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ICJ Start Oral Hearings 57-Year Occupation Palestine

by Oui Sun Feb 18th, 2024 at 08:51:26 AM EST

What has Roosevelt and Truman wrought? The end of Wilsonian foreign policy in sight.

UN International Court of Justice in The Hague:
52 Countries to Take Part in Hearings on Occupation of Palestinian Land

Top UN Court to Hold Hearings on Legality of Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Lands | Asharq Al-Aswat |

The United Nations' highest court opens historic hearings Monday into the legality of Israel's 57-year occupation of lands sought for a Palestinian state, plunging the 15 international judges back into the heart of the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Six days of hearings are scheduled at the International Court of Justice, during which an unprecedented number of countries will participate, as Israel continues its devastating assault on Gaza.

Though the case occurs against the backdrop of the Israel-Hamas war, it focuses instead on Israel's open-ended occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem.

Palestinian representatives, who speak first on Monday, will argue that the Israeli occupation is illegal because it has violated three key tenets of international law, the Palestinian legal team told reporters Wednesday.

They say that Israel has violated the prohibition on territorial conquest by annexing large swaths of occupied land, has violated the Palestinians' right to self-determination, and has imposed a system of racial discrimination and apartheid. "We want to hear new words from the court," said Omar Awadallah, the head of the UN organizations department in the Palestinian Foreign Ministry.

"They've had to consider the word genocide in the South Africa case," he said, referring to a separate case before the court. "Now we want them to consider apartheid."

Awadallah said an advisory opinion from the court "will give us many tools, using peaceful international law methods and tools, to confront the illegalities of the occupation."

The court will likely take months to rule. But experts say the decision, though not legally binding, could profoundly impact international jurisprudence, international aid to Israel and public opinion.

"The case will put before the court a litany of accusations and allegations and grievances which are probably going to be uncomfortable and embarrassing for Israel, given the war and the already very polarized international environment," said Yuval Shany, a law professor at Hebrew University and senior fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute.

Israel is not scheduled to speak during the hearings, but could submit a written statement. Shany said Israel will likely justify the ongoing occupation on security grounds, especially in the absence of a peace deal.


Palestinians and leading rights groups say the occupation goes far beyond defensive measures. They say it has morphed into an apartheid system, bolstered by settlement building on occupied lands, that gives Palestinians second-class status and is designed to maintain Jewish hegemony from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Israel rejects any accusation of apartheid.

The case arrives at the court after the UN General Assembly voted by a wide margin in December 2022 to ask the world court for a non-binding advisory opinion on one of the world’s longest-running and thorniest disputes. The request was promoted by the Palestinians and opposed vehemently by Israel. Fifty countries abstained from voting. In a written statement before the vote, Israel’s UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan called the measure "outrageous," the UN "morally bankrupt and politicized" and any potential decision from the court "completely illegitimate."

After the Palestinians present their arguments, 51 countries and three organizations — the League of Arab States, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the African Union will address the panel of judges in the wood-paneled Great Hall of Justice.

Speech VDL at the Hudson Institute

From the prized Hudson Institute where VDL was so fond of she could speech there, she ran out of a EP session just to be in her America on time.

The End of the Wilsonian Era: Why Liberal Internationalism Failed | Hudson Institute – 8 Dec. 2020 |

One hundred years after the U.S. Senate humiliated President Woodrow Wilson by rejecting the Treaty of Versailles, Princeton University, which Wilson led as its president before launching his political career, struck his name from its famous school of international affairs. As “cancellations” go, this one is at least arguably deserved. Wilson was an egregious racist even by the standards of his time, and the man behind the persecution of his own political opponents and the abuses of the first Red Scare has been celebrated for far too long and far too uncritically.

But however problematic Wilson’s personal views and domestic policies were, as a statesman and ideologist, he must be counted among the most influential makers of the modern world. He was not a particularly original thinker. More than a century before Wilson proposed the League of Nations, Tsar Alexander I of Russia had alarmed his fellow rulers at the Congress of Vienna by articulating a similar vision: an international system that would rest on a moral consensus upheld by a concert of powers that would operate from a shared set of ideas about legitimate sovereignty. By Wilson’s time, moreover, the belief that democratic institutions contributed to international peace whereas absolute monarchies were inherently warlike and unstable was almost a commonplace observation among educated Americans and Britons. Wilson’s contribution was to synthesize those ideas into a concrete program for a rules-based order grounded in a set of international institutions.

