and American lawmakers.
spiralling digression of BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS
But hosting such talks also help raise the profile of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has sought to reach a détente with Iran and push for a peace in the kingdom's years[-]long war in Yemen.
archive Joint Trilateral Statement by the People's Republic of China, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Islamic Republic of Iran (10.03.23), CIA director visited Saudi Arabia, aired 'frustration' over Iran, Syria thaw
However, ties also remain strained between Riyadh and the West over the 2018 killing and dismemberment of Washington Post ["]columnist["] Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, which U.S. intelligence agencies assess that Prince Mohammed ordered.
...they can't keep their stories straight.
by Cat on Mon Jul 31st, 2023 at 04:01:49 PM EST
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Russia wasn't invited and China most likely won't attend.

Jake Sullivan is expected to attend meeting in Jeddah, Red Sea port city of Saudi Arabia

Yermak said that Ukraine hoped that the meetings of national security advisers would ultimately lead to a summit, built around Kyiv's version of a peace deal, which would require Russian troop withdrawal as a precondition to substantive negotiations.

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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Aug 1st, 2023 at 10:35:42 PM EST
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19 Nov 2022 ECOWAS

Macron accuses Russia of 'predatory' influence in Africa

Svenja Schulze presents "Shifting Sands: Fostering Stability in the Sahel"
Blinken praised Niger's President Mohamed Bazoum
Macron lays out 'new era' for France's reduced presence in Africa
Germany takes over presidency of Sahel Alliance, July 10

The 18-member Sahel Alliance was founded by Germany, France, and the European Union in 2017 to assist Burkina-Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger -- collectively known as the G5 Sahel Group -- in their struggle against poverty and terrorism.

Schulze's comments come at a time when there is great concern in the region over whether a power vacuum will be created when UN MINUSMA peacekeeping troops leave Mali by the end of the year at the insistence of that country's military leadership.

Mali left the French-speaking G5 Sahel Group -- formed in 2014 [Opération Barkhane] in part to defend against the growing threat posed by Islamist groups -- last year after its government was taken over in a military coup. It has since forced the departure of all French troops from its country and now wants the UN out as well.

w/e 29 July 2023
lemonde | « Le projet visant à renverser Mohamed Bazoum existe depuis longtemps au sein de l'armée », 28 July
Ce coup d'Etat intervient au moment du deuxième sommet Russie-Afrique. Pensez-vous que Moscou soit derrière ce putsch?
Non, je ne le pense pas.
lemonde | Coup d'etat in Niger: the French embassy targeted by demonstrators, ECOWAS demands a return to order within a week, 30 July
Thousands of supporters of the putschist soldiers demonstrated on Sunday, July 30, in front of the French embassy in Niger, in Niamey, where some tried to break in, before being dispersed by tear gas canisters, according to AFP.
aftershock | Macron threatens tough response to infringement of French interests, thread
Uranium mined in Niger. Uranium in Mali, but logistics and traders in Niger. There will be uranium for Paris, but the price tag will be global. And it hurts a lot
ghananewsagency | CAR holds referendum to extend term limits (classic Kazakstan technique)
Faustin-Archange Touadéra was elected president in 2016 and was re-elected in 2020. The landlocked country has rich diamond and gold deposits.

Touadéra's government is seen as close to Moscow. The Russian ambassador to the country Alexander Bikantov,has said there are at least 1,890 Russian miliary advisors in the country, with Touadéra' "interested in increasing the number." The former French colony, which gained independence in 1960, has been unstable since a 2013 [Opération Sangaris] rebellion that ousted Francois Bozize, president at the time.

politico.eu.com | Niger coup sparks concerns about French, EU uranium dependency, 31 July
In 2021, Niger was the EU's top uranium supplier, followed by Kazakhstan and Russia, according to the Supply Agency of the European Atomic Energy Community.
almayadeen | Niger puts an end to uranium and gold export to France
Currently, uranium production in Niger occurs mostly through a French majority-owned company called Orano which owns 63.4% of Société des Mines de l'Aïr (SOMAÏR). The remaining 36.66% of this is owned by Niger's Société du Patrimoine des Mines du Niger, known as Sopamin.
lesahel.org | A la Présidence de la République : Le Président du CNSP rencontre les Chefs traditionnels, les leaders religieux, et les opérateurs économiques
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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Jul 1st, 2023 at 05:08:36 AM EST
NEWS: Twitter's web version no longer allows users to browse without logging in. All urls redirect to the signup page.

This is believed to be a measure to make it harder for scrapers to take Twitter's data, like ChatGPT's web browsing plugin has been doing.

Why isn't Elon Musk's Twitter letting people view the site without a login?

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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Jul 1st, 2023 at 12:24:09 PM EST
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by Cat on Sat Jul 1st, 2023 at 04:15:12 PM EST
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Elon just 'X'd you 😆

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Mon Jul 24th, 2023 at 04:37:42 PM EST
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by Cat on Sat Jul 1st, 2023 at 04:13:21 PM EST
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rings a bell.
OpEd | China is in default on a trillion dollars in debt to US bondholders. Will the US force repayment?
Some history is in order. Before 1949, the government of [China, temporarily occupied by Kuomintang nationalists d/b/a] the Republic of China (ROC) issued a LARGE VOLUME of long-term sovereign gold-denominated bonds, secured by Chinese tax revenues, to [US American] private investors and governments for the < wipes tears> construction of infrastructure and financing of governmental activities [in civil war]. Put simply, the China "self-governing" Taiwan we know today would not have been possible absent these
two fundamental challenges in the China theater. The first challenge was political. Despite facing a common foe in Japan, Chinese society was polarized. Some Chinese were supporters of the Nationalist Kuomintang government; some supported one of the numerous former warlords nominally loyal to the Nationalists; and some supported the Communists, who were engaged in a guerrilla war against the military and political forces of the Nationalists.
Regardless of these handicaps, the United States and Nationalist China succeeded in forging a coalition that withstood the tests of time. Indeed, Chinese leader Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, the Allied Supreme Commander, China Theater, accepted, though reluctantly, U.S. Army generals as his chiefs of staff. This command relationship also endured differences in national war aims and cultures, as well as personalities, until the end of the [US-JP] war.
In 1938, during its conflict with Japan [against the Communist Party of China], the ROC defaulted on its sovereign debt. After the military victory of the communists, the ROC [the Allied Supreme Commander] fled to Taiwan Formosa. The People's Republic of China [PRC] was eventually recognized internationally as the [sole] government of China. Under well-established international law [of war reparations], the "successor government" doctrine holds that the [victors of China's civil war], led by the Chinese Communist Party, is responsible for repayment of the [defeated China Defense Supplies, Inc. and Chinese Supply Commission agents of the US government d/b/a the ROC] defaulted bonds.
...Finally, the U.S. continues to work for a resolution with Taiwan of the issue of debts arising from World War II-era loans extended to China.
A private group of [US] American citizens holds a LARGE QUANTITY of these gold-denominated ["confederate" notes]. This citizen-led group, the American Bondholders Foundation (ABF), serves as trustee with power of attorney for some 20,000 bondholders, whose bonds [issued by ROC] are valued at well more than $1 trillion.
Richmond County, VA dailyjournal | Russia's and China's debt to America, origin story
by Cat on Tue Jul 4th, 2023 at 07:36:57 PM EST
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scmp | He Lifeng will oversee China's monetary issues and foreign investment, 27 Mar 2023
...He is the former head of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the country's top economic planner....
National Financial Regulatory Administration is inaugurated in Beijing, to strengthen financial sector oversight, prevent systemic risks, 18 May
Vice-Premier He Lifeng, central bank governor Yi Gang, China Securities Regulatory Commission Chairman Yi Huiman, and the Party chief of the new financial regulator, Li Yunze, attended the opening ceremony.
scmp | China names forex regulatory head Pan Gongsheng as CPC chief for central bank, 1 July
...The 59-year-old veteran banker is also party secretary and director of China's foreign exchange regulator—the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE)...
gov.cn | Chinese premier meets with U.S. treasury secretary, 7 July
Chinese Premier Li Qiang on Friday met with U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in Beijing.
Li called on the two countries to inject stability and positive energy into China-U.S. economic relations. China and the United States should strengthen coordination and cooperation, work together to cope with global challenges, and promote common development.

Yellen said the U.S. side does not seek to decouple or sever supply chains, and has no intention of hindering China's modernization process.

chinadaily | Yellen's visit comes with pragmatic expectations, 8 July
... Yellen faces a tough challenge, for she has to convince Beijing that the slew of "de-risking" measures Washington, and some of its allies, have been taking are not intended to contain China or decouple the two economies. Her job is all the more difficult because it is the United States that has been making all the wrong moves targeting China....

: Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Vice Premier He Lifeng met Saturday, 8 July, in Beijing.
treasury.gov | Remarks by Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen at Meeting with Vice Premier He Lifeng of the People's Republic of China, 8 July
Finally, the United States will take targeted actions to protect our national security. While we may disagree on these actions, we should not allow that disagreement to lead to misunderstandings, particularly those stemming from a lack of communication, which can unnecessarily worsen our bilateral economic and financial relationship.

WaPoo | Yellen opens talks with new Chinese economic chief, a fan of state action, 8 July
...Taking the measure of Xi's new team was a key reason Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen trekked to China this week, and the visit is seen as an essential step toward narrowing the diplomatic gap between Washington and Beijing. On Saturday, Yellen got her first chance for extensive talks with China's new economic chief, Vice Premier He Lifeng, 68, who replaced Liu ["He—a fluent English-speaking veteran of the international stage who had studied at Harvard"] in March....Saturday's talks—held in a high-ceiled room lit by eight square chandeliers—included other fresh faces on the Chinese side of the [BIS] table, including Pan Gongsheng, the incoming central bank chief.
archived Yellen on the U.S.-China Economic Relationship
by Cat on Sat Jul 8th, 2023 at 11:00:50 PM EST
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BLS: The American Rescue Plan at work! U-3 3.6%! It' a miracle.
by Cat on Fri Jul 14th, 2023 at 07:45:09 PM EST
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rollcall | NDAA narrowly passes House after controversial amendment votes, 14 July nit-picking
The final vote on the National Defense Authorization Act was 219-210...The vote sets up a conflict with the Democrat-controlled Senate, which will undoubtedly seek to strip out the more conservative provisions from the House bill .... Despite the House Armed Services Committee's 58-1 vote to advance the bill last month, Democrats said with near unanimity that they could not support the bill in its amended form.
The House NDAA would authorize $874.2 billion in national defense spending
oregonpublicradio | concern trolls!, 14 July
...The Treasury Department said Thursday that the budget gap from October through June was nearly $1.4 trillion -- a 170% increase from the same period a year earlier.
Interest payments over the last nine months reached $652 billion -- 25% more than during a same period a year ago....
German systemic Weiqi competitors: "China has changed!"
China combines great economic, technological, military and political power! It spends the most on defence after the United States and already has the largest maritime force in the world by number of ships and submarines!
by Cat on Fri Jul 14th, 2023 at 08:22:34 PM EST
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yahoo! reuters | ["]4-Chip["] companies, top US officials discuss China policy, 17 July
Secretary of Stalking Antony Blinken talked with chip company chief executives about the industry and supply chains after his recent trip to China, a department spokesperson told reporters.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, National Economic Council director Lael Brainard [ex FRB gov], and National Security Council director Jake Sullivan were among other government officials meeting with Intel, Qualcomm, and Nvidia, a source familiar with the meetings told Reuters.

The chip industry is keen to protect its profits in China as the Biden administration considers another round of restrictions on chip exports to China. Last year [2022], China accounted for $180 billion in semiconductor purchases, more than a third the worldwide total of $555.9 billion and the largest single market, according to Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).

usnews reuters | Chip Companies, Top US Officials Discuss China Policy
...Blinken sought "to share his perspective on the industry and on supply chain issues, especially after his recent visit to China" and "to hear directly from those companies about how they see supply chain issues, about how they see doing business in China," State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said at a press briefing.

Discussions with government officials also included speeding up disbursement of government money put aside for semiconductor firms in the CHIPS Act and making sure U.S. policy does not shut the chip firms out of the lucrative Chinese market, a second source familiar with the matter said.

Commerce's Raimondo is overseeing the $39 billion CHIPS Act semiconductor manufacturing subsidy [sic] program approved by Congress last year. The law also created a 25% investment tax credit for building chip plants, estimated to be worth $24 billion.
Earlier on Monday, the U.S.-based SIA called on the Biden administration to "refrain from further restrictions" on chip sales to China and urged the administration to allow "the industry to have continued access to the China market, the world's largest commercial market for commodity semiconductors."...

SIA | SIA Statement on Potential Additional Government Restrictions on Semiconductors, 17 July
...Recognizing that strong economic and national security require a strong U.S. semiconductor industry, leaders in Washington took bold and historic action last year to enact the CHIPS and Science Act to strengthen our industry's global competitiveness and de-risk [!] supply chains....We call on both governments to ease tensions and seek solutions through dialogue, not further escalation....
state.gov | Department Press Briefing - July 17, 2023
...QUESTION: Couple of questions. I wondered if you could say anything about the meeting the Secretary has today with the CEOs of Intel, Qualcomm, and Nvidia, and how much the - this department sort of looks to the private sector to - in terms of feedback on policy towards China, particularly restrictions on semiconductors.
4 July gallium, germanium exports in My Critical Elements v Your Chips
MILLER: Yeah, I would say the Secretary looked at that meeting as an opportunity to do two things: number one, to share his perspective on the industry and on supply chain issues, especially after his recent visit to China; and number two, to hear directly from those companies about how they see supply chain issues, about how they see doing business in China. We've seen China recently announce restrictions on the export of materials that are used to construct chips, and so he saw it as a productive meeting to exchange views on those two issues....
Buried 17 July
related Intel, Qualcomm, Nvidia, Brainard, Raimondo, Blinken, and Sssulivan Kirby-content PR
by Cat on Thu Jul 20th, 2023 at 12:16:49 PM EST
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by Cat on Thu Jul 20th, 2023 at 05:57:04 PM EST
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Bidenomic türkiyes's debt burdens inna Inflation Reduction Act environment

"the chain saw sales"
< wipes tears >

by Cat on Mon Jul 24th, 2023 at 12:49:54 PM EST
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inner-active Inflation Reduction Acts, Q2 median retail APR (23.99%) versus FRB average Q1 "quote" (20.09%)
Consumer Loans: Credit Cards and Other Revolving Plans, All Commercial Banks (USD billions)
4 Mar 2020 - 12 July 2023 cumulative debt curve to the moon
by Cat on Tue Jul 25th, 2023 at 06:53:25 PM EST
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Fed Raises Rates After a Pause and Leaves Door Open to More, 26 July "uncertainty"
Officials pushed rates to a range of 5.25 to 5.5 percent, their highest level since 2001, in a unanimous decision.
Next: 30 Sep 2023, FYE 2023. UST-liberated FY 2024 continues 1 Oct 2023, ends 1 Jan 2024.
by Cat on Thu Jul 27th, 2023 at 06:05:15 PM EST
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5 July trifecta

South Africa deputy president's security officers face assault charges over highway incident
archived Welcome to Poland
Armed mobs rampage through villages and push remote Indian region to the brink of civil war
archived an autocratic-leaning Hindu nationalist
China dismisses criticism of top diplomat's comments appearing to push for race-based alliance

"Americans take all visitors from China, South Korea and Japan as Asians. They cannot tell the differences and it's the same in Europe," said Wang Yi, a former foreign minister who now heads the ruling Communist Party's foreign affairs commission. "No matter how yellow you dye your hair, or how sharp you make your nose, you'll never turn into a European or American, you'll never turn into a Westerner."
He's not wrong.
archived "asia hate" dilemma, anti-Asian sentiment, "Stabbed in the back", Viet Thanh Nguyen, Europe welcomes Ukrainian refugees, anyone who passes for Chinese, Gangnam Style, Europeanisation, anti-asian weekend in the Mail
by Cat on Wed Jul 5th, 2023 at 02:30:26 PM EST
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most ignorant ligigious nation on planet REPORTS
Judge limits Biden administration contact with social media firms, murmurs Politico
U.S. District Court Judge Terry Doughty also issued a sweeping preliminary injunction barring numerous federal officials and agencies [3 pp list of defendants] from having any contact with social media firms for the purpose of discouraging or removing First Amendment-protected speech.
"During the COVID-19 pandemic, a period perhaps best characterized by widespread doubt and uncertainty, the United States Government seems to have assumed a role similar to an Orwellian 'Ministry of Truth,'" Doughty wrote in his 155-page opinion, which was released as most federal courts were closed for the Independence Day holiday.

Doughty's ruling appears to take effect immediately, but it isn't a final decision on the suit and can be appealed by the Biden administration to the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit [!] Court of Appeals. The Justice Department declined to comment on the ruling Tuesday. A spokesperson for the White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

archived CISA in Nord Stream Whodunnit, DHS "Disinformation Governance Board", THE TWITTER FILES, FBI responds and EUvsDisinfo in a Characteristic of Advanced Fascism, 5th Circ: Biden's COVID-19 mandate, Texass SB 8
by Cat on Wed Jul 5th, 2023 at 07:07:28 PM EST
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I know how it was done under Communist rule ... it worked! For awhile 😊

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Wed Jul 5th, 2023 at 07:24:51 PM EST
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always. read. the footnotes
1 All individuals named in this Judgment are being sued in their official capacities.

