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UA 'Brain Drain' to EU as Recruitment Lags

by Oui Tue Mar 19th, 2024 at 12:49:27 PM EST

Amid Corruption Scandals And Mounting Problems, Ukraine Vows To Shake Up The Military Enlistment System. It's A Tough Task | RFERL |

Ukraine uncovers $40 million arms procurement fraud | Reuters |

Defense Ministry official suspended in alleged connection to weapons procurement fraud case | Kyiv Independent - 2 Feb 2024 |

A decade of warmongering in push towards authoritarianism

Mark Rutte career planning, wel positioned to be successor to Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg @NATO this year. Mark has been endorsed by both Biden and Trump … a global nice guy.

Emergency preparation for war in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 ... more warmongering

Drone warfare a game changer?

Reuters reported that due to the refugee outpouring into Western Europe, the population of Kyiv-controlled areas may have decreased to as low as 28 million. This is a steep decline from 2020, when Ukraine had a population of almost 42 million people. This is in large part due to the ongoing Ukrainian refugee crisis and loss of territory caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Foreign mercenaries killed in Russian strike on troops assembly point in Kharkov

Over 60 foreign fighters in Ukrainian service, most of them French, have been eliminated in a precision strike on a building in Kharkov, the Russian Defense Ministry. Kharkov is a major Ukrainian military stronghold in the east and has been the launching pad for rocket attacks on Russian territory, including the December 30 massacre in Belgorod that killed 25 and injured more than 100.

On the same day French President Emmanuel Macron announced Paris could not "allow Russia to win" and pledged to send 40 SCALP cruise missiles and "hundreds of bombs" to Kiev.

'French mercenaries' killed in Ukraine: Paris calls out a Russian disinformation operation | Le Monde - 17 Jan 2024 |

Nevertheless Emmanuel Macron clearly changed his attitude towards Russia and joins the warmongers demanding attrition for the "unprovoked" invasion.

US Senator on Ukraine front urges more bodies, no promise on war funding

Less dignity for the Senator than 10 years ago: from blight to hopeless

The failure of wrestling Georgia into NATO fresh on his mind.

French troops to join the fight in Ukraine ...

Adjusted war narrative by French president Macron ...

"We are not escalating. We are not at war with Russia."

Macron again reiterates ground operation in Ukraine possible 'at some point' | Le Monde |

Days after meeting with German and Polish leaders in Berlin, the French president told 'Le Parisien' that he would not initiate ground operations in Ukraine.

See also the re-assembly of the Weimar Triangle for European security as in the election year 2024 the Americans are getting cold feet.

EU Downgraded to Weimar Triangle on Security

It's Europe's war now ... good luck Ursula and Annalena with friends in capital Kyiv. Beware of the Ides of March.

Meanwhile sitting president dictator celebrated his election victory as his absolute majority lost a few points ... real dictators get elected by >98% 😅.

The former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk [Vicky Nuland's protégé to replace democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych], spoke to BBC Newshour earlier, following Vladimir Putin's widely expected win in the Russian presidential election.

"It's not Putin who is winning," he told the programme- adding the result showed It is "the West and the free" who are actually "on the backfoot" and "on the edge of losing".

Yatsenyuk, who was Prime Minister of Ukraine from 2014-2016, including at the time when Russia annexed Crimea, said Ukraine should try to take back the occupied peninsula.

He told the BBC that the West's lack of strong response to Crimea's occupation was a "clear-cut sign that Putin is to move forward".

Putin says world at 'turning point' at muted Victory Day parade | 9 May 2023 |

EU President Charles Michel: “I have a dream.”


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