His failure to win broad-based support at home for that vision broke him, and he died a bitterly disappointed man. In the decades that followed, however, his ideas became an inspiration and a guide to national leaders, diplomats, activists, and intellectuals around the world. During World War II, many Americans came to regret their country’s prewar isolationism, including its refusal to join the League of Nations, and Wilson began to appear less like a martinet hobbled by poor political skills and more like a prophet whose wisdom, had it been heeded, could have prevented the second great global conflagration in 20 years. Inspired by that conclusion, American leaders during and after World War II laid the foundations of what they hoped would be a Wilsonian world order, in which international relations would be guided by the principles put forward in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and conducted according to rules established by institutions such as the United Nations, the International Court of Justice, and the World Trade Organization.

Read the full article in Foreign Affairs | Jan-Feb 2021 |

The End of the Wilsonian Century? | AEI – 8 Sept. 2019|

Academic Institutions for study of peace have long been replaced by right-wing think tanks in the Anglo-Saxon world to sustain a colonial policy of regime change and wars by proxy to keep unrest and economic chaos by America’s adversaries across the globe. No UN Charter, nor conventions on human rights was able to stop that monster, accelerated by the 9/11 attack. Horrors of punitive wars, assassinations by drone, illegal detention, torture and rendition. The former Soviet satellites states in Eastern Europe were willing to be complicit in these international crimes. Their benefits a fast-track membership of the European (dis)Union and a solid NATO membership under U.S. Military Command. We Are All from Mars Now!

Prussian militarism has returned in Europe … thank you Big Brother.

Iron Kingdom: The Rise and Fall of Prussia

In the aftermath of World War II, Prussia–a centuries-old state pivotal to Europe's development–ceased to exist. In their eagerness to erase all traces of the Third Reich from the earth, the Allies believed that Prussia, the very embodiment of German militarism, had to be abolished.

But as Christopher Clark reveals in this pioneering history, Prussia's legacy is far more complex. Though now a fading memory in Europe's heartland, the true story of Prussia offers a remarkable glimpse into the dynamic rise of modern Europe.

What we find is a kingdom that existed nearly half a millennium ago as a patchwork of territorial fragments, with neither significant resources nor a coherent culture. With its capital in Berlin, Prussia grew from being a small, poor, disregarded medieval state into one of the most vigorous and powerful nations in Europe. Iron Kingdom traces Prussia's involvement in the continent's foundational religious and political conflagrations: from the devastations of the Thirty Years War through centuries of political machinations to the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire, from the enlightenment of Frederick the Great to the destructive conquests of Napoleon, and from the “iron and blood” policies of Bismarck to the creation of the German Empire in 1871, and all that implied for the tumultuous twentieth century.

By 1947, Prussia was deemed an intolerable threat to the safety of Europe; what is often forgotten, Clark argues, is that it had also been an exemplar of the European humanistic tradition, boasting a formidable government administration, an incorruptible civil service, and religious tolerance. Clark demonstrates how a state deemed the bane of twentieth-century Europe has played an incalculable role in Western civilization's fortunes. Iron Kingdom is a definitive, gripping account of Prussia's fascinating, influential, and critical role in modern times.

Lady Bismarck opts for a second term

German defence minister von der Leyen under fire for criticising army | BBC News - 2 May 2017 |

She should disqualify herself …

Ursula von der Leyen defends trip to Israel and says civilians must be protected from ’fury of war'

Ursula should sink in a deep hole and disappear … excellent tandem with coming NATO SG Mark “Liar” Rutte


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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Feb 18th, 2024 at 02:19:32 PM EST
Biden claims to push for temporary ceasefire, as US authorizes more weapons to Israel | Mondoweiss |

After several days of reported negotiations, Hamas says it will not accept anything less than complete ceasefire, blames Israel for stalling a ceasefire agreement.

  • Head of Egyptian State Information Service (SIS) Diaa Rashwan rejects reports that the country is creating a buffer zone between Egypt and Gaza
  • Six NGOs issue a joint statement, warning of "catastrophic" consequences of an Israeli ground offensive in Rafah
  • The International Court of Justice (ICJ) rejects an urgent request from South Africa to safeguard Rafah
  • Without police escorts, it is virtually impossible to get humanitarian aid into Gaza
  • Israeli military tanks block WHO humanitarian aid trucks trying to enter the Nasser Hospital medical compound in Khan Younis
  • The United States has authorized a weapons transfer to Israel that is worth tens of millions of dollars  


According to OCHA, less than 43 trucks entered Gaza on average between 9-15 February 2024, a significant drop in the average.

While Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has claimed that Israel has "no intention" of evacuation Palestinian civilians into Egypt, the border wall being constructed between Egypt and Gaza suggests (??) that Palestinian civilians might be forced to cross the border, and shelter in the Sinai Desert. However, Head of Egyptian State Information Service (SIS) Diaa Rashwan has rejected reports that the country is creating a buffer zone.

Without a plan in place, Palestinians who have been sheltering in Rafah are now evacuating to other parts of the Gaza Strip--many of which have been destroyed or are still under aerial bombardment. Just last night, Israeli war planes bombed multiple homes around Gaza City, killing at least ten people and injuring at least twenty others. Fighter jets attacked a refugee camp in Rafah, killing six others, and the Israeli military raided a home in Deir el-Balah, where many of those who are starting to leave Rafah are looking to seek shelter.

"Rafah is not safe," Rida Sobh told Al Jazeera after her sister's children, husband, aunt, and cousin were all killed in the attacks. "Everywhere in the Gaza Strip is a target. Don't say that Rafah is safe. From Beit Hanoun to Rafah it is all dangerous."

Humanitarian Needs and Responses for Gaza Strip | OCHA |

'Sapere aude'

by Oui (Oui) on Sun Feb 18th, 2024 at 02:41:57 PM EST
Egypt's FM warns of consequences of assault on Gaza's Rafah, forced displacement attempts | Egypt.gov - 10 Feb. 2024 |

Shoukry also warned against the impact of these military actions on the region, calling for respecting the humanitarian situation and spare the strip further civilian casualties and destruction.

"There is international consensus that the region cannot bear the same intensity of military operations that we witnessed in the past period," Shoukry stated.

"The humanitarian conditions are deteriorating, and any expansion of military operations will have grave consequences," he added.

Forced displacement policy

Shoukry affirmed Egypt's rejection of forced displacement of Palestinians from their lands. He warned against the Israeli measures, which naturally lead to this forced displacement, stressing that these measures must be seen as a "systematic policy."
"It is important that these measures do not persist to achieve this rejected outcome," he stated.

Reaping fruits of 'double standards'

Shoukry said that Egypt has repeatedly warned of the repercussions of the war in Gaza and the spillover of the conflict in the region, which the international community now faces.

"The international community is currently witnessing the consequences for which it bears responsibilities due to the double standards that have astonished not only the global public opinion but also the Arab and Islamic communities," he emphasized.

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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Feb 18th, 2024 at 02:42:55 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Feb 18th, 2024 at 05:55:43 PM EST
Archive @BooMan

Breaking Sharon WB Pull-out by 2008 ¶ Secret EU Report & Rafah Border Open | Posted by Oui - 25 Nov 2005 |

... the report recommends that European officials take a more aggressive stance toward Israeli policies in East Jerusalem, such as holding political meetings with Palestinian ministers in East Jerusalem instead of the West Bank and asking Israel to "halt discriminatory treatment of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, especially concerning working permits, building permits, house demolitions, taxation and expenditure."

"This de facto annexation of Palestinian land will be irreversible without very large-scale forced evacuations of settlers and the re-routing of the barrier," the document said.

The spokesman for Israel's Foreign Ministry, Mark Regev [WARNING: serious Hasbara bull$hit], told The Guardian: "Israel believes that Jerusalem should remain the united capital of Israel. At the same time, Israel has committed itself that Jerusalem is one of those final-status issues."

From day one the Israelis were in agreement demographics would make the their people a minority... the Zionist goal took hold for ethnic cleansing, removing the Palestinians people from their homeland. The world took notice and looked away. Disaster is never far away: Nakba 1948 and today 2023-24 will be a stain on human kind and the Jewish state.

Archive EuroTrib key words | Mark Regev | Hasbara |

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by Oui (Oui) on Sun Feb 18th, 2024 at 05:56:35 PM EST
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D1 Verbatim Record is published (EN, FR), 113 pp. Transcript begins p 48.

