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Yad Vashem, Holocaust, Netanyahu and Putin

by Oui Tue Mar 5th, 2024 at 12:07:06 PM EST

On Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 February 1941, the Ordnungspolizei (German police) rounded up Jewish men at Jonas Daniël Meijerplein in Amsterdam. Almost 400 men between the ages of 18 and 35 were arrested, forcibly pushed into lorries and deported. The razzia was Nazi punishment for fights that had occurred between Jews, antisemitic thugs, and the German police.

In the case of Amsterdam's working class, resistance entailed organizing a general strike. The Amsterdam General Strike of February 1941, what the Dutch termed the Februaristaking, deserves to be known, understood, and remembered.

The Amsterdam General Strike of February 1941

Find out the story behind one of the boldest defiant acts of World War II

Historic Ties Through the Horrors of Nazi Germany

Westerbork Transit Camp for Deportation

Dutch always had a balanced policy towards Israel and the rights of the Palestinian people. Under populist right-wing leadership of 13 years PM Mark Rutte, the "liberal free-markt" thinker change towards a xenophobic and pro-Israel attitude. Forgetting the horrors of Nazi fascism as he enjoys gratitude from Dutch Jewish lobby group CIDI.

VVD Dilan Yesilgöz Commits to Law & Order - II

Jewish settlement in The Hague dates to the seventeenth century

The Napoleonic occupation of the Netherlands brought with it the Emancipation Decree of September, 1796 and a total transformation of the legal and social status of Jews.

Ronny Naftaniel (CIDI) lecture by Justice Minister Yeşilgöz-Zegerius (VVD)

Yad Vashem and Vladimir Putin's private bash in 2020

Yad Vashem and Holocaust: Putin's Private Party | by Oui on 24 Jan. 2020 |

Coming week Israel and the occupied territory of Palestine will receive word from the White House how the West Bank will be carved up to the advantage and "security" of the Jewish settlers. Trampling on the historic rights of the Palestinian people living in the Middle East as refugees. With the signature of the man in the White House, the UN Security Council Resolution will be dropped in the trash bin of US History, including the Rights for Independence and Freedom of all people.

The Third Intifada just ahead with all the bloodshed of innocents?

Crowning a new King of the Jews in 2019

Build on white supremacy and Islamophobia ... hatred for Muslims

Evil of Kahane terror is very much alive ... Ben Gvir and Smotrich

The Emirates has a long history of undermining a Palestinian Independent state and has been in an open conflict with King Abdullah of Jordan ... family matters 😡

Kushner hints Palestinian refugees won't return, says Trump `very fond' of Abbas | TOI - 3 July 2019 |

Promising a `pragmatic' solution, president's son-in-law says Jewish refugees from 1948 were looked after, but Arab states have `not absorbed a lot' of Palestinian refugees

"Look, you have a situation when this whole thing started where you had 800,000 Jewish refugees that came out of all the different Middle Eastern countries and you had 800,000, roughly, Palestinian refugees," Jared Kushner said [what a fruitcake]. "And what's happened to the Israeli, to the Jewish, refugees, is they have been absorbed by different places, whereas the Arab world has not absorbed a lot of these refugees over time."

    "This situation exists because it exists. And when we put out a political solution, we're going to try to put forward the best proposed solutions that we think are pragmatic, achievable and viable in this day and age."

Israel adamantly opposes the so-called "right of return" for Palestinian refugees and their descendants, saying it amounts to a demand to overwhelm Israel as a Jewish state by demographic means. The Trump administration has slashed funding to the UN's Palestinian refugee welfare agency, UNRWA, which Israel accuses of perpetuating the Palestinian refugee problem by extending refugee status to the descendants of the original refugees.

"I have a lot of respect for President Abbas. I think that he devoted his life to trying to make peace," Kushner said. "I do believe in his heart he wants to make peace, and my hope is that we're going to be able to give him that opportunity to try and achieve that."

The Trump administration is keen to avoid "the same mistakes" of previous peace initiatives, but has embarked on "different approach," Kushner said. "We're not getting into the same old tired discussions that, frankly, lead to nowhere."

Recent diary ...

Netanyahu Settler Policy Leading To 7th Oct


Where are the courageous men and women to combat fascism of the United States and the Jewish State of Israel today?

Listening and watching hing carefully, many leaders in protest against the slaughter on Palestinian land are Jews in the diaspora or ancestors of Holocaust victims and survivors. Just as today, university professors, lecturers and student body formed a body of resistance against occupation by Nazi Germany and the atrocities. The Dutch were considered of the Aryan race and were considered one people with the Germans. The Palestinians today face the brunt of a massacre with all aspects of a genocide or Nakba 2.0. There should be an universal uproar of protest …

Bastion of Freedom - The story behind professor Cleveringa's protest speech - 1940

Cleveringa Lecture Leiden University

Protest address by Professor Cleveringa

Address given on 26 November 1940 by Professor Rudolph Pabus Cleveringa as Dean of the Faculty of Law, in protest against the dismissal of Professor E.M. Meijers, professor at the (State) University of Leiden

Just across from the Academy building, I was two years in grammar school. A lot of history in this university town from the Spanish siege during the 80 Years War and liberation. At the street corner was the home of student Siebren Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema, who became the well known as Engelandvaarder and part of Dutch Resistance. He became known as Soldier of Orange.

Majority of Dutch population experienced famine, especially during the Hunger Winter 1944-45.

Shortly before liberation by Canadian armed forces and a Polish division, there were shipments and food droppings from the air: white loafs of bread from Sweden.

Operation Manna

Negotiations for a truce to be agreed between the allies and Nazis had already begun in the winter of 1944/45, after pressure had been placed on Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt by Queen Wilhelmina and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. This agreement would allow the humanitarian relief for the starving Dutch people.



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