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Colonialism, Genocide and Fail of Empires

by Oui Tue Jul 2nd, 2024 at 12:54:10 PM EST


National Geographic - The Great Wall of China - Documentary

The Qing Dynasty in the Global Colonial History; China and Environment History

See my earlier diaries on Xinjiang Province quest for independence ...

  • Uyghur Muslim Ethnic Separatism in Xinjiang

    Does remind me of the US and NATO allies designating Islamist fighters in Chechnya as "Freedom Fighters" in the civil war against the Russian Republic after 1990. As a result, EU countries have accepted up to 100,000 Chechen refugees or asylum seekers. More later.

    The Russian government under Yeltsin and later Putin destroyed much of Grozny to root out terror of separatism and defeat the Sunni Jihadists from across the Islamic world. Not the Shia forces of Iran, but the Sunni fighters trained in Afghanistan and elsewhere by Western allies under leadership of the CIA and US Armed Forces.

  • Uyghur Freedom Fighters and Kunduz Mosque Attack | 10 Oct 2021 |

Taliban declares victory as Afghans assess their future after West's exit | LA Times - 31 Aug 2021 |

Britain's quest to install a puppet regime in Kabul during the Anglo-Afghan War resulted in one of its greatest military disasters.

Afghanistan: Britain's greatest military disaster (Graveyard of Empires)

BAKU - With an army of roughly 31,800 soldiers, accounting for both British and Sikh forces, William Hay Macnaghten entered Afghanistan. As the advisor to the Indian viceroy, Macnaghten was tasked to subjugate the Afghans by installing a puppet regime in Kabul. But the plan was a little off the mark. In the coming years, while the blood of Afghans manured the ground, the British Empire was dealt with one of its greatest military disasters.

American retreat from Afghanistan after two decades of war

The empire crumbled as the armed forces were send on a new expedition to conquer Europe from the "invading" Soviet barbarians and its leader Tzar Vladimir. Blowing up all economic ties between neo-fascist struggling Germania people and Western Russia.

Building walls between cultures is a primal instinct of eons ago, a sign of human failure ... a sign of war, not peaceful intent ... primitive relationship between barbarian "culture" or lack thereof.

As the Empire Expanded, It Blew Up in the Roman Emperor's Face at Home

Hadrian's Wall

Emperor Hadrian ordered the construction of a wall spanning the width of northern Britannia, marking the northwest frontier of the Roman Empire. Hadrian's Wall was mighty in proportion as both a defensive structure and a physical reminder of the Roman Empire's strength and power.

To be clear what China thinks about MAGA ...

China Releases Trump's Deck of Cards | Jan. 21st 2021 |


Enemy #1 is Mike Pompeo

A divided America guarantees a hellish future  ... all for one and none for all.


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