D1 participants
Malki (PS delegate) - opening statement

PS council:
Zimmermann - jurisdiction; Reichler - illegal occupation and annex; Negm - racial discrimination and apartheid; Sands - violated self-determination; Pellet - les conséquences pour Israël;

Mansour (PS delegate) - closing statement

D1 references
written statements and comments submitted by state intervenors daily posted here.

by Cat on Mon Feb 19th, 2024 at 07:09:33 PM EST

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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Feb 19th, 2024 at 07:31:08 PM EST
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ICJ ruling will have ramifications across the board: Marwan Bishara political analyst Al Jazeera

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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Feb 19th, 2024 at 08:13:38 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Mon Feb 19th, 2024 at 08:14:44 PM EST
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NL sent a clown to parrot, I presume, US written statement informing the ICJ
 - IL right to self-defense ie. war, cf. US 9/11
 - "law" of occupation neither "lawful or unlawful"
 - distinction between conditions of "internal self-determination" and "external self-determination" of the occupied territory
 - how distinction between colonial domination and foreign, or "alien", occupation
 - armed force IL occupation (or self-defense) can be legitimate if armed force (of self-determination) against "the state? conditions of necessity, proportionality, and ... UNSC notification are warranted


by Cat on Tue Feb 20th, 2024 at 06:26:07 PM EST
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Verbatim Record, 70 pp (EN, FR). Transcript begins p 10.

MADONSELA (ZA del) - opening statement
STEMMET - ICJ case law
LARABA (DZ) - ICJ case law
ATIYAH (SA) - ICJ case law
LEFEBER (NL) - hypothetical "bilateral dispute" jus ad bellum
HAMIDULLAH (BD) - findings of fact

by Cat on Tue Feb 20th, 2024 at 11:45:25 PM EST
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(afternoon session) Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile
Verbatim Record

SHOMAN, WEBB (BZ) - illegal occupation review
CALZADILLA SARMIENTO (BO) - responsibility of states and UN to remedy IL illegal occupation policies, discriminatory practices
DE TUSCO (BR) - illegal annexation review
FUENTES TORRIJO (CL) - UNGA petition, subjects of legal review

by Cat on Fri Feb 23rd, 2024 at 10:12:36 PM EST
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Verbatim Record (morning session), 57 pp
JIMÉNEZ HERRERA (CO) - ICJ case law, annexation de facto
RODRÍGUEZ CAMEJO (CU) - ICJ case law, US-IL collaboration
MOUSSA (EG) - ICJ case law, belligerant occupation limitations
NUSSEIBEH (AE) - ICJ case law, illegal Basic Law
VISEK (US) - exclusive authority of the UNSC;
...international law does not provide for an occupation itself to be rendered unlawful or void based either on its duration or on any violations of occupation law... international law does not impose specific time-limits on an occupation 110. That said, belligerent occupation is a temporary measure for administering territory under the control of belligerent armed forces ...
Verbatim Record (afternoon session), 50 pp

TARABRIN (RU) - ICJ case law, UNSC obstruction
COLAS (FR) - findings of fact
JALLOW (GM) - fictitious bilateral pre-req (cf. Shaw dispute novelty in South Africa)
CRAVEN (GY) - ICJ case law, unlawful occupation
HIDEGH (HU) - ICJ case law

by Cat on Wed Feb 21st, 2024 at 10:16:08 PM EST
webtv.un morning session, 21 Feb A/V
Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, UAE, USA

webtv.un afternoon session, 21 Feb A/V
Russian Federation, France, The Gambia, Guyana, Hungary

by Cat on Wed Feb 21st, 2024 at 11:05:06 PM EST
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by Cat on Thu Feb 22nd, 2024 at 02:57:50 AM EST
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(morning session) Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mauritius;
Verbatim Record, 65 pp
ISSA  (LB) p 20
HASAN (MY) p 50

(aftermoon session) China, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Japan, Jordan
Verbatim Record, 70 pp

by Cat on Fri Feb 23rd, 2024 at 06:13:42 PM EST
(morning session) Namibia, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Indonesia, Qatar
Verbatim Record

(afternoon session) United Kingdom, Slovenia, Sudan, Switzerland, Syria, Tunisia
Verbatim Record
LANGRISH, SAROOSHI (UK) - ICJ "non-circumvention principle", ICJ "inapprorpiate factual enquiry", superceding UNSC authorities, Res. 242 and 338

by Cat on Fri Feb 23rd, 2024 at 09:53:39 PM EST
(morning session) Türkiye, Zambia, League of Arab States, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, African Union
Verbatim Record, 55 pp
YILDIZ (TR) - factual violations of UN Charter, UN Conventions
MUCHENDE p 19, WILDE p 25 (ZM) - validity of Oslo Accords political authority; solipsism not a legal basis for illegal occupation: "United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Zambia suggested here that there is a sui generis applicable legal framework, an Israeli-Palestinian lex specialis."