2 "Social-media companies" include Facebook/Meta, Twitter, YouTube/Google, WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat,TikTok, Sina Weibo, QQ, Telegram, Snapchat, Kuaishou, Qzone, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, Quora, Discord, Twitch, Tumblr, Mastodon, and like companies.

3 "Protected free speech" means speech that is protected by the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution in accordance with jurisprudence of the United States Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, and District Courts.

by Cat on Thu Jul 6th, 2023 at 03:53:54 PM EST
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Biden's trade experiment is ticking people off. His trade rep is on the receiving end., 3 July Build Back Better Bidenomic post-pandemic Inflation Reduction acts
President Joe Biden wants to establish a "new economic world order" that focuses less on serving U.S. consumers—the norm for decades—and more on protecting American workers.
archived 2022 zero percent inflation and negative numbers
by Cat on Sat Jul 8th, 2023 at 09:02:04 PM EST
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Title VII Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

No longer suffering in silence: Asian Americans denied tech leadership roles go to court, 6 July Affirmative Action

..."I've never felt more keenly that as an Asian woman, I'm destined to be a worker, I'm not destined to be a leader," [Vaishnavi Jayakumar] said in an interview. "And that's an awful feeling."
When he worked for Cisco, ["executive adviser to Ascend Foundation, the nation's largest network of Asian American professionals" Buck] Gee asked for the racial breakdown of those employees identified as having high leadership potential and found that just 15% were Asian and Pacific Islanders despite comprising 60% of the workforce.
"The pandemic really galvanized the community, especially those of us in tech, because I think we all saw that what was happening in the streets ["Anti-Asian hate and violence"] was happening in the workplace," said Jack Song, who advises tech startups on their communications and branding....
by Cat on Thu Jul 6th, 2023 at 03:24:46 PM EST
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scmp | White powder found inside US White House [July 1] identified as cocaine, 6 July
It was discovered in an area where visitors leave behind their belongings before taking a tour in the West Wing. The US Secret Service is investigating how it evaded entrance security.
Press Briefing by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and National Security Advisor Jake Ssssullivan
7 July
Q: Thank you, Jake. Five days after cocaine was found here in the White House, congressional Republicans seem like they're very close to launching some sort of formal investigation. I'm curious, from a national security perspective: A, what was your reaction when the drugs were found?  And, B, was there any risk to security either to the President, to your staff, anybody that would work out of the Sit Room for this stuff to be so close to where you work?
SULLIVAN:  So, first, I would refer to the Secret Service when it comes to questions of the security of the President. I won't speak to that.
Q: ...I'm just asking again: Can you just say once and for all whether or not the cocaine belonged to the Biden family?  (Laughter.)
JEAN-PIERRE: Okay, I hear you. But you're asking me a question, so I'm answering it for you. And so, that's why he [WH dep. press sec Andrew Bates] said the Hatch Act.
Q One more. You know, President—former President Trump has made some pretty wild posts recently on social media. One of them was that the cocaine found in the White House was—had belonged to either the President or his son. Are you willing to say that that's not the case, that they [sic] don't belong to them?
BATES: I don't have a response to that because we have to be careful about the Hatch Act. What I will say is that I have noticed there does seem to be some increasing frustration coming from that corner in general. And I think it is probably rooted in the contrast between their substantive policy records. As you have all covered, there is a long list of areas where this administration succeeded for the middle class where our predecessor did not. For example, infrastructure is no longer a punchline....
So I would—I would, you know, have you read the transcript and read the transcript fully so you can see exactly what he [Bates] was trying to say. So, that's number one.

So we're not avoiding the question; that is not true. We've answered this question, litigated [sic] this question for the last two days exhaustively.

You know, there has been some irresponsible reporting about the family, and—and so I got to call that out here. And I have been very clear. I was clear two days ago when talking about this over and over again, as I was being asked a question.

As you know—and the media outlets reported this—the Biden family was not here [White House].  They were not here. They were at Camp David. They were not here Friday [30 June]. They were not here Saturday [1 July]. They were not here Sunday [2 July]. They were not even here Monday [3 July]. They came back on Tuesday [4 July]. So to ask that question is actually incredibly irresponsible.  And—and I'll just leave it there.

whitehouse | Remarks by President Biden on the Supreme Court's Decision on the Administration's Student Debt Relief Program, Friday, 30 June 4:02 P.M. EDT, Roosevelt Room
by Cat on Sat Jul 8th, 2023 at 06:14:21 PM EST
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knives out: Old yeller
by Cat on Tue Jul 11th, 2023 at 12:06:15 AM EST
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Behind closed doors, Biden has such a quick-trigger temper that some aides try to avoid meeting alone with him. Some take a colleague, almost as a shield against a solo blast.

The president's admonitions include: "God dammit, how the fu*k don't you know this?!," "Don't fu*king bullsh*t me!" and "Get the fu*k out of here!" -- according to current and former Biden aides who have witnessed and been on the receiving end of such outbursts.

Early signs of dementia - memory loss - confusion - moods - impatience - tantrums

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Tue Jul 11th, 2023 at 09:09:54 AM EST
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Sen. R. Durbin, Biden's "sixth region of the African Union" bicycle benefactor
by Cat on Wed Jul 12th, 2023 at 02:04:50 PM EST
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tabloid USAToday | A Peace Corps ["]worker["] made $258,000 after killing a woman.
The proposal follows a USA TODAY investigation that exposed for the first time a leading Peace Corps official who remained on the payroll for 18 months after he went on a reckless drunk driving spree that left a Tanzanian mother dead.
Records reveal feds misled Tanzanian police after US citizen killed woman in Africa. State Department officials told police that Peace Corps worker director John Peterson had diplomatic immunity. He didn't.
[Peace Corps Director of Management and Operations in TZ] John Peterson, now 68, received more than $250,000 in salary and bonuses while on leave after he struck and killed street vendor Rabia Issa in 2019. The deadly crash on the streets of Dar es Salaam took place after Peterson was drinking at a bar and brought a sex worker to his government-leased home.

U.S. State Department officials flew Peterson out of the country the same day. He was investigated by the State Department and Peace Corps but never faced charges and resigned in 2021.

rules-based international law
Soon after, the U.S. Department of Justice declined to file charges against Peterson in the United States, saying it did not have jurisdiction because the incident happened outside of the country.
abc.net.au | The untouchable diplomat's wife (09.12.22)
State Department spokesman Vedant Patel in a September 2022 statement to USA TODAY said there was no effort to "deliberately mislead Tanzanian authorities as to Mr. Peterson's diplomatic status" and blamed the confusion over his immunity on a diplomatic identification card Peterson had been issued by the Tanzania government.
loss and damages
The first [!] woman Peterson hit, who Tanzanian authorities said was "crushed and severely injured," was paid roughly $6,500. Issa's relatives, who buried their loved one in a cinderblock-walled cemetery, received $13,000. None of the victims received the $20,000 max that federal law allows the agency to pay in order to settle injury or property damage claims involving its employees and volunteers.
Request a loan! World Bank operators are standing by to help you unlock the value of your home.
by Cat on Sat Jul 15th, 2023 at 12:49:33 PM EST
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tabloid Mail | 'Anything to declare?' 'Yes, we've got two rocket launchers in the back of the van': British couple are fined after revealing military weapons from Ukraine to French customs, 20 July
The couple, who have not been identified, were arrested on May 7 before appearing in court this week. They said the equipment represented 'symbols of victory' that they had been given as presents while working in Ukraine. ...they had been in Ukraine for four days, adding: 'We contacted the English authorities who told us that it was possible to come back with such equipment.
The couple were handed a customs fine after being convicted of 'transporting Category C weapons without legitimate reason'.
by Cat on Sun Jul 23rd, 2023 at 03:50:21 AM EST
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Third of student borrowers spent money [sic] they thought would be forgiven [sic]
... The Biden administration, following the Supreme Court's decision, announced it would offer borrowers an on-ramp period, whe[n] missed payments would not impact their credit ratings or default status[,] from Oct. 2023 to Sept. 2024....
by Cat on Thu Jul 13th, 2023 at 01:02:42 PM EST
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not all "Asians" are Chinese.

