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Dukegate's Kontogiannis: Cunningham's Other Co-conspirator

by XicanoPwr Fri Dec 9th, 2005 at 08:55:32 AM EST

Right after the Thanksgiving holidays, California Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham gave a heatfelt teary eyed confession and he would also resign from Congress after pleading guilty to taking more than "$2.4 million in illicit payments and benefits from his Coconspirators in various forms, including cash, checks, meals, travel, lodging, furnishings, antiques, rugs, yacht club fees, boat repairs and improvements, moving expenses, cars, and boats."

The unraveling began in June 2005, when the San Diego Union Tribune broke a news story regarding an apparent bribe to a very conservative Republican Congressman from California, Randy "Duke" Cunningham. According to this report, it seems that a front company for MZM, Inc. chief Mitchell Wade bought a house from Representative Cunningham that hadn't been put on public market even though Mr. Wade wasn't looking to live there. It was a quiet, quick, private deal. This deal also involved Thomas Kontogiannis, Long Island Real Estate Developer and Kontogiannis wife's nephew John T. Michael, president of Coastal Capital.

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