(afternoon session) Spain, Fiji, Maldives and Comoros
Verbatim Record, 40 pp
GAVELA LLOPIS, PIN, RIPOL CARULLA (ES) - ICJ jurisdiction, UN Charter authorities, states' rights and obligations
TARAKINIKINI (FJ) p 15 - ICJ incompetence, Oslo Accords, IL asserts Art. 80 mandate, "respectfully submits that, for all these reasons, the Court should exercise its judicial discretion to decline to provide an advisory opinion"
SHAKIR, SANDER, HART (MV & CO) p 25-39 - "The conduct of third States and the United Nations is likely to be of critical practical importance in leading Israel to end its unlawful actions. The people of Palestine, like the people of Namibia half a century ago, should be able to 'look to the international community for assistance' in realising their rights."; "Third States must not send diplomatic or special missions to Israel with a remit extending to the occupied territory, as if that territory were simply part of Israel. A third State which does not uphold these duties may encounter consequences in its own relations with other States."

by Cat on Mon Feb 26th, 2024 at 11:57:53 PM EST
(morning session) League of Arab States (NGO 1945): AE, BH, DJ, DZ, EG, IQ, JO, KM, KW, LB, LY, MA, MR, OM, PS (PLO, PA), QA, SA, SO, SS, SY, TN, YE

EL RIFAI p 24, statement by H.E. Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary-General of the League of Arab States

...6. Ending Israel's total impunity, and subjecting it—like any other State—to the universal rules of international law, will help annul its pretexts to systematically reject peace initiatives, the most serious of which is the Arab Peace Initiative of 2002, which offered full normalization of relations with all Arab States, in exchange of Israel only respecting its already established obligations, under the bodies of international law, human rights law, and the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly resolutions....
palestinechronicle | Hamas Addresses Gaza Truce Reports, 27 Feb
[Osama] Hamdan, a Beirut-based senior Hamas member said that "the leak of the Paris document details aims to pressure and create a state of weakness among the Palestinians."

In fact, "the Israeli side refused to agree on the draft presented by the United States," Hamdan said, describing the Paris draft as "an American proposal aimed at giving Netanyahu more time to prepare for a new attack" on Gaza.

"The American draft agreement aims to save face for Israel," the Hamas official added, as the Palestinian priorities of stopping the (Israeli) aggression, ending the siege, bringing aid to besieged Gaza, and exchanging prisoners come later....

by Cat on Tue Feb 27th, 2024 at 11:52:29 PM EST
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by Cat on Thu Feb 29th, 2024 at 05:53:44 PM EST
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almayadeen | More than 100 martyrs in the Al-Rashid Street massacre., 29 Feb
The field source said that Israeli occupation tanks trampled on the bodies of citizens, while others fired incendiary shells towards them. The Palestinian source added that Israeli special forces arrested hundreds of citizens and led them to an unknown area near the AL-Bidar lounge on Al-Rashid Street.

The field source in the resistance also told Al-Mayadeen that huge explosions were carried out by the occupation" army " inside the Zeitoun neighborhood south of Gaza City.

The occupation "army" blew up dozens of houses and destroyed large areas of Salah al-Din Street, according to the same source. The field source added that there are dozens of civilian martyrs still inside houses and streets in the Zeitoun neighborhood, and they are inaccessible so far.

WSJ | Hamas Is Losing Every Battle in Gaza. It Still Thinks It Could Win the War., 29 Feb
Many in Israel's military, from senior commanders to ordinary soldiers who spoke to The Wall Street Journal, worry that their accumulation of tactical wins on the battlefield might not add up to a lasting strategic victory. After nearly five months of intense fighting, Israel is still far from its declared war aim of eliminating Hamas as a significant military and political entity.