12 Republican AGs back Florida in [ACLU] challenge to... Alien Land Law revival

The U.S. Department of Justice [DOJ] in late June told U.S. District Judge Allen C. Winsor that the Florida law is discriminatory and therefore violates the U.S. Constitution and federal Fair Housing Act, though the DOJ has not formally intervened in the case. But the Republican attorneys general told the court late last week that Florida is one of at least 24 [?!] states that legally restrict foreign ownership of land along with NUMEROUS other countries.
Florida and these other states and countries are not driven by "'racial animus' as the Plaintiffs charge," the Idaho attorney general's office wrote. "They are instead fulfilling their most basic state functions by exercising SOVEREIGNTY over their soil."

Florida and other states also are protecting their citizens from foreign real estate investments that THREATEN to drive up the price of farmland and housing, the brief said. Idaho did not list the other 23 states [!], but a footnote [!] in the brief cited some state statutes including a new Virginia law that prohibits agricultural land ownership by any "foreign adversary" as determined by the U.S. Department of Commerce [or "country of concern" as determined by wtf].
DeSantis and Florida Agriculture Commissioner Wilton Simpson said earlier this year the new law [SB 264] was needed to protect Florida's farmland and food supply from the Chinese Communist Party. DeSantis, who is running for president, in late June accused the DOJ of siding with the Chinese Communist Party, or CCP [or Communist Party of China].

"As governor, I prohibited CCP-TIED enTITiEs from buying land in Florida," DeSantis tweeted. "As president, I'll do the same."

ELECTION 2024 rentier math: 24 = x + 14 "similarly situated parties"
The other states that joined Idaho in filing the [amicus] brief are AR, GE, IN, MS, MO, MT, NH, ND, SC, SD, and UT.
N. District FL plaintiffs, Shen et al v Simpson
DOJ "Statement of Interest", Shen v Simpson (N.D. Fla.)
docket, SHEN v. SIMPSON (4:23-cv-00208) of which ten (10) amicus curiae briefs (13 June-7 July), eg. Idaho et al.
Birth of a Nation (A) - 1850 Act for the Government and Protection of Indians
Birth of a Nation (B) - Wilson: "In the matter of Chinese and Japanese coolie immigration, I stand for the national policy of exclusion" + omg CA, AZ, AR, FL, ID, KS, LA, MO, MN, MT, NM, OR, TX, UT, WA, WY
Birth of a Nation (C) - Thind v. US​ (1923)
Birth of a Nation (D) - Densho Encyclopedia, select "Alien" case studies
by Cat on Thu Jul 13th, 2023 at 04:19:38 PM EST
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We're not in diapers anymore but full grown adults ... doing stupid things.

Revenge of Japan

Japan's Semiconductor Industrial Policy from the 1970s to Today

Who owned the California real estate market in 1980s?

Japan in the 1980s: when Tokyo's Imperial Palace was worth more than California and golf club membership could cost US$3 million - 5 crazy facts about the bubble economy

The mid- and late-1980s were the years of Japan's "bubble economy", a time when the country was at its economic peak. It was awash with money, fueling evermore conspicuous consumption, and Western scholars, spurred on by books like Ezra Vogel's Japan as Number One (1979), sought to predict when Japan would surpass the United States as having the largest economy in the world.

Of course, that story never came to pass. At the end of 1989, the Nikkei 225 stock market reached 39,000, a historic high. Three years later, more than half of that had been wiped out with the market at just 17,000 by the end of 1992.

Stock Market Crash of October 1987

Meanwhile in the U.S., the financial scandal of Home Savings and Loan ... Federal bailout with taxpayer's money ...

Banking and Wall Street: I won, you lost. All empires rise and die.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Thu Jul 13th, 2023 at 05:23:51 PM EST
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Second Life of APPL-MSFT "window" patent wrassling, wrapped in LinkedIn-hiQ copy right, and tied with a low-yield Waymo-Uber settlement.

Twitter threatens Meta with lawsuit over rival ["]Threads["] app

"Twitter intends to strictly enforce its intellectual property rights, and demands Meta take immediate steps to stop using any Twitter trade secrets or highly confidential information," according to the letter....
Politico.eu.com squawking | Why Europeans don't have ["]Threads["] yet
New EU competition rules are what's holding Meta's new Twitter rival back.
by Cat on Fri Jul 7th, 2023 at 09:30:18 AM EST
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Malingering RFK, Jr class action complaint against named agencies' and officers' censorship
5 July 5th Cir. district ct preliminary injunction

Mission to stop Sen. Joe Manchin "No Labels" presidential bid hits the Hill, 9 July

5th Cir. Appeals court temporarily blocks district ct. order preliminary injunction, 14 July

RFK Jr. condemned over false claims that COVID-19 was "ethnically targeted", 18 July

archived June

  • The Don Cheeto (R)
  • Nikki Two-Tones (R)
  • Vivek WHO? (R)
  • Perry WUT? (R)
  • not that Scott, the other one (R)
  • Asa (R)
  • Dakato Doug Tech (R)
  • Miami, Suarez (R)
  • Texass Hurd (R)
  • Marianne (D)
  • RFK, Jr (D)
  • Rt Rev Dr Cornel West (G)
by Cat on Tue Jul 18th, 2023 at 08:44:17 PM EST
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  • Vivek WHO? (R)
  • dont-say-de-Santis (R)

thepostmillennial | Vivek and DeSantis TIED in national poll
...According to the [Kaplan] poll, both Ramaswamy and DeSantis are sitting at 12 percent support among likely Republican voters. The Don Cheeto (R) still holds a commanding lead, at 48 percent....
n = 800 (17.07-18.07.23)
A new 2024 GOP primary straw poll conducted at the Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida showed massive support for the re-election of The Don Cheeto (R). ...
n = N/A
by Cat on Fri Jul 21st, 2023 at 06:49:32 PM EST
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by Cat on Sun Jul 23rd, 2023 at 03:38:03 AM EST
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whitehouse | FACT SHEET: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Secures Voluntary Commitments from Leading Artificial Intelligence Computer Programming Companies to Manage the Risks Posed by AI Computer Programming, 21 July
Voluntary commitments—underscoring safety, security, and trust—mark a critical step toward developing responsible AI computer programming

Biden-Harris Administration will continue to take decisive action by developing an Executive Order and pursuing bipartisan legislation to keep Americans safe

Since taking office, President Biden, Vice President Harris, and the entire Biden-Harris Administration have moved with urgency to seize the tremendous promise and manage the risks posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer programming and to protect Americans' rights and safety. As part of this commitment, President Biden is convening seven leading AI computer programming companies at the White House today—Amazon, Anthropic, Google, Inflection, Meta, Microsoft, and OpenAI—to announce that the Biden-Harris Administration has secured voluntary commitments from these companies to help move toward safe, secure, and transparent development of AI computer programming technology.

politico | White House notches AI computer programming agreement with top tech computer programming firms
...Amazon [Pres. Andy Jassy?], Anthropic [Pres. Daniela Amodei?], Google, Inflection [A.I. CEO Mustafa Suleyman?], Meta, Microsoft, and OpenAI [Pres. Greg Brockman?] all agreed to a set of eight rules Friday, which include external testing of AI programming systems before their release, investing in cybersecurity protection for unreleased models and using a watermarking system for AI computer-generated content. The list of attendees includes Microsoft President [and Vice-Chair] Brad Smith, Meta President Nick Clegg [!], and Google President [of Global Affairs] Kent Walker....
Companies that are developing these emerging technologies have a responsibility to ensure their ["software", "middle-ware", and "firmware"] products are safe. To make the most of AI computer programming's potential, the Biden-Harris Administration is encouraging this industry to uphold the highest standards to ensure that innovation doesn't come at the expense of Americans' rights and safety.
reuters | EU seals new US data transfer pact, but challenge likely, 10 July
...EU justice chief Didier Reynders said he was confident of fending off any legal challenge.
"The principles of the data privacy framework are solid, and I am convinced that we have made significant progress which meets the requirements of the European Court of Justice case law," he told a news conference. "I am very confident of fighting, defending the new data agreement."...
by Cat on Mon Jul 24th, 2023 at 08:36:37 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Jul 24th, 2023 at 08:51:26 PM EST
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'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Wed Aug 9th, 2023 at 07:14:40 PM EST
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Trump Once in A Lifetime President

The major flaws in society making it possible to elect Trump in 2016 - Biden in 2020 ... indeed, a repeat performance coming in November 2024. Horrible scenes in the White House, press briefings and trips of Air Force One. History repeats itself ... unfortunately the U.S. is militarily the mightiest force on the planet ... major risk for survival of Planet Earth.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Thu Jul 20th, 2023 at 06:13:04 PM EST
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Tears in my eyes as I briefly watched the crazies occupying the White House during the Trump years ... could only compare it to the mob running his personal empire. Damn ... running the World like a madman .... small correction ... by a madman.

