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It is Nauseating

by Lasthorseman Sat Sep 8th, 2007 at 09:46:57 AM EST

The repetition and frequency of the "new" Osama videos on American MSM have all the classic hallmarks of Pavlovian conditioning.  From the way he looks one would think Osama had found the fountain of youth in those back country caves, either that or he may have used that "Just For Men" hair coloring kit.

The most refreshing news I thought was this.
http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20070906.wfakemotorcade0906/BNStory/International /home

On this sixth anniversary of the staged event we now call 911 there is a most noticable abscence of "media" coverage.  This year I don't see the "debates" on the political boards about biased TV programs.  I really think they are afraid of the general strike planned for this Tuesday.

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On the MSM Blacklist

by Lasthorseman Sun Aug 26th, 2007 at 07:36:08 AM EST


Aaron Russo, American Pariot passes away after a battle with cancer and commercial media ignores it.

Local TV "coverage" of an anti-war protest this weekend at Kennybunkport Maine featured Cindy Sheehan and a march through town.  The cameras in this instance seemed to show a low number of protesters instead focused on the Traitors Go Home counter-protesters.

Also not mentioned by any major network was the protests in Quebec at the Montebello CFR meeting on the North American Union and the "police" using agents to provoke a riot.

Kudos also to this newspaper for declining a "request" to once again feed the propaganda machine called the global war on terror.  Yes, there was a "drill" scheduled for Oregon this month.(Noble Resove)

And reports of Zbignew Brezinski, that premier pontiff of all things globalist endorses Obama, that should tell us something.

I find all of this far more interesting, even if not 100% true than features about High School musicals.

Strike 9-11-2007

by Lasthorseman Tue Aug 21st, 2007 at 04:07:58 PM EST


I hope so but I fear the viral marketing techniques only reach the small percentage of the population with computers and some interest in politics.  It is a subject MSM fights to coverup and is their highest priority.
One of the more mainstream sites tackling the issue of consistent omissions from American "news".

I won't be working on 9-11, I won't be shopping and I urge all Americans to do the same.

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NAU and My Family Too

by Lasthorseman Sun Aug 12th, 2007 at 07:22:01 AM EST

My mother-in-law asked if I had heard about the North American Union. She heard this news on the local Boston talk radio station WRKO.

The death of America is bad enough news but I have yet another personal story of the erosion to trust, deliberate deception and jailable fraud, something perhaps becoming a typical American suburban norm.

My daughter married into a tradesman type family. My first impressions of my new mother-in-law was that she was a Satanic bitch, and I was right on. She has handled all of this family's financial dealings since day one. The "men" worked hard and the woman did the books.

Since it is so easy to refinance a piece of property these parents did, to the tune of half million dollars. Three large campers, trucks, tractors, a new car and winters in Florida later this "mother" has attached her son's name to a mortgage of $490,000 for the house my daughter is living in.

End result? My daughter gets to be a single mom living alone plus dealing with the prospect of never collecting even child support.

God, don't America suck.

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It's starting

by Lasthorseman Sun Jul 29th, 2007 at 08:49:02 PM EST


I would not normally submit another diary but I'm off on vacation/survivalist practice for two weeks.  Don't let them nuke Oregon on August 7 as part of operation "Noble Resolve" and that goes for Iran too.

The link is a story from the Carolinas (a state that I in Boston might classify as a "red" place) is something which should be commonplace in this country.  If only we stood for what we say we stand for.  Many and frequent are the times I have gone into the closet and wanted to plant that upside down flag on the front of the house but didn't because of possible consequences.  Kudos to this couple.

One excuse, I am an engineer and my skills might serve people better after the Apocalypse happens.
Perhaps I might survive to tell a younger generation as to what really happened to America as only a fifty-year old, Boy Scout, born American, expatriot, father and guardian of the final Apocalyptic horse can tell it.

Or should I get off my high horse and party with this Carolina couple!