"Fighting the enemy is like a game of whack-a-mole," said an Israeli reservist in Khan Younis with the 98th Division. He said many soldiers sense the lack of a plan and wonder what their efforts are for. "It will be very hard to destroy Hamas."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised a "total victory" that annihilates the radical Islamist group. Israel's military defines its mission more cautiously: to reduce Hamas's capabilities to a level where the group can never again launch an attack like Oct. 7. But many in Israel's military believe the government's reluctance to flesh out a plan for who should govern Gaza after Hamas is leaving a political vacuum that could help Hamas to grow back.

forensic-architecture | An assessment of visual material presented by the Israeli legal team at the ICJ, 11-22 January 2024, 26 Jan
exhibits: al-Quds Hospital, Al-Shifa Hospital (15 Oct-14 Nov, 18 Dec 2023, 8 Feb 2024), UNRWA Beit Hanoun (31 Oct-14 Nov 2023), Al-Mawasi 'safe zone' (6-13 Dec 2023), Nitzana-Rafa blockade (9-23 Oct 2023)
by Cat on Thu Feb 29th, 2024 at 06:40:11 PM EST
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Gaza health authorities say Israeli fire kills 104 waiting for aid, 29 Feb
A spokesperson for Israel's military said there was no knowledge of shelling at that location. The military later said dozens of people were hurt as a result of pushing and trampling when aid trucks arrived in northern Gaza.
More than 100 killed as Israeli forces open fire amid panic at Gaza food lines, Palestinian health ministry says
In a briefing on Thursday, an Israeli military spokesperson said he couldn't confirm the death toll. "I don't have any figures," he said, adding that "it was a limited response."
Israel confirmed its forces fired on people, saying crowds had threatened their troops, but disputed the account given by the ministry.

In an initial account, Israel said Gaza residents surrounded the aid trucks and looted the supplies. "During the incident, dozens of Gazans were injured as a result of pushing and trampling," the Israel Defense Forces told CNN. An Israeli military spokesperson later said in a briefing that there were two separate incidents involving aid trucks.

timesofisrael | Many killed in Gaza aid stampede; IDF says its fire caused no more than 10 casualties
The army said it did not fire at the crowd rushing the main aid convoy. It acknowledged that troops opened fire on several Gazans who moved toward soldiers and a tank at an IDF checkpoint, endangering soldiers, after they had rushed the last truck in the convoy further south. The Israel Defense Forces published drone video showing thousands of people swarming around the aid trucks as they reached the area in northern Gaza. In some cases, the vehicles continued to try and push past the crowds. The trucks were being driven by "private contractors," the IDF said. An officer stationed in the area ordered soldiers to fire warning shots in the air as the Palestinians were within a few dozen meters, as well as gunfire at the legs of those who continued to move toward the troops, the probe said. The IDF said that fewer than 10 of the casualties were a result of Israeli fire. The IDF says it has killed more that 12,000 Hamas operatives in addition to another 1,000 killed inside Israel on October 7. Fighting also continued in other areas of Gaza. The IDF is engaged in a large-scale operation in the Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza City where it said troops killed numerous Hamas operatives over the past day.
GIGO.gov | Department Press Briefing - February 28, 2024
MILLER: —there is a mistaken belief that the United States is able to dictate to other countries sovereign decisions. Israel makes its sovereign decisions; we make clear where we disagree with them. And there have been times when we express our disagreements privately; there are times we express them publicly. And of course you have seen individuals in Israel take actions that - where we have felt the need to hold them accountable.

So with respect to extremist violence in the West Bank, we have made very clear that when we didn't see the Government of Israel taking action that we thought was sufficient, we were ready to hold people accountable. And we are ready to hold further individuals accountable, if appropriate. And that'll continue to be the case.

by Cat on Thu Feb 29th, 2024 at 09:26:05 PM EST
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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Feb 27th, 2024 at 08:19:47 AM EST

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aftershock | Houthis destroy undersea cables connecting Europe to Asia-reports, 27 Feb
There are new reports that the Yemeni Houthis have disabled several underwater telecommunications cables linking Europe and Asia, but some reports about the extent of the damage still contradict each other.

On Monday, several Israeli publications reported that in recent months, four submarine communication cables between Saudi Arabia and Djibouti were damaged as a result of sabotage by the Houthis. The report appears to have appeared in the Israeli daily financial publication Globes.

But one industry publication warns, "One cable operator confirmed cable damage in the region, but said it doesn't know the cause yet." It is reported that only the operator Seacom provided confirmation that it had problems with the cable in Djibouti.

by Cat on Tue Feb 27th, 2024 at 11:33:25 PM EST
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This boy is the lucky one, survived with all limbs intact ... mental damage for the rest of his life.

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by Oui (Oui) on Tue Feb 27th, 2024 at 08:24:05 AM EST
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She will not be forgotten ... 🥲

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