The man who made Trump President of America

Trump disavows Steve Bannon: "When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind"

Here is the president's statement in full: 

    "Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. Steve was a staffer who worked for me after I had already won the nomination by defeating seventeen candidates, often described as the most talented field ever assembled in the Republican Party.

    Now that he is on his own, Steve is learning that winning isn't as easy as I make it look. Steve had very little to do with our historic victory, which was delivered by the forgotten men and women of this country. Yet Steve had everything to do with the loss of a Senate seat in Alabama held for more than thirty years by Republicans. Steve doesn't represent my base--he's only in it for himself. 

    Steve pretends to be at war with the media, which he calls the opposition party, yet he spent his time at the White House leaking false information to the media to make himself seem far more important than he was. It is the only thing he does well. Steve was rarely in a one-on-one meeting with me and only pretends to have had influence to fool a few people with no access and no clue, whom he helped write phony books. 

    We have many great Republican members of Congress and candidates who are very supportive of the Make America Great Again agenda. Like me, they love the United States of America and are helping to finally take our country back and build it up, rather than simply seeking to burn it all down."

In the diaries ... Steve Bannon

Book Wolff Interview of Bannon

Steve Bannon fulfilled the same role as Karl Rove under George W. Bush ... or Grigori Rasputin to the Royal Court  of the tsar. Poison all around.

... all in the same league.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Fri Jul 21st, 2023 at 09:03:41 AM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Jul 1st, 2023 at 05:09:08 AM EST
by Cat on Mon Jul 3rd, 2023 at 11:58:07 AM EST
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UN chief urges ["]maritime nations["] to chart course for net zero shipping emissions by 2050, 3 July international admiralty lanes
The head of the United Nations called Monday for maritime nations to agree on a course for the shipping industry to reduce its climate-harming emissions to net zero by the middle of the century at the latest.

The appeal by U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres came at the start of a meeting of the International Maritime Organization [IMO] in London that's seen as key for helping achieve the international goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 Fahrenheit).

"Rule, Britannia! rule the waves / Britons never will be slaves."
The IMO's current target is for the shipping industry to cut its emissions by at least half from 2008 to 2050. Guterres said the new targets should include all greenhouse gas emissions caused by the industry and backed the idea of introducing a carbon price for shipping. Campaigners have suggested that funds generated from a levy on emissions could be used to help poor nations tackle climate change
Paris climate summit New Global Financial Pact Summit ends without a deal on global tax on shipping (23.06.23)
"leaving climate NGOs and activists lamenting the lack of ambitious responses to fight climate change and the world's inequalities brought forward at the meeting"
though the industry wants the money to go toward the development of clean [navy? cement? metallurgy? boring? mining? hydrogen? gas? coal?] technologies.
archived Save the Date: 22-23 June, UK FIRES stretch goals 2020-2029, 2030-2049: All shipping declines to zero, World POWs COP27 loss and damage reports from maritime Egypt
by Cat on Mon Jul 3rd, 2023 at 12:54:25 PM EST
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thehill | Zelensky fires ambassador to UK after 'gratitude' critique, 21 July
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky fired his ambassador to the United Kingdom on Friday, after the ambassador criticized the president's recent "sarcasm" in response to British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace suggesting Kyiv should be more grateful for Western support.

Zelensky said in a presidential decree Friday that Vadym Prystaiko had been dismissed but did not provide a reason.

On the dismissal of V. Prystayk from the positions of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the International Maritime Organization [!] (IMO)

To dismiss PRISTAIK Vadym Volodymyrovych from the position of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and from the position of Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the International Maritime Organization  (IMO) on a part-time basis [!].

President of Ukraine V.ZELENSKY

July 21, 2023

Wallace told reporters at the annual NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, last week that Ukraine should not treat its western partners like "Amazon," the popular online retailer.
"I don't believe that this sarcasm is healthy," Prystaiko said in an interview with Sky News. "We don't have to show the Russians that we have something between us. They have to know that we are working together. If anything happens, Ben can call me and tell me anything he wants."
Sky News | Ukraine war latest: Zelensk* sacks Vadym Prystaiko as ambassador to UK; Putin critic Igor Girkin [alias Strelkov] charged with inciting extremist activity, 21 July B-roll
by Cat on Fri Jul 21st, 2023 at 07:34:22 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Fri Jul 21st, 2023 at 07:58:20 PM EST
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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin's Regular Press Conference on July 3, 2023
Reuters: According to a Financial Times report
Beijing distributed the note to developing countries as they prepared for a critical meeting at the UN's International Maritime Organization [IMO] in July, according to four people present at IMO discussions. The lobbying effort comes days after France rallied 22 allies behind a shipping emissions levy.

China warned that "an overly ambitious emission reduction target will seriously impede the sustainable development of international shipping, significantly increase the cost of the supply chain, and will adversely impede the recovery of the global economy", according to a document seen by the Financial Times.

The note also criticised wealthy nations for setting "unrealistic" goals with "significant" financial costs. It said a shipping emissions tax was "a disguised way by developed countries to improve their own market competitiveness".

China sent a diplomatic note to a number of developing countries to ask them to not support a motion to introduce a levy on shipping with regard to emissions that is apparently being proposed. I was wondering can you confirm that China did indeed share such a diplomatic note with other nations and what was the content of this note? 
Wang Wenbin: As a member state of the IMO and Category A member of the IMO Council, China highly values and actively supports IMO's efforts to address climate change. China believes that in carrying out relevant work, the IMO should follow the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, take into consideration different national conditions, accommodate the legitimate concerns of developing countries, and promote the formulation of a fair and practical greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction strategy and relevant measures for the international shipping industry.
chinadialogue | EU carbon tax puts a price on shipping emissions (03.02.23)
... The EU plan will include shipping emissions in the bloc's ETS from 2023. When the measure comes into force, shipowners, regardless of the flag they fly, will have to buy carbon allowances to cover all emissions during voyages in the EU and half of those generated by international voyages that start or finish at an EU port. In 2023, companies chartering large vessels will be required to purchase allowances for 20% of their emissions from ships that call at EU ports, ratcheting up to 100% by 2026....

chinadialogueocean | Critical year ahead for shipping emissions regulator (06.03.23)
...Out of 175 member states, 10 countries at [IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee] MEPC79 opposed increasing the IMO's current level of ambition. These were the "BRICS" countries - Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa - plus Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Indonesia, Turkey, and the UAE (a position which may get more uncomfortable for the UAE this year as host of the COP28 UN climate talks)....

In relevant work, China has always maintained cooperation and coordination with other member states in an active and constructive manner. For example, we have worked for the adoption of the IMO's initial strategy to reduce GHG emissions from international shipping that is based on China's proposal [?], taken a lead in working out important measures and technical documents concerning emissions reductions, participated in and carried out IMO GHG studies, and played a guiding role and served as a bridge in multiple critical processes including at the meeting this time. All this has won widespread recognition by member states.  

Going forward, China will continue to actively offer its wisdom and ideas under the IMO framework, and work with all member states to contribute to the global response to climate change and the sustainable development of the international shipping industry.
Follow-up: Could you confirm did China send such a diplomatic note to other nations or not?
Wang Wenbin: I have answered this question just now and have nothing to add.

smaartcompany | China urges developing countries to oppose 'unrealistic' freight tax, 3 July
Poor countries are not united in opposition. The Marshall Islands [!], which are particularly vulnerable to sea level rise as a result of climate change, has called for an emissions tax of USD 100 per tonne. Albon Ishoda, the country's ambassador to the International Maritime Organization, has expressed concerns that the level of "polarization is becoming unhelpful," with some in the discussions not living up to their national commitments on decarbonization.
The diplomatic note mirrors comments by [PRC] Prime Minister Li Qiang, who argued at a World Economic Forum [WEF] event last week: "It is not fair for developing countries to abide by the standards of developed countries. Developed countries should shoulder more responsibilities in facing the climate challenge."

At a [New Global Financial Pact] summit in Paris the same week, France and other rich nations called on the International Maritime Organization [IMO] to set targets that would align shipping with international ambitions to limit global warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels. The EU is already planning to impose a financial cost on shipping pollution by bringing the sector into an emissions trading scheme [ETS].

China's warnings about the effects of such measures were met with a response last week by the World Bank [WB], a lender IMF loan originator to developing countries. He argued in a blog that allowing wider use of any emissions tax revenues would support poor countries that have little opportunity to invest directly in shipping.

by Cat on Mon Jul 3rd, 2023 at 04:05:50 PM EST
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Speech of EVP Timmermans at Tsinghua University in China on the global Climate and Biodiversity crises, 3 July
I believe the right approach for scientists is to take an integrated approach, taking all of these elements together. It's not just about technology, it's also about human relations, it's also about our self-awareness, how we see each other and our relationship to our natural environment.