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Innovation is still possible

by Lasthorseman Fri Jul 27th, 2007 at 07:22:55 PM EST

I am an engineer in a declining industry.  The technology I deal with is over seventy years old and well established yet the tests are in and an interesting break through has been reached.  It is not an earth saving thing like cold fusion but it would make the product greener, perhaps last longer and maybe even more energy efficient.

The test products were produced on the machine I built, the process I suggested, and sure enough my product outperformed the factory one by a factor of four.  It does have some company people talking.
Can I say what it is?  Hmmm, intellectual property rights is certainly a deep subject and I do like my job.  I also know that what I have discovered might never be implimented into the product.  The real magic ingredient in this case is time and no one can compete unless these widgets roll out of the factory at thousands per hour.

I still feel pretty good about it.  Kind of caps off a twenty year career knowing something only a few people in the world know.  Many people far smarter than I am have worked on this and have made greater advances.  Mine is sort of a stumble upon discovery which follows the classic literature on the subject.

Even "mature" technology, one on the declining curve of the product life cycle may benefit from a fresh new look.  I do wish I could say what it is.

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What If

by Lasthorseman Sun Jul 22nd, 2007 at 05:54:30 PM EST

Ten years ago I went with my daughter to a field to help her exercise an aging horse for an elderly woman.  We both did it for a time hoping that maybe the horse might be rideable after some amount of conditioning and care.  It never happened.  The old woman became ill and sold off the horse and her farm.

Yesterday I trotted a mini horse pulling a cart down the now developed street.  A father and his son were on the street looking on.  The five year old was beaming and jumping excitedly at the sight of a fifty-year old cruising a pony cart down the street of this three car garage million dollar home subdivision.  I was tempted to stop an offer a ride and even kept a watchful eye out for an invitation to do so.  The indication never came and I thought, this is America, it's a "what if" world.

What if I were some kind of evil man.  This father didn't know me and seemed not open to trust.  What if something happened and this child got hurt, would he sue me for damages.  What if the pony bit the childs fingers thinking the child had a treat but didn't know how to present it to the pony with an open palm.

In all, what if, stopped me from bringing some joy to a five year old.  It is after all their world, not mine which they have created.  After six full years of terror, terror why did I think the reaction might be different.  We have lost it in America, the desire to bring joy to people I mean. It saddens me on this perfect summer afternoon to be thinking Biblical Apocalypse end times themes for the month of August on top of not offering a ride to a five year old.

It was most unlike me.

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Back from Vacation

by Lasthorseman Sat Jul 7th, 2007 at 08:09:59 PM EST

I could have gone many other places for the money we spend on this but at least to me this place is priceless.

Each year an extended family group hauls campers, four wheelers, chainsaws to a secluded spot deep in the woods of Maine.  This is an annual tradition which dates back 27 years.  Each of us have our skills and we all work together so all can have a fun two weeks of peace, nature and fresh mountain air.  Steve is the cook.  I am the fireman and trail guide, collecting wood for every evening's campfire and leading expeditions through the woods in search of moose, deer or bear.  If it's hot we swim in rushing cool water from a mountain stream.  One year, my daughter jumped out of the water after having come face to face with a beaver.  This year we fed the raccoons right in front of the camper.  

These vacations have kept me sane in an insane world all these years.  It is almost a religious retreat type experience.  There is something natural and primal about being alone in the woods, depending on others and the loving care of family.  I said I could market what we do as a theme park.  I thought this week our theme of care might in some way counter the events going on in the other side of America.


Their theme is creamtion of care, and there is even a website by that name, our theme is loving and care.  As fireman, trail guide it's my job to help the others, perhaps less skilled or knowledgeable in what they do with my skills.  I do build a mean fire and in a single ride know all the ruts in a old logging road.  The moose and deer sighting count of five was low for this year, then again we are all getting older and spent more time relaxing instead of searching for moose.  Some kids might say "Oh a wild animal", my kids are saying "Hey, come here good boy!"

