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For Safety of Jews, Stop Weaponizing Anti-semitism

by Oui Mon Jan 1st, 2024 at 01:28:25 PM EST

"For the safety of Jews and Palestinians, stop weaponizing antisemitism" | Informed Comment |

That's the headline of a Friday op-ed from Bernie Steinberg, who was the executive director of Harvard Hillel from 1993 to 2010.

"Today's McCarthyist tactic of manufacturing
an antisemitism scare... turns the very real issue
of Jewish safety into a pawn in a cynical
political game to cover for Israel's deeply
unpopular policies with regard to Palestine."

"I know what antisemitism looks like and I do not take the issue of violence against Jews lightly. I have monitored, with vigilance, the kinds of speech that Israel-aligned parties are calling `antisemitic,' and it simply does not pass the sniff test," he argued. "Let me speak plainly: It is not antisemitic to demand justice for all Palestinians living in their ancestral lands."

Recalling his own experiences enduring antisemitism, including violent attacks, Steinberg wrote for a new Harvard Crimson opinion series:

    "As a leader in the Jewish community, I am particularly alarmed by today's McCarthyist tactic of manufacturing an antisemitism scare, which, in effect, turns the very real issue of Jewish safety into a pawn in a cynical political game to cover for Israel's deeply unpopular policies with regard to Palestine. A recent poll found that 66% of all U.S. voters and 80% of Democratic voters desire an end to Israel's current war, for instance.

    What makes this trend particularly disturbing is the power differential: Billionaire donors and the politically connected, non-Jews and Jews alike on one side, targeting disproportionately people of vulnerable populations on the other, including students, untenured faculty, persons of color, Muslims, and, especially, Palestinian activists."

"In most cases, it takes the form of bullying pro-Palestine organizers. In others, these campaigns persecute anyone who simply doesn't show due deference to the bullies," Steinberg wrote of current trends on campuses. He noted the effort to smear Harvard's new president and warned that "the toppling of the president of the University of Pennsylvania is a sobering example of what can happen when we empower these unscrupulous forces to dictate our path as university leaders."

Adam Guillette, the CEO of conservative group Accuracy in Media, stands in front of the truck. The Crimson blurred parts of this photograph to avoid identifying students due to retaliation concerns. By Julian J. Giordano

Harvard Students Hold Silent 'Study-In' at Widener Library, Rally at Mass. Hall to Call for End of War in Gaza

Censorship Big Tech from Silicon Valley and even state censorship from the former occupied West-Germany with ingrained authoritarianism and fascism from US cultural indoctrination post WWII. An outlier in the European Union which has shown a lack of leadership on human rights by participating with the U.S. War on Terror post 9/11. Populism on the rise as xenophobia and Islamophobia has instilled FEAR in a majority of its citizens.

Excellent reference:

The City Becomes A Symbol
The U.S. Army in the Occupation of Berlin, 1945-1949
[large pdf - 350 pages]


Amid Systemic Censorship of Palestinian Voices, Facebook Owes Users Transparency | EFF - 25 May 2021 |

Over the past few weeks, as protests in--and in solidarity with--Palestine have grown, so too have violations of the freedom of expression of Palestinians and their allies by major social media companies. From posts incorrectly flagged by Facebook as incitement to violence, to financial censorship of relief payments made on Venmo, and the removal of Instagram Stories (which also heavily affected activists in Colombia, Canada, and Brazil), Palestinians are experiencing an unprecedented level of censorship during a time where digital communications are absolutely critical.

See my diaries from the May 2021 Gaza War ...

US Joe Biden Partners with Israel in Gaza Carnage

Happened before during the Bush and Obama administration. Shipping arms and munitions to replenish stocks used by Israel to crush the Palestinian people in Gaza. Unconscionable ... immoral ... equates to war crimes and/or complicit to bombing civilians. The United States will live with impunity, Israeli leaders will be judged by the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The White House and U.S. Congress will always stand by Israel to avoid prosecution.