In that context, I believe a culture like the Chinese, which has for millennia adopted an attitude of respect towards ancestors, could be really instrumental in teaching us not to look only at our ancestors, but to look at ourselves as the ancestors of the future. How will our children see us if we fail to tackle the climate crisis? How will our grandchildren see us? Will they have respect for their ancestors? I doubt it, if we fail to act now. Again, I believe being a good ancestor is just as important as having respect for your own ancestors.
One core principle in our approach is that polluters have to pay for their emissions to incentivize them to avoid them. Carbon pricing is widely recognized as the most cost-effective policy to cut greenhouse gas emissions. In places across the world where robust carbon markets are operational. They have delivered emissions reductions through behavioral and technological change, and they have accelerated innovation. It also raises revenue for the green transition.

That is a triple win: you reduce emissions through a market-based mechanism, you stimulate and reward innovation, and the auctions of emissions permits raises money to reinvest in the transition. This is why I am a big believer of these kinds of emissions trading systems, it covers all the bases. And I have to say, when we introduced that many years ago, there was a lot of reluctance and initially it didn't really take off. But now industry is totally into it, they understand it. They know how it works, it brings them benefits, and it's become an integral part of adapting to the industrial revolution, which is also happening as we speak.

emphasis in original
by Cat on Tue Jul 4th, 2023 at 11:29:55 PM EST
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ndr.de | Wind power expansion: Municipalities can decide for themselves, 7 July Schleswig-Holstein
A change in the Federal Building Act makes this possible. The law was attached to the existing plans to accelerate the construction of liquid gas terminals and was on the agenda of the Bundestag and Bundesrat on Friday (July 7). The decision was made on Friday morning. The traffic light coalition wants to accelerate the expansion of renewable energies in Germany.
plans disputed
The plans are controversial in Schleswig-Holstein. Criticism comes from the black-green coalition, among others. "One would have thought that the sensitivity for careful legislation had increased since Wednesday at the latest since the Federal Constitutional Court's urgent decision on the Building Energy Act," criticized the Federal Council representative for the state, Sandra Gerken (CDU).
courthousenews | California lands zero-emissions vehicle deal with US truck manufacturers, 6 July
The agreement between the California Air Resources Board [CARB] and the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association [EMA], as well as with its commercial engine and vehicle members
• Trucks and buses • Farm, construction, and industrial equipment • Marine vessels • Locomotives • Lawn, garden and utility equipment • Electric generators

Our members also manufacture medium and heavy-duty trucks with  gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) over 10,000 pounds.

and Ford Motor Company, has the companies committing to help California reach its goal of 100% clean [light-duty] truck sales by 2036.
According to the governor's office, the move will significantly cut pollution, as fossil fuels are the largest source of air pollution. This past April, California became the first jurisdiction in the world to state it would end the sale of traditional [internal] combustion [engine] trucks by 2036. This is part of the state's goal to reach 100% zero-emission medium- and heavy-duty trucks by 2045.
Concerning the cost of the new vehicles, [CARB spokesperson Dave] Clegern said manufacturers have been prepping for years to work within the new standards, and that "at this point many of the components of zero-emissions trucks are approaching price parity with fossil fuel engines."
by Cat on Sat Jul 8th, 2023 at 03:41:24 PM EST
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handelsblatt | Koalition streicht Stromsteuer-Hilfen für die Industrie, 5 July
Finanzminister Lindner spart mit dem Wegfall der Strom-Subvention 1,7 Milliarden Euro ein. Die Unternehmen sind schockiert und üben scharfe Kritik.

Der Unmut in den betroffenen Branchen ist groß. Von dem Spitzenausgleich profitieren Unternehmen aus energieintensiven Branchen. Sie bekommen bis zu 90 Prozent der Energie- und Stromsteuer erstattet. Der Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (BDI) übte heftige Kritik an der Entscheidung: ,,Die Abschaffung des Spitzenausgleichs bedeutet eine Verzehnfachung der Stromsteuerlast für fast 9000 Unternehmen.

tfi | Le gouvernement lance un "bonus réparation" pour les vêtements et les chaussures, 11 July
• Après l'électroménager, le gouvernement va lancer en octobre un "bonus réparation" pour les biens textiles.
• Les consommateurs pourront faire rapiécer leurs vêtements ou chaussures plutôt que d'en racheter des neufs.

Les Français jettent 700.000 tonnes de vêtements chaque année. Une hérésie pour la secrétaire d'État chargée de l'Écologie, Bérangère Couillard, qui précise que les deux tiers "finissent dans des décharges". Pour inciter les clients à faire rapiécer leurs vêtements ou leurs chaussures plutôt que d'en racheter des neufs, elle a indiqué ce mardi qu'un bonus à la "réparation" des biens textiles doit être mis en place "à partir d'octobre".

politico | Kerry vows cooperation, not concessions, in climate talks with China, 13 July
"Get over it."
by Cat on Thu Jul 13th, 2023 at 09:45:48 PM EST
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27 July Spy Balloon UPDATE: Canadian wildfires have caused astonishing global damage

The Canadian wildfires that started in May have brought severe impact to Canada and even the North American region. The latest data from the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre shows that, as of Wednesday, a total of 4,774 fires have occurred nationwide in Canada, with cumulative burned areas of more than 121,000 square kilometers. This data has far exceeded the country's historical record of 76,000 square kilometers burned in 1989, surpassing the land area of South Korea, and is 7.5 times the cumulative disaster areas of wildfires in China from 2000 to 2021.
In addition to endangering the lives and property of local residents, the ecological damage and the emission of greenhouse gases caused by the wildfires have had an immeasurable impact on the human living environment. Recently, Chinese scientists used scientific methods to assess it and concluded that, as of Wednesday, the carbon dioxide emissions from Canadian wildfires have reached approximately 1 billion tons.
archived Are the Canadian Fires Under Control?
by Cat on Thu Jul 27th, 2023 at 03:34:03 PM EST
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Dinosaurs went extinct about 65 million years ago

.... (at the end of the Cretaceous Period), after living on Earth for about 165 million years. If all of Earth time from the very beginning of the dinosaurs to today were compressed into 365 days (one calendar year), the dinosaurs appeared January 1 and became extinct the third week of September. (Using this same time scale, the Earth would have formed approximately 18.5 years earlier.) Using the same scale, people (Homo sapiens) have been on earth only since December 31 (New Year's eve). The dinosaurs' long period of dominance certainly makes them unqualified successes in the history of life on Earth.

A scale of stupidity, not intelligence.

'Era of global boiling has arrived,' says UN chief as July set to be hottest month on record | The Guardian |

The era of global warming has ended and "the era of global boiling has arrived", the UN secretary general, António Guterres, has said after scientists confirmed July was on track to be the world's hottest month on record.

"Climate change is here. It is terrifying. And it is just the beginning," Guterres said.

Guterres's comments came after scientists confirmed on Thursday that the past three weeks have been the hottest since records began and July is on track to be the hottest month ever recorded.

Global temperatures this month have shattered records, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the EU's Copernicus Earth observation programme, stoked by the burning of fossil fuels and spurring violent weather.

Guterres urged politicians to take swift action. "The air is unbreathable, the heat is unbearable, and the level of fossil fuel profits and climate inaction is unacceptable.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Thu Jul 27th, 2023 at 07:20:20 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Thu Jul 27th, 2023 at 07:21:18 PM EST
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by Cat on Mon Jul 3rd, 2023 at 07:03:32 PM EST
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Senate puts NASA on notice over Mars mission
Senate appropriators are offering just $300 million in funding for fiscal 2024 for the Mars mission -- less than a third of the $949 million budget request from NASA. Appropriators also say they have deep doubts about whether NASA can complete the mission, known as Mars Sample Return (MSR).
It further said it would rescind the $300 million allocated for the mission if the agency cannot guarantee that overall cost will not exceed $5.3 billion. NASA estimates that the mission's development costs, which were originally $4.4 billion, have soared to more than $9 billion.
NASA has been working with the European Space Agency to develop the MSR mission. As part of this plan, NASA will build a Sample Retriever Lander that is slated to launch in 2028, although the Senate as well as some within the agency doubt this is a viable launch date.