Coming home I have strange impressions.  It's kind of like the cross cultural experience I had living in Berlin.  It is after all a return to the stupidity of other people, the thirteen year old mental age of American MSM, the assholianism of the control structure which in fact is a socialist America.

I so admire the moose, they survive without any of this shit, even through the winters of Maine.
Read this book, and get back to nature.

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Faux "News" and MSM Again

by Lasthorseman Sun Jun 24th, 2007 at 08:55:36 PM EST

Just this evening I endured a mere three minutes of Fox "News".  My wife, who was getting ready to head out the door to work got the brunt of my vehement rant about the ultimate Satanicness of the content of what she now knows well as Faux News.  "We should have this channel on parental lock out", I said.

The problem is that as of this moment I myself cannot coherently state what the exact problem I had with which specific "story line" Faux was advancing.  I see them all with equal Satanic intent, Fox is just that consistent.

Perhaps it is a sort of mini cross cultural experience, as I have just spent five wonderful days alone in the natural beauty of the Maine mountains.  Returning to "civilization" can do that to a person I guess.  I mean what more can I do.  I have written consistently pointing out their hypocrisy, fallacy, blatant lies, subliminal marketing techniques of outright propaganda over a period of years now yet they still endure.

Some percentage of the American populace still buys into their advertizing dollars but like Cindy Sheehan I too am getting tired.  On top of Cindy's problem I am gettting old and lacking in the consistent memory recall of the generation of twenty some-things I am trying to tell what exactly to watch out for.

In America the war on terror is really a war on information and Fox News is the enemy.

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More than 911

by Lasthorseman Sat Jun 16th, 2007 at 06:46:49 AM EST


In moments like this I get small glimmers of hope.  At least two more other people have discovered truth and have decided to do something about it.  Still it has been a very large Illuminati news week and it looks like we are loosing.  Oh, and take my definition of Illuminati very loosely.  By that I don't mean Adam Weishaupts group, I refer to all of the organizations that exist with the sole purpose of creating an all inclusive world government.  It is my opinion such a government is going to be far from utopia and more like any number of bad futuristic sci-fi movies like V, Gattica, Logans Run and They Live.

Massachusetts ignored the democratic process this week by not allowing the people to vote on the definition of marriage.  The biggest point I can glean out of this is  that the power of socially engineered programming through the media can have disasterous effects on people.

These people are "elated" now but lets give it five years.

When I posted a link on another political board to this guy I got a reply back tracing all of Dr Makow's "questionable" history.  It was a hit list of why nothing this man said should be taken seriously.
Politics here has become the art of division, far from any ability to solve any problem.

The only good part, for Europe at least, is that I think the purpose of all this is to end up with a depopulated United States, a nature preserve if you will.  Europe gets a pass this time around.

Lord, I am getting better with the Apocalyptic horse.

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Global Stock Exchange?

by Lasthorseman Sat Jun 9th, 2007 at 12:57:27 PM EST


The problem with completing a business degree is most of the valuable sources of information go away with it.  There is no class discussion in which to bring items like this up.  Did the NYSE merge with European stock exchanges or is this just a private company.

Really I try to keep up and all that but when I get to issues on a global level the corruption and exploitation of people appears to increase.
I have this contrast living here in a dying "America".  The TV wants to give me Parasite Hilton and the internet gives me this.


Yes, vacation is coming and yes I do need one!

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Counter-Intel Says Psy-op

by Lasthorseman Sun Jun 3rd, 2007 at 08:15:49 PM EST


Already political boards are calling the crap, well, crap.  "The alleged plot to blow up JKF airport".  Really, how exactly does one blow up an airport.  Ah, with jet fuel of course!

Another telling feature is one of the marketing points stating that the JFK airport was chosen for it's psychological value in American culture.  Well last time I checked even the aircraft carrier which bore the name JFK had been de-commissioned.  I think most of the kids today would say JFK, who?

I remember the day JFK died though, the day we all got the news and everybody, I mean everybody mourned.  It was a unity this nation will never see again.

