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Pilot Handshakes In the Air: Top Gun v RuAF Su-35

by Oui Wed May 1st, 2024 at 05:54:21 PM EST

Three pairs of the coalition's F-15 fighter jets and two pairs of A-10 Thunderbolt attack bombers violated airspace in the al-Tanf area ...

Six F-35s and eight F-16s  'on the hunt' for RuAF Su-35s near Al-Tanf | Bulgarian Military - 26 Aug 2023 |

In the distant geographical expanse from the tumultuous battlegrounds of Ukraine, the power contest between the United States and Russia manifests itself prominently within the confines of Syria. Moscow has recently disseminated reports indicating a series of precarious incidents in the Al-Tanf region of Syria, instigated by US warplanes, which occurred no less than 19 times within a single day.

According to the spokesman, the coalition aviation continues creating dangerous situation in the Syrian sky.

"Nine violations of the December 9, 2019, deconfliction protocols by the coalition involving drone sorties, not negotiated with the Russian side, were registered in the past 24 hours," Kulit underscored.

The official also stated that, in the past 24 hours, positions of Syrian forces in the Idlib de-escalation area were shelled seven times.

"In the past 24 hours, two drones, equipped with improvised explosive devices, were downed with small arms fire over position of Syrian government forces," Kulit said.

He also called on militia commanders to refrain from armed provocations, to stop shelling positions of Syrian government forces and civilian infrastructure.

NATO Joining the Air War over Ukraine

NATO Weapons Showcase On Red Square @Kremlin 🇷🇺 May 1

Amsterdam War Showcase Captured Russian Armor

North Atlantic - Global South - Black Sea - Pacific Treaty Organization (NAGSOBP) in Defense of Europe from the Red Wave - McCarthyism and GOP Terror

Still stained by real blood 🇷🇺🩸

Russian destroyed tank on display in heart of Amsterdam evokes many different reactions | AT5 - 25 May 2023 |

As of today, there is a Russian tank on Leidseplein, which was destroyed by Ukrainian soldiers last year. Debate center De Balie wants to stimulate conversation about democracy 😎 🤥 (warmongering) and how fragile it is. Although many passers-by find the tank impressive, not everyone is happy with it. "The conversation is starting, that's good."

The tank is part of De Balie's 'Forum on European Culture' festival. This year's theme is democracy. "Democracy is under pressure on all sides," says director of the debate center Yoeri Albrecht. "Because of corona measures, because of internet developments, but also because of dictators." According to Albrecht, it is important to start a conversation about this. The tank is a means to this end, because it shows the fragility of democracy.

The tank was destroyed in the village of Dmytrivka, during the battle of Kiev, where many on both sides died on the battlefield. Some passers-by find the tank impressive. "If you want to convey a message, you can do it this way."

Mayor Halsema officially opened the "exhibition" with a speech, and it quickly becomes clear that not everyone is happy with the war machine on the square. Her speech causes people to shout 'boo' and shout that the tank is 'war propaganda'. Halsema: "Placing this tank is not a gesture of triumph. On the contrary. It is a gesture of pain, sadness and broken democracy."

How come so many crazies of the younger generation believe the bull$hit of American propaganda and walk behind the global war industrialists making billions of profits ... the fail of the American Empire on display.

Making war is contrary to the sacrifices of those that perished 1939-45 on European soil ... Never Again! 😢. The ugly face of fascism has returned to the North Atlantic Alliance after 90 years. Communism has been defeated, yet the bloodthirst is still there.

Covered in my diary ...

Incident Ukrainian War Display Gets Int'l Attention

Follow-up on Amsterdam incident ...

The Secret Contacts of Yoeri Albrecht

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