As NASA has been working on developing the technology needed for the mission, costs have ballooned. First estimates indicated the cost of this mission would be around $4 billion, but according to the committee's report, the space agency has already spent more than $1 billion. The subcommittee also flagged that the planned 2028 launch date is very aggressive and likely to slip, increasing cost overruns.
If NASA cannot guarantee it can complete the mission for this amount, the Mars program faces cancellation, and the Senate will transfer the $300 million to other missions, with the bulk of it going to the Artemis lunar program. That mission aims to return astronauts to the surface of the moon and establish a small space station in orbit around the moon.

archived September 2022 omen, Artemis: NASA's Orion and ESA's Service Module, Artemis 1 mission launch dates, sci-fi allusions galore
by Cat on Wed Jul 19th, 2023 at 10:53:00 PM EST
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eurasiatimes  USD 7.5 billion
taipeitimes USD 5 billion
silkroadbriefing | Turkmenistan Unveils Arkadag - Its Futuristic New Smart City, 2 July
The new city, designed for an initial 73,000 residents (about double that of Liechtenstein) cost USD 3.3 billion to build. There are plans to spend as much again in the next few years and further expand the city and its population.

[former Pres. Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov]'s son, now President Serdar Berdymukhamedov, 41, oversaw the opening ceremony attended by foreign officials. Some brought presents, such as an electric car from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Arkadag is the new regional capital for Turkmenistan's southern Ahal Province, close to the border with Iran and 30km from the national capital, Ashgabat. All the buildings in Arkadag are coloured white, with all apartment blocks seven storeys high, a lucky number in Turkmenistan. Only electric vehicles are allowed in the city, which also have complete 5G digital coverage. The current celebrations are dedicated to the opening of the objects of the first stage of the city's development. These are 336 state of the art buildings, including two multi-storey residential buildings, public, educational, medical, cultural, sports and other facilities. According to official reports, all these facilities are built from environmentally friendly materials and equipped with digital technologies.

archived I2U2 "sssignificant progressss", the TAPI pipeline, World POWs SCO update
by Cat on Mon Jul 3rd, 2023 at 08:53:55 PM EST
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IAEA Finds Japan's Plans to Release Treated Water into the Sea at Fukushima Consistent with International Safety Standards
In a report formally presented by Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi to Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Tokyo today, the IAEA also said that the discharges of the treated water would have a negligible radiological impact to people and the environment.

The report is the outcome of nearly two years of work by an IAEA Task Force made up of top specialists from within the Agency advised by internationally recognised nuclear safety experts from eleven countries. They reviewed Japan's plans against IAEA Safety Standards which serve as a global reference for protecting people and the environment and contribute to a harmonized high level of safety worldwide.
The water stored at the FDNPS has been treated through an Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS) to remove almost all radioactivity, aside from tritium. Before discharging, Japan will dilute the water to bring the tritium to below regulatory standards.

by Cat on Tue Jul 4th, 2023 at 05:49:05 PM EST
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Tritium in nature

Tritium has radioactivity and decays to helium-3, a stable isotope of helium, by emitting beta rays (electrons) . It takes about 12.3 years ("half-life") that tritium decreases to half amount.

Tritium is produced in nature by nuclear reactions between neutrons in cosmic radiation and nitrogen or oxygen in atmosphere. The amount of tritium produced by these processes is estimated to be 200g per year. 99% of tritium exists in nature in the form of tritiated water (HTO), like water vapor, rain and sea. So it circulates together with light water (H20) around our environment.

Japan is poised to release nuclear wastewater into the Pacific. How worried should we be?

Related reading ...
'Very impressive' marine life enters North America on debris from Japanese tsunami

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Tue Jul 4th, 2023 at 06:32:14 PM EST
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hankyoreh | Less than half of Japan supports plan to dump radioactive Fukushima water, 4 July poll smoke
The Japan News Network reported Monday that 45% of 1,207 respondents in a telephone poll over the weekend were in favor of discharging the water into the ocean, 5 points higher than those opposed (40%).
While supporters of the planned discharge outnumbered opponents, they still make up fewer than half of the Japanese surveyed in the poll, carried out on the eve of the water's release. That's certain to put more pressure on the Cabinet of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.
Admittedly, results of polls about the discharge vary with the polling organization. In a March poll by the Japanese newspaper the Asahi Shimbun, approval (51%) outweighed opposition (41%) by 10 points.

A poll by the Yomiuri Shimbun in May showed approval at 60%, double opposition (30%).

by Cat on Wed Jul 5th, 2023 at 01:31:09 PM EST
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xinhua | IAEA denies endorsement of Japan's Fukushima nuke wastewater discharge plan,
5 July A/V (EN) 00:02:35
"Amid surging opposition to the Fukushima nuke wastewater discharge plan" R. M. Grossi explains
iaea | Fukushima Daiichi ALPS Treated Water Discharge - Comprehensive Report
by Cat on Thu Jul 6th, 2023 at 02:11:45 AM EST
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Japanese claim on Chinese nuclear plant waste dismissed

China has denied claims by the Japanese government that Chinese nuclear power plants have been releasing effluent containing higher levels of tritium, a radioactive isotope, than the nuclear-contaminated wastewater Japan plans to discharge into the ocean.

The rebuttal from China's National Nuclear Safety Administration came on Wednesday in response to a report in The Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan's largest-circulation newspaper, which quoted a document from the Japanese government.

The newspaper reported late last month that tritium levels in wastewater released annually from nuclear power plants in China were 6.5 fold higher than the amount scheduled to be released from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.


Wastewater generated during normal operations at nuclear power plants only contains a few fission nuclides. If these are treated with the best available techniques that strictly comply with internationally accepted standards and are then discharged in an organized manner, they will contain far less nuclear pollutants than what is permissible, the administration continued.

The world should be vigilant about the attempts being made to confuse the public with such claims to get away with misconduct, it said.

As Japan prepares to release Fukushima wastewater, anxiety grows across South Korea | NPR - June 27, 2023 |

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Thu Jul 6th, 2023 at 06:02:57 AM EST
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Japan government statement tritium levels in wastewater released annually from nuclear power plants in China were 6.5 fold higher Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant ...

The release of tritium-contaminated water has sparked concerns on the grounds it can cause serious environmental damage. However, China has not provided any agreements or explanations regarding the tritium release from its nuclear power plants, a Japanese government official told the Yomiuri Shimbun.

People's health has once again, become a political theater act by very irresponsible persons leading major economies.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Thu Jul 6th, 2023 at 06:03:45 AM EST
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Earlier this year ...

Director-General of the Department of Arms Control of the Foreign Ministry Sun Xiaobo at the "Linjia 7 Salon--Press Conference on Japan's Disposal of the Fukushima Nuclear Contaminated Water" | March 17, 2023 |


To conclude my introduction, the Pacific Ocean is not Japan's sewer for discharging its nuclear contaminated water. Japan should take an objective and science-based approach, and dispose of the nuclear contaminated water in a way that is safe and consistent with the international law, the international safety standards and good practices.

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Thu Jul 6th, 2023 at 06:26:15 AM EST
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< wipes tears >

Now yanno why, TWTR prohibts that kind of "suicidal ideation" question.

by Cat on Thu Jul 6th, 2023 at 12:55:22 PM EST
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G7 endorses Japan's Fukushima water discharge plans | Greenpeace - April 16, 2023 |

Sapporo, Japan - The nations of the G7 have chosen politics over science and the protection of the marine environment with their decision today to support the Japanese government's plans to discharge Fukushima radioactive waste water into the Pacific Ocean. 

The 1.3 million cubic meters/tons of radioactive waste water at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, currently in tanks, is scheduled to be discharged into the Pacific Ocean this year. Nations in the Asia Pacific region, led by the Pacific Island Forum, have strongly voiced their opposition to the plans. Some of the world's leading oceanographic institutes and marine scientists have criticised the weakness of the scientific justification applied by TEPCO, the owner of the nuclear plant, warned against using the Pacific Ocean as a dumping ground for radioactive contaminated water, and called for alternatives to discharge to be applied.

"The Japanese government is desperate for international endorsement for its Pacific Ocean radioactive water dump plans. It has failed to protect its own citizens, including the vulnerable fishing communities of Fukushima, as well as nations across the wider Asia Pacific region. The aftermath of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima is still strongly felt, and the Japanese government has failed to fully investigate the effects of discharging multiple radionuclides on marine life. The government is obligated under international law to conduct a comprehensive environmental impact assessment, including the impact of transboundary marine pollution, but has failed to do so. Its plans are a violation of the UN Convention Law of the Sea.

