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VVD Dilan Yesilgöz Commits to Law & Order - I

by Oui Sat Jul 15th, 2023 at 04:51:39 PM EST

Not taking away the root cause, but harsh repression is our future ...

On the Palestinian issue, she has strong bias pro-Israel and continues the VVD policy of Geert Wilders (now one-man party PPV), Ayaan Hirsi Ali and "Likud" Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal (2010-2012).

Although cabinet Rutte IV is dissolved and handles in a caretaker task, the minister announced she will push through legislation banning controversial new IHRA definition of anti-semitism, genocide and war crimes. Infringement of free speech and intrusion into privacy of Dutch citizens. Another Machiavellian VVD leader representing Tory conservatism, exploiting division in society and not entering dialogue with other views and opinions. Not the Dutch manner of compromise, solidarity with the needy and community spirit to prevent criminality.

Build her political career on "Law & Order"

Started her political career in Amsterdam municipal council ...

Yeşilgöz: "Antisemitism should not be trivialized or made salonfähig" | CIDI an Likud linked Israel lobby group |

Prior to the round table discussion on anti-Semitism by the House of Representatives' Home Affairs committee last month, CIDI had the honor of visiting one of the initiators, Dilan Yeşilgöz (VVD), for a talk. A few days after the roundtable discussion, Gert-Jan Segers (CU), co-initiator, also received CIDI. This is the first part of a diptych of interviews with MPs about their views on Jew-hatred and racism in the Netherlands.

CIDI: Anti-Semitism in the Netherlands is historically fraught. For example, many people in the Netherlands have grown up with family stories from the Second World War. You come from a family that did not directly experience this event.

Yeşilgöz: You cannot compare the Holocaust to anything. It is of incomparable horrors. But I also come from a family that knows very well that freedom is not self-evident. My father is of Kurdish descent. But the Kurds were oppressed in Turkey for a long time. They were not allowed to speak their language, express their culture in many ways and were often chased out.

The Kurds are one of the world's largest peoples without a state, making up sizable minorities in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. Their century-old fight for rights, autonomy, and even an independent Kurdistan has been marked by marginalization and persecution.

My mother came from a Turkish family with which she had all the opportunities and possibilities. But she saw around her that so many people did not have those freedoms. From her privileged position she had also taken action against oppression - of women, of Kurds, of gays: you name it. Both my parents have very openly fought against this oppression, among other things by demonstrating and publishing. At one point their friends from similar circles ended up in prison and it became unsafe for my parents as well.

I also learned this in my upbringing: you always have to defend freedom. Only as I get older have I come to realize that this has been a lesson, also to apply later in politics. Of course it's not the case that we were sitting at the table with the family and that my parents started with "listen, Dilan, you have to apply this so and so ...". It doesn't matter if the person you stand up for looks like you or not. It's about freedom for everyone.

In a small country like the Netherlands you can sometimes see the clash of values here. You should also be aware of this. Freedom is always worth defending. In a fairly relaxed country like the Netherlands you can think that freedom is just part of it.

Incidentally, I learned about this not only from my parents, but also from people from the Dutch-Jewish community.

What is her position of the overthrow of democratically elected Persian leader Mossadeq ... and the role of the Mossad and CIA training of SAVAK in torture and crimes against humanity. Why does Yeşilgöz defend the position of occupier Israel, their war crimes and forego the rights of the Palestinian people for their independent state? Recognized by the UN Security Council. White-washing Israel's crimes against the Palestinians ... why?

Candidate VVD leader you have Kurdish roots ... damn, do not continue your personal vendetta in Dutch politics. The Dutch have enough historic problems of their own from colonial era of slavery, exploitation, inequality ... how about solving Dutch problems and not act as an agent for Israel like Geert Wilders does .. have you had round-table discussions with the Moroccan community in Amsterdam New West ... where are those publications ... are you loved as well by the less privileged districts in Amsterdam or are you building your political career on opportunity and personal gain. Why have you not managed to convince me as I listen to you speak? Why do you remind me of Ayaan Hirsi Ali? Ayaan too could rage on her convictions but had no empathy for others with a different family background and upbringing. Respect personal views and be tolerant to others with a different background and culture ... living together with respect or do you demand assimilation? Of course in the Netherlands there is one set of rules and laws for everyone ... but diversity demands tolerance ... the very basic character ter of the Dutch when they were united with Belgium in the Seven Provinces.