So excuse me for being sort of flip and all, but I calls em as I see em.  One of my sources being these guys.
What people will do for money today.  It's light years away from the Camelot years of JFK, or was that just my illusion.

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American Assholianism Continues

by Lasthorseman Wed May 30th, 2007 at 10:03:10 PM EST

Yes this is a general rant from an American peasant.
Ever feel really powerless?  Can't control your own destiny let alone influence others?  That is my reality.

Cindy Sheehan the once prominent peace activist is giving up.  I can't say I blame her.  My vision held true on Nov 10 when I got a "thank you" letter from Nancy Pelosi and an outline of the "new" democratic agenda.  An anti-terra bill.  Just the thing to signal to their corporate masters the money train will not stop.  Good Luck and Bless you Cindy!  You deserve a rest.  In the wake of this though the "progressive" boards while there were a smattering of posts in my opinion there was far more "controversy" generated when ABC put out it's 911 "documentary".  It takes a little more time I guess to see through the transparency of the American "progressive" "left" than it does the neo-con "right".  I get my real news from the anti-Illuminati sites anyway so both sides now make me want to puke.

The Nazism generated as a by-product of the war on terra and all it's related fascist enforcement of "the rules" crap has come to my once small and comfortable town.  Everybody knew one another, helped each other out.  Well the asshole yuppies took over and today the building inspector has taken a liking to shutting businesses down.  He is after all the "code enforcement officer".

My main computer is still down.  Two of the local computer stores have closed and now I have to run XP.  What a Satanic piece of crap it is.  I am wondering how many connections direct into room 4591A of the NSA I'm generating now.

Oh, and lastly the "immigration" issue in America seems to be "heating up".  The latest news is the creation of a work allowed list.  Naturally this involves the creation of databases, more IT work and complete surveillance of who works for whom and where.  It's just going to make it harder for folks to get their third "under the table" job.  Naturally no "aliens" will be harmed in this process!  You have to admit it's the perfect way to build a totalitarian police state.  The "voters" get some "action" on a pressing "issue".  Big biz gets their 5 billion in IT contracts and most of that gets funneled back to the lobbyists.  Perfect!

And people wonder why I want to ride the Apocalyptic horse.

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Memorial Day

by Lasthorseman Sat May 26th, 2007 at 07:57:59 PM EST

It is once again the unofficial start of summer.  I should be happy yet it feels like a funeral.  We are supposed to remember the dead and in this case America is among the deceased.

Friday I guess Larry Silverstein got his payoff insurance money from the world trade center.  Yes, arsonists got paid off in a big way here.
Then also Friday morning the local Illuminati channel, MSM network "news" brings me a story about some guy getting arrested for driving to the package store while drunk, on a lawn tractor.  Little by little American fascism accellerates.  We are going to outdo the Nazis, after all we are "America".

I like Kurt.  Definitely news.  Not what MSM gives me which is of course "news".  I enclose it in quotes by convention.  The convention means that talking propaganda points advancing the Orwellian police state should be denoted by quotes.

Fact is for all the talk of this "land of the free" it really means yes you are free, free to pay for "services" and that's about all.  When you can't pay no more, well that's it.

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.mil email returns

by Lasthorseman Tue May 22nd, 2007 at 07:41:15 PM EST

Yes, that's right scare the crap out of me with "undeliverable" email returns to my work address.  I know my main computer is fryed and I got the message that you know who I am, however.
I have to admit I must be a pain in your ass.  I have advocated against depleted uranium.  I have been quick to post all over the internet when classical psy-op "stories" appear.  I gave your local recruiters a really hard time when you called my daughter but look I'm really not against the US or the Army and if you have read or had the capacity to read and understand my internet posts you would see that.  Actually I am more conservative than liberal and if I could have two beers with you I think we would have more in common than not.  It's just that talking to conservatives is like when I was eighteen and my grandmother wanted me to stay home and watch Lawrence Welk on a Saturday night.