Earlier in July 2014 ...

We Share Their Moral Values ... Israel

BREAKING NEWS: UN staff killed in attack on UN-run school in Gaza: Ban Ki-moon

Both nations are morally bankrupt. The U.S. has their School of the Americas (SOA) with training in death squads and torture. This has been known especially after the investigation and report by the Church Commission.

After 9/11 devastation Ariel Sharon and George Bush joined forces to pronounce an all-out War On Terror (WOT)TM. This was not just on the enemy that attacked New York, Pennsylvania and Washington but included Fatah, Hamas and Hezbollah. The neocons created their war of civilizations and we stood by and let it happen. See all the Islamophobes funded and supported by the terror state Israel and its minions.

I wasn't surprised that the U.N. school with civilians was targeted. This happens in every battle Israel engages with its neighbors, so it's planned and not by accident. It's part of political and military strategy. Netanyahu was pissed at the United Nations and SG Ban Ki-moon for his condemnation of the number of civilian deaths in Gaza.

Personally I'm deeply puzzled by the official position of German leadership on human rights of the Palestinian people and Gazans in particular. I had admired Germany on its position on asylum seekers and migration ... what I am reading now is very disturbing.

Germany on wrong side of history ... again

Germany pledged 'never again.' Here's how it's grappling with Israel's bombing of Gaza | LA Times Opinion |

The principle of "never again" is built into the very foundations of German national identity. The reasons should be obvious. German disavowal of its past through commemoration has become something of a gold standard for countries that have perpetrated unforgivable crimes. And yet, since Oct. 7, Holocaust memory has increasingly been invoked in Germany to suppress debate on Hamas militants' massacres of that day in Israel and the brutalities the Israel Defense Forces have meted out against Gaza Strip civilians in the aftermath. It appears that something has gone terribly awry in Germany's famed Geschichte und Erinnerung culture.

In Germany, it has become virtually impossible to stand against the IDF's violent targeting of Gazan civilians without being smeared with suspicions of antisemitism. The German-based Heinrich Böll Foundation reportedly withdrew its support from co-sponsoring the Hannah Arendt Prize for political thought to journalist Masha Gessen because of an essay they wrote this month in The New Yorker, in which they drew parallels between Gaza and a Jewish ghetto.

While this started before Oct. 7, what has been remarkable in the present crackdown is the inordinate number of Jews and Israelis in Germany now under attack for speaking out against the killing of civilians in Gaza. Even more disturbing is how many of them are being framed as antisemitic by German authorities, who similarly censure Arab and Middle Eastern communities who critique Israel.

An Open Letter on the Misuse of Holocaust Memory | The NY Book Review |

However, appealing to the memory of the Holocaust obscures our understanding of the antisemitism Jews face today, and dangerously misrepresents the causes of violence in Israel-Palestine. The Nazi genocide involved a state--and its willing civil society--attacking a tiny minority, which then escalated to a continent-wide genocide. Indeed, comparisons of the crisis unfolding in Israel-Palestine to Nazism and the Holocaust--above all when they come from political leaders and others who can sway public opinion--are intellectual and moral failings. At a moment when emotions are running high, political leaders have a responsibility to act calmly and avoid stoking the flames of distress and division. And, as academics, we have a duty to uphold the intellectual integrity of our profession and support others around the world in making sense of this moment.

Israeli leaders and others are using the Holocaust framing to portray Israel's collective punishment of Gaza as a battle for civilization in the face of barbarism, thereby promoting racist narratives about Palestinians. 

This rhetoric encourages us to separate this current crisis from the context out of which it has arisen. Seventy-five years of displacement, fifty-six years of occupation, and sixteen years of the Gaza blockade have generated an ever-deteriorating spiral of violence that can only be arrested by a political solution. There is no military solution in Israel-Palestine, and deploying a Holocaust narrative in which an "evil" must be vanquished by force will only perpetuate an oppressive state of affairs that has already lasted far too long.

Meeting like minds ... damn ugly biased, racist and common moral deprivation ...

