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Bloodshed In Europe for America's Forever Wars

by Oui Wed May 29th, 2024 at 07:33:01 PM EST

A fu*king American idiot ...

Key word @EuroTrib | Timothy Snyder |

Censorship a Characteristic of Advanced Fascism

Attempt by the EU Commission task force to censor news across Europe:

Former Mossad chief threatened ICC prosecutor over probe into Israel, report claims | TOI |

The Guardian charges that Yossi Cohen `stalked' and `intimidated' former ICC chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda between 2017 and 2021, hinted he'd incriminate her husband

Israeli campaign against ICC may be `crimes against justice', say legal experts | The Guardian |

Cohen's personal involvement in the operation against the ICC took place when he was the director of the Mossad. His activities were authorised at a high level and justified on the basis the court posed a threat of prosecutions against military personnel, according to a senior Israeli official.

Another Israeli source briefed on the operation against Bensouda said the Mossad's objective was to compromise the prosecutor or enlist her as someone who would cooperate with Israel's demands.

A third source familiar with the operation said Cohen was acting as Netanyahu's "unofficial messenger".

Cohen, who was one of Netanyahu's closest allies at the time and is emerging as a political force in his own right in Israel, personally led the Mossad's involvement in an almost decade-long campaign by the country to undermine the court.

Four sources confirmed that Bensouda had briefed a small group of senior ICC officials about Cohen's attempts to sway her, amid concerns about the increasingly persistent and threatening nature of his behaviour.

’Technocratic' to ’ex-spy chief': foreign media about prospective Prime Minister Schoof | De Telegraaf |

[link: https://www.telegraaf.nl/nieuws/2131707043/technocratisch-tot-ex-spy-chief-buitenlandse-media-over-beoogd-premier-schoof%E2%80%9D]

The pronunciation of ’Schoof' will still be a challenge for foreign media, but the first reactions to the announcement of the intended new Prime Minister came quickly. With the red line: his past as chief of the AIVD intelligence service.

The German Bild - as is known - does not mince words: "HE must now implement Holland's strict asylum plans." The newspaper also mentions that Schoof was previously active as chief of the intelligence service and therefore excitingly states: "Ex-Secret Service Boss became Prime Minister".

French media are going on a similar tour. In particular, Schoof's past as CEO of the AIVD is the first to be discussed in the news reports. For example, France24 headlines: “Pays-Bas: un ex-chef du renseignement chargé de former un government”. The Vlaamse Nieuwsblad soon provided more explanation and quotes the top official: "Candidate for Dutch premier is immediately clear about government with Wilders: there is only one prime minister and that will be me." De Standaard mainly looks at Schoof's actions as AIVD chief, in particular his fight against terror. They headline: “With Dick Schoof, the Netherlands gets an anti-terror expert as prime minister.”


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