I am finding out that deviation from the prescribed punditry of either "side" is a waste of time.  I focus on the higher forces which drive each of these huge entertainment/propaganda industries of the left and the right, the globalists.  There may be people in far away lands with guns but there are far more dangerous people right here at home in pin stripes.

I'm asking you with your lifelong devotion and sacrifice for your country to look up and research the SPPNA and the Nascocorridor.  In two years you may find yourself at the post saluting a brand new flag at retreat.  Or is it just training to become a Blackwater "consultant".

No, I'm not mad at the Army, just it's commander in chief.  You can't convince me we are fighting for our country, it's values or the continuation of the real American way.  All of that has been pre-empted by the corporate policy of MSM "news".

True I won't be around as much anymore now the computer is dead and survivalist type plans are in high gear.  If you want me to spell it all out for you I will, but shut up about what's going on?  Never.

State Dinner for the Queen

by Lasthorseman Tue May 8th, 2007 at 07:26:10 AM EST

Many times over morning coffee the TV is on. That is about all I can stand of American TV. Broadcasting it's daily snippets of propaganda to the "normal" world.  I just happen to be something different in my viewpoint.  A lavish state dinner at the White House attended by "great" personalities.

Lord, I'm just glad these people are not my kids!
Mr. Henry Kissinger.  Mr. "Peace with honor" in Vietnam.  The kind of person a real American would spit on the ground in a gesture of total disgust at.

Another one, Colin Powell.  Mr. "I got up in front of the UN and sold you a bogus war so Dickie's company could take you all to the bank", Powell.

Lord,  I keep telling you about this stuff and asking if it's time yet to tack up the Apocalyptic horse.  I mean equal should not mean these elite guys get away with everything and anything and still get to sip wine and eat caviar.

Another day, crap from the start.

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Bad Siemens Bad

by Lasthorseman Wed May 2nd, 2007 at 06:05:51 PM EST

I want to look beyond the talking points of the press and offer up a perspective from the other side of the pond.  I see the Siemens scandal as Europe's Enron.
If Enron was not bad enough the "reforms" it brought about are nothing short of a re-education gulag of Orwellian doublespeak.
Perhaps the governments in Europe have not been as corrupted as they have here in the states.  I have serious questions about the investigators, the SEC and the DOJ, who are not without their very own credibility gap in the latest US Attorney General firings.  We know the US government moves at best at a snails pace, if at all.  The Microsoft anti-trust suit was a perfect example.  Another is the United Health Care RICO statute suit.

http://www.aishealth.com/ManagedCare/HMOLawsuitWatch/American_Medical_Association_et_al_v_United_Hea lthcare.html

Big money ties up years of both government and private time, keeping the lawyers in the money.  Even the government is outsourcing it's investigation to somebody called Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, who then get together and argue with Davis Polk & Wardwell, the law firm retained by Siemens.

I view most of this as show.  Large global businesses did not get to where they are by always playing "fair".  In comparison let me say this.  If what the Siemens corporation did was wrong it pales in comparison to the actions of the US Federal government over the past seven years.  On the moral scale the US government rates somewhere lower than pond scum in comparison.  Yet they are trying to sell you something with the press coverage.  Our "answer" to Enron was something called Sarbanes-Oxley.
Sarbanes-Oxley was the "reform" plan which burdened American businesses with wasted hours upon hours of "complicance" issues relating to "ethical" business behaviors.
Several points come up.
The "zero tolerance policies".  Zero tolerance of what?
Totally ambiguous laws it takes an army of lawyers years to figure out?
The "complicance" courses  Here in the states they have even woven into these "compliance" courses the "global war on terrorism".  The course outlines behaviour which as an employee you should never do yet reality tells you your own government has not enforced any of these provisions for at least twenty solid years.  I told you it was an Orwellian re-education gulag, didn't I.