France and colonialism, the Algerian heritage

France's new 'separatism' law stigmatises minorities and could backfire badly | The Conversation - 15 Aug. 2021 |

France's constitutional council has approved, with minor amendments, the "law consolidating respect for the principles of the Republic", a bill that aims to counter "separatism" in French society. It is part of President Emmanuel Macron's program to combat terrorism.

The bill includes measures to oblige neutrality in organisations that collaborate with public services, allow the government exert more control over charities and NGOs, require authorisation for home schooling and outlaw "virginity certificates".

The law has been the subject of much controversy since it was drafted. Some on the left, including NGOs and university groups, say it is an attack on civil liberties while others, including right-wing politicians, consider it too weak in its refusal to use the term "communitarianism" instead of "separatism" or to ban the veil in public spaces for minors.

Netanyahu denies 'cynical' use of Paris commemoration | FT - 12 Jan. 2015 |

Israeli PM plays down accusations that French trip was politically motivated

Netanyahu has so often played the Holocaust card and comparison to Germany and Nazi atrocities. Don't blame the State of Palestine for the Shoah of Nazi Germany.

For Bibi, Hondeling Over the Holocaust in Return for an Anti-Semite's Embrace | Tikun Olam |

Front Internationale

Marine Le Pen - Geert Wilders - Flemish Bloc

Euroviews. The far right is already part of the European mainstream — it’s just high time to finally admit it

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks. the former chief rabbi of the United Kingdom whose extensive writings and frequent media appearances commanded a global following among Jews and non-Jews alike. [life peerage]

Sacks spoke out publicly as Britain's Labour Party was engulfed in an anti-Semitism scandal under its previous leader Jeremy Corbyn, calling Corbyn an anti-Semite.

Sacks branched out beyond religious and Jewish cultural thought as well. In 2017 he delivered a Ted Talk about "facing the future without fear" and what he called a "fateful moment" in Western history after the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president, citing Thomas Paine and anthropologists to make an argument about returning a culture of togetherness.

Leading Jewish voice Rabbi Sacks accuses Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn | Tikun Olam - 3 Sept. 2018 |

Sacks launched his own personal crusade to destroy the political career of Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. He has falsely accused him of anti-Semitism and demanded that he "recant and repent" his offending statements. More than a political debate, such demands remind me of the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution.

Germany and racist ideology reunion East-Germany, rise of AfD extremists

From Vergangenheitsbewältigung to Violence: Unravelling the Paradoxes of the German Extreme-Right

Despite extensive post war denazification, political re-education and multiple party banning attempts, extreme-right politics and associated violence remain a challenging problem in reunified Germany. This paper seeks to understand why neo-Nazism still provides a substantial threat to German democracy, focusing especially on the German reunification's impact on political parties and movements. One of the key issues I will address is the German far-right's relative electoral failure, which, particularly since the reunification, has contrasted strongly with high levels of xenophobia, anti-democratic sentiment and racist violence. I will not address the newly developed Alternative für Deutschland party's development, with various academics disagreeing on whether the party can be labelled extreme right or populist.

Germany Is Thinking of Simply Banning the Far Right | Foreign Policy - 13 Dec. 2023 |

Palestinians in Europe Fear for Safety as Crackdown on Soeech Fosters Hate | The Intercept |

In Europe and the U.S., Palestinians say Western governments' lockstep support for Israel opens up their communities to attacks.

Palestinians in Germany fear new level of repression after Nakba Day crackdown | 21 May 2022 |

Claiming to fight antisemitism, Berlin police arrested 170 people for carrying flags and keffiyehs during a flash mob marking Palestinians' mass expulsion.