Do you know the history of Portuguese Jews seeking refuge from the Inquisition of 1492. I do and many others who are tolerant to asylum seekers today escaping from wars initiated by America and its neo-colonial NATO allies in the European Union. You build a nice narrative, but keep hammering on the same and very limited incidents. Are you for real or just fake as your predecessor Mark Rutte was? Damn you, convince me!

The Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam

The Portuguese Jewish Congregation kept in contact with fellow religionists in Lisbon, Bordeaux, Bayonne, Hamburg, London, and later also in Brazil -in many cases through relatives. The Amsterdam Jewish community set an example for those forming elsewhere, such as those who left Amsterdam - or Brazil - to settle in New Amsterdam, Suriname, St Eustatius, and Curaçao.

The Portuguese Jews were major players in the Netherlands' cultural and economic development and loomed large in Jewish history. The congregation produced rabbis, scholars, theorists, artists, bankers, and founders and managers of leading international trading houses. Their luminaries included the celebrated philosopher Baruch Spinoza, who was excommunicated by the congregation in 1656. Historians dispute the reasons for his banishment, but the prevailing view is that his ideas conflicted with those of the rabbinate.

This Day in Jewish History | 1654: Brazil Expels Its Jews. Again | Haaretz |

Fleeing the Inquisition in Portugal, Jews who settled in Brazil got a breath of freedom under the Dutch. Then the Portuguese kicked them out again.

My diary @BooMan ...

Holy Toledo! | Aug. 14, 2009 |

First published as a comment over at My Left Wing in a diary: Why We Hate the Poor. [MLW has shut down, link is an alternate article]

Wow, not much has changed in 528 years of human "cultivation."

Edict of the Expulsion of the Jews (1492)

You know well or ought to know, that whereas we have been informed that in these our kingdoms there were some wicked Christians who Judaized and apostatized from our holy Catholic faith, the great cause of which was interaction between the Jews and these Christians, in the cortes which we held in the city of Toledo in the past year of one thousand, four hundred and eighty (1480), we ordered the separation of the said Jews in all the cities, towns and villages of our kingdoms and lordships and [commanded] that they be given Jewish quarters and separated places where they should live, hoping that by their separation the situation would remedy itself. Furthermore, we procured and gave orders that inquisition should be made in our aforementioned kingships and lordships ...

Reconquista: Moors driven out of Granada - 1491.

The multicultural revival in Spain: Alhambra - 2008 and the the inauguration of the bright, airy and elegant Granada Mosque.

Follow-up article @TikunOlam

Medieval Spain: Arabs and Jews in Cultural Embrace

by Oui (Oui) on Sun Jul 16th, 2023 at 07:19:20 AM EST
Medieval Spain: Arabs and Jews in Cultural Embrace | Timur Olam - May 9, 2004 |

There are other worthy recordings which well represent the music of this period including . La Rondinella's Sephardic Journey: Spain and the Spanish Jews and Songs of the Sephardim: Traditional Music of the Spanish Jews (Dorian 93171 and 80105). The latter contains one of my favorite (and one of the best known) Sephardic ballads, Los Bilbilicos:

    The nightingales are singing
    in the flowering tree.
    Those who sit under the tree
    are suffering from love.

    The rose blooms
    in the month of May
    But my soul withers away
    suffering from love.

    Come more quickly, dove
    more quickly come with me
    Come more quickly, my love
    run and save me.

As I listen to this glorious music, I tell myself: "Do not despair. The current hatred and violence cannot long prevail." Mutual respect between the adherents of these two great faiths does not have to be long in coming if both would only remember and honor their own history.

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Sun Jul 16th, 2023 at 08:05:09 AM EST
by Oui (Oui) on Sun Jul 16th, 2023 at 08:05:47 AM EST
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There is so much more that unites us than divides us. End the scourge of hate and division, put an end to violence wherever it originates. Learn the lessons from recent past, don't fight the battles of our parents, grandparents or biblical ancestors ... there is so little time left to save our habitat and planet. 🔥 Stop the bloodshed of stupid wars. 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇷🇺 🇨🇳

'Sapere aude'
by Oui (Oui) on Sun Jul 16th, 2023 at 08:06:37 AM EST
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