Here though is a final quote.
"This will ensure compliance uniformity among all Siemens US businesses, with our goal to become a recognized leader in compliance".
Compliance.  Wow, can you hear it?  
Can't you hear those boots, marching in unison.
Maybe it's simply to take attention away from Halliburton moving to Dubai.

Desperate Measures Desperate Times

by Lasthorseman Sun Apr 29th, 2007 at 10:01:18 AM EST

Most might ponder why I submit this when the level of discourse here is indeed higher than this.  It is a small thing yet a symptom of far deeper ills in American daily life and the failing of American democracy.


The popular version of the song now goes like this.

Old big brother stole the farm ee ID eye o
With a chip chip here and a chip chip there
Here a chip there a chip everywhere a microchip

As an occasional contributor to government contracts I started getting Washington trade magazines.  One of them bills itself as "your gateway to the billion dollar government IT industry".  The hype in these articles is focused mostly on the profit potential and lacks any discussion of why it should not be done in the first place.

It's far more than an ID card, it's "identity management" and clearly from the flow charts means assigning biometrically you entire life to a database and an ID card.  And hey the profit margins of General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Unisys, Bearing Point and others are at stake here.

The plan is to "credential" first responders.
Hmmm..didn't I just see the first responders lost their lawsuit.  The lawsuit they filed after breathing toxic 911 debris and becoming disabled.
Or last week something about the Army classifying wounded veterans at anything under 30%, the magic cut off number for continued benefits.  Yes, I think there was the case of a veteran with a metal plate in his head yet classed as 10% disabled.

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I love it when they're so transparent!

by Lasthorseman Fri Apr 13th, 2007 at 05:02:49 PM EST

The left, I mean!

American Family Association, Family Research Council, and Concerned Women for America disseminating Nazi-esque science of known "hate group"



During CNN Appearance, Al Franken Calls On CNN To Fire Glenn Beck

All of the above are todays links from left leaning political boards.  We have zero representative government, zero "democracy".
A talk show host fired for political advancement.  A corporate endorsed Illuminati ordered shift and perhaps even more destructive than the last five years.
No to impeachment.
Yes to more government intrusion, HR 1 the anti-terra bill.
Hate crimes.
Gun confiscation.
And a gas tax that will shove you into crappy high density housing with the niggas,spics and the fags.
Tell me what to think, feel and say one more time and I'll punch your lights out!

Don Imus, the news bandwidth occupier designed to replace Rosie O Donnel and Bill Oreilly debating 911 truth.  And it worked.  I'm soo mad I'm incoherent!

Lord, can I go and tack up the Apocalyptic horse now.

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by Lasthorseman Tue Apr 10th, 2007 at 08:55:18 PM EST

Imagine the amount of energy saved in shutting of 300 million TVs and their incessant din of crap.
For relief from the Anna Nicole, Don Imus and most everything else "American" "news" I turn to the net.
300 TV channels and it all offends me.

We have Bildeburg 2007 dates!  Bildeberg and CFR being the two premier globalist promoters.  Kings, heads of state and captains of industry get together once again to decide who gets rich and who gets the shaft.  Get out the globalization grease cause here it comes.

In five minutes one can Google Bilderberg 2007 and several places come up.  Discussion boards where "proles" are guessing what might come next.
One had impressive links about bird flu and it's promotion in the "news".
The other one is global warming.  Global warming is the kind of thing that's hard to argue against.  Yes, Al Gore goes down in my book as a Satanic minion of equal status to Bush.  The first reason is NAFTA, the second reason is NAFTA and the third reason is NAFTA.


I had another link but it brought up too many ads so I won't paste it here.  It did have an expedia link to Istanbul Hotels.

While it does appear the "right" is falling off like a stone in popularity let's review the coming of the "left".
Warming and yes it's all your fault
Race, sexual, save the transgendered whales.
"Hate" crimes, we will tell you how to think!

John didn't want to stop the war, he thought it was the only way to "fix" things.

Now, wasn't that more entertaining than listening to why Don Imus is a racist?
Gun confiscation

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