Massive Protests 22nd Week Against Judicial Reform, 3 June 2023

Israel sued for 'genocide' in The Hague, 29 Dec

South Africa also asked the ICJ to "indicate provisional measures" in order to "protect against further, severe and irreparable harm" to Palestinians under the Genocide Convention. The ICJ also published the 84-page document that lists these measures in detail, first of which is for Israel to "immediately suspend its military operations in and against Gaza."
timesofisrael | In historic ruling, High Court strikes down key judicial overhaul legislation, 1 Jan 2024
The court split almost down middle over the highly contentious legislation, the only law from the government's polarizing judicial overhaul package to have been passed, with eight justices ruling to strike down the law and seven to uphold it.

But fully 13 out of the full 15-justice panel that heard the case wrote in their opinions that the court did have the authority to review Basic Laws. And of the five justices who asserted this right but declined to strike down the reasonableness law, three expressed deep concern over the legislation and wrote that it should be interpreted in a narrow manner to preserve aspects of the reasonableness standard.

In what is perhaps the most significant outcome of the decision, the court fully actualized in legal precedent the argument made in previous rulings by former Supreme Court justice Esther Hayut that it does have, in limited circumstances, the right to annul Basic Laws if they undermine the key characteristics of the State of Israel as a Jewish and a democratic country.

timesofisrael | 42 survivors of the Nova rave massacre sue defense establishment for negligence, 1 Jan
In the first civil suit of its kind, a group of injured survivors of the Supernova rave massacre on Monday sued Israel's security forces for damages over their alleged negligence leading up to the October 7 Hamas onslaught, claiming hat the tragedy could have largely been averted.

The 42 plaintiffs filed the claim for NIS 200 million ($56 million) at the Tel Aviv District Court against the Shin Bet security service, the Israel Defense Forces, the Israel Police, and the Defense Ministry, alleging multiple instances in which they failed in their duties.

"A single phone call by IDF officials to the commander responsible for the party to disperse it immediately in view of the expected danger would have saved lives and prevented the physical and mental injuries of hundreds of partygoers, including the plaintiffs," the lawsuit said. "The negligence and the gross oversight is beyond belief."

ChatGPT | Israel begins ["]partial drawdown["] of troops from Gaza, 1 Jan 2024 troop rotation, actually
The Israeli military has started withdrawing units from Gaza, indicating that a new phase of the war has begun, though officials said the conflict is far from over.

"Some of the reservists will return to their families and employment this week," an Israel Defense Forces spokesman said.

rumble.com, RT News - January 02 2024, "Deadly Failure" @00:11:57
Well, RT has spoken with several former, high-ranking Israeli officers who say the country's intelligence and leadership completely failed to prepare for the Hamas attack that killed more than a thousand people on October seventh. Our middle-east correspondent Maria Finoshina reports ...

comment: This is the same Maria Finoshina who during the entire month of October reported for Israel's defense establishment authorized sites of "atrocity" committed by Hamas, Herzog's kibbutz tours, and unexpected.lolwut IDF confrontations with RT Palestinian reporters in northern Gaza—while in the newsroom, the anchors' sympathy for Isreali retribution steadily disintegrated as Palestinian body-count rose. This morning's segment attempted to roll up RT's bureau dual-mission running interference for the Kremlin's ambivalent ME posture and MSM "defense breach" reportage into a mawkish "package"—file footage, B-roll cutaways, and a string of pre-recorded "beat check" clips featuring Amir Avivi (IDF-NGO), Rami Gold (MOS), Herzi Helvi (IDF), Amit Assa (Shin Bet col., ret'd), Netanyahu (TOI overlay quote)—of unrequited justice for Israel's innocents. Conspicuously missing from this narration is the present tense, not least whispers of Joe Blinken's hypothetical "Iron Sword" deadline. "All questions on how this tragic failure happened," ironically concludes Finoshina, "will be asked after the end of the war that is now unfolding behind this wall. The fears are that the fighting will last for too long to remember all those questions. People want the answers now." More likely, the message from Moscow is, you've made your bed. Now, lie on it.
archive iton.tv: Israel is on the side of Ukraine, but does not join the sanctions against Russia
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Germany pledged 'never again'. Here's how it's grappling with Israel's bombing of Gaza | LA Times Opinion |

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