The marine environment is under extreme pressure from climate change, overfishing and resource extraction. Yet, the G7 thinks it's acceptable to endorse plans to deliberately dump nuclear waste into the ocean. Politics inside the G7 at Sapporo just trumped science, environmental protection, and international law," said Shaun Burnie, Senior Nuclear Specialist at Greenpeace East Asia.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Thu Jul 6th, 2023 at 06:29:16 AM EST
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finance.ec.europa.eu | Eleventh package - 23 June 2023 NOOooormzzzz
• Insertions of strict and very targeted derogations [exceptions] to the existing export bans to enable the maintenance of the CPC (Caspian Pipeline Consortium) pipeline which transports Kazakh oil to the EU through Russia

• Extension of the exception to the oil price cap for Sakhalin oil for Japan (until 31 March 2024)

archived lucky number sleven!
by Cat on Thu Jul 6th, 2023 at 01:04:54 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Jul 1st, 2023 at 05:09:31 AM EST
by Cat on Mon Jul 3rd, 2023 at 04:33:03 PM EST
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content word has entered the room.
by Cat on Wed Jul 5th, 2023 at 12:45:28 PM EST
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A Multiple-Choice Civics Exam would be _.
A. Too long
B. Too difficult
C. Too complicated
D. All of the above
by Cat on Wed Jul 5th, 2023 at 12:59:05 PM EST
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euobserver | UN meeting urges Russia to respect EU probes on Nord Stream blast, 12 July UNSC pres. of the month B. Woodward, UK
Russia's latest attack on EU national-level probes into last year's Nord Stream 2 blast fell on largely deaf ears at the UN Security Council (UNSC) on Tuesday (11 July). Ambassadors from non-aligned members Ecuador, Ghana, Mozambique, Switzerland, and the UAE voiced confidence in ongoing investigations by Danish, German, and Swedish authorities. "We await their swift conclusion, the transparent communication of their findings," said the UAE's envoy, Mohamed Issa Abushahab. Brazil and China had previously backed calls by Russia for a UN-level probe instead, but Brazil, on Tuesday, declared its "trust in their [EU countries'] objectivity".
The explosion made it hard for Russia to use gas supplies to manipulate Germany, indicating a pro-Ukrainian culprit. But if it was a false-flag Russian operation, then it also spooked the West on the vulnerability of its undersea infrastructure and has the potential to poison German-US and German-Ukraine relations.
aklagare.se | 2022.10.28
... I fully understand the great interest in the ongoing preliminary investigation. But it is important both for the preliminary investigation and for the various collaborations we have that we now get to work in peace and quiet, concludes chamber prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist.
Denmark, Germany, and Sweden have been investigating the "unprecedented" incident, which took place in Danish and Swedish maritime zones, for 10 months, but it's still "not possible to say when" they'll have results, they said in a joint letter to the UNSC on Monday.
archived coordinated act by one or more members of NATO in Whodunnit UPDATE

schmiegel | Datenleck offenbart Kunden der Google-Sicherheitsplattform VirusTotal, 17 July

Die Datei ist klein, 313 Kilobyte, sie sollte eigentlich nie öffentlich werden. Doch Ende Juni landet sie im Internet. Es handelt sich um eine Liste mit 5600 Namen, unter anderem von Mitarbeitern des US-Geheimdienstes NSA und deutscher Nachrichtendienste. Sie alle haben sich bei der IT-Sicherheitsplattform VirusTotal registriert.
Das U.S. Cyber Command ist besonders präsent
Auf der geleakten Liste der VirusTotal-Kunden, die dem SPIEGEL vorliegt, stehen jeweils der Name der Organisation und die E-Mail-Adresse der Mitarbeiter, die den Account angemeldet haben. Dass die Liste authentisch ist, konnte der SPIEGEL verifizieren. So tauchen Namen von Behördenmitarbeitern auf, manche Betroffene sind auch auf LinkedIn zu finden.

Der Datensatz ist aufschlussreich, zumal er zahlreiche Nutzer umfasst, die nur ungern oder gar nicht über ihre Arbeit sprechen—und auch nicht darüber reden, wie sie an Informationen kommen.

So führen allein zwanzig Accounts zum »Cyber Command« der USA, Teil des amerikanischen Militärs und Schaltstelle für offensive und defensive Hackingoperationen. Ebenfalls vertreten: das US-Justizministerium, die amerikanische Bundespolizei FBI und der Geheimdienst NSA. Auch offizielle Stellen aus den Niederlanden, Taiwan und Großbritannien sind demnach auf VirusTotal unterwegs.

archived June 2023 American sciences, the dogs that did not bark, TAO and the ROC
by Cat on Tue Jul 18th, 2023 at 03:09:49 AM EST
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What use is a virus killer if you don't have a spelling checker? 🤣

Sensitive US military info exposed in accidental emails to Mali

For years, a misspelling of ".MIL" in the suffix of military email addresses as ".ML" -- the country domain for Mali -- unintentionally led to a "typo leak," according to The Financial Times, which first reported the story. As a result, everything from diplomatic documents, tax returns, passwords and travel details of top officers has been exposed, the outlet noted.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Tue Jul 18th, 2023 at 04:12:37 AM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Jul 1st, 2023 at 05:09:57 AM EST
Fighting for freedom ... NATO allies, foreign intelligence, failed coup plot. FETO terrorist exiled in the US.

Defeat of 2016 coup plot preserved Türkiye's sovereignty, social cohesion | TRT World |

The 'Democracy and National Unity Day' symbolises the bravery of the heroes who foiled the coup and showed the world that true commitment to democracy is not merely expressed with words but through sacrifice.

On the night of July 15, 2016, Türkiye was the scene of a bloody coup attempt led by US-based Fetullah Gulen and his clandestine network, the Fetullah Terrorist Organisation (FETO).

While attempting to seize power, the renegades used fighter jets, helicopters, battle tanks, and special forces to overthrow the democratically-elected government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The coup plotters had the suspected assistance of foreign intelligence agencies and the tacit acceptance of Western political officials.

Fortunately, Türkiye's secret weapon - its lionhearted people - mobilised hand in hand with the government and fought to resist the onslaught of subversive elements threatening Turkish democracy.

From a geo-strategic point of view, it is well known that coups are generally part of great power politics aimed to crush the legitimate political aspirations of various nations in the Global South to achieve more independent policies.

Game of thrones

During the Cold War, international powers, including the United States and the Soviet Union, regularly resorted to toppling governments to pursue their interests. But even after the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989), supporting coups and military takeovers remained a regular feature of American foreign policy.

In his book 'America's Deadliest Export: Democracy', former US Department of State staffer, William Blum, argues that since the end of World War II, the US has "endeavoured to overthrow more than 50 foreign governments, most of which were democratically elected; grossly interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 countries; attempted to assassinate more than 50 foreign leaders; dropped bombs on the people of more than 30 countries; attempted to suppress a populist or nationalist movement in 20 countries."

For instance, Mohammad Mossadegh was a nationalist leader who was fixated on bringing more democracy to Iran and nationalising the country's substantial oil resources.

Sovereignty, UN Charter and US interventions

Joe Biden. America's Interventionist Hero

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Fri Jul 14th, 2023 at 09:34:27 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Sat Jul 1st, 2023 at 05:10:23 AM EST

Penny Royalty. Illustrator, Chris Cairss.

I've no comment to add to the topic, author, or  correspondents. But I do have one question. Who's the person in the striped jersey?

by Cat on Sun Jul 9th, 2023 at 10:44:23 PM EST
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Daizen Maeda as a stab in the dark, don't ask me why.I do miss the blond hair 😄

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Mon Jul 10th, 2023 at 05:19:32 AM EST
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archived explained
by Cat on Mon Jul 10th, 2023 at 10:12:13 PM EST
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by Cat on Mon Jul 24th, 2023 at 07:12:17 PM EST
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Vovan and Lexis call Kissinger  A/V 00:33:52
...In a conversation with our "Zelensky", he was as usual cunning and strategic: he blames Ukrainians for the undermining of the Nord Stream 2, the Russians for Kennedy's death; but he hints that Ukraine will not be able to return Crimea to Ukraine, and the European members of the Bilderberg Club oppose Ukraine's accession to NATO....
by Cat on Wed Jul 12th, 2023 at 03:52:37 PM EST
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GOOG "blackmail"? No. GOOG "embargo"? No. GOOG extortion!

archive Media Freedom Act exclusion settings

by Cat on Mon Jul 24th, 2023 at 12:38:35 PM EST
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Feds drop campaign contributions charge against Sam Bankman-Fried, 27 July
"Separately on Wednesday, prosecutors asked a judge to jail Bankman-Fried claiming he engaged in witness tampering by giving a New York Times reporter the personal writings of his ex-girlfriend Caroline Ellison -- who is slated to be a key witness against him at trial."
by Cat on Thu Jul 27th, 2023 at 11:35:03 PM EST
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USA captain Horan denies the Netherlands famous World Cup win | BBC News |

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Thu Jul 27th, 2023 at 01:20:34 PM EST
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