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Marcela needs your help

by kcurie Fri Apr 28th, 2006 at 10:33:31 AM EST

I was not thinking about writing a diary for a while..but as always a bad news suddenly stroke my computer.

It is time that we all do what we can to help Marcela. She has a very well-paid job in one of the more fascinating subjects. She has the life everybody would dream if..were not because she does not live in Barcelona (that we all know is the best city in the world y punto pelota).

But her life is about to become...a nightmare

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You really want to fight back? Manifesto

by kcurie Tue Apr 18th, 2006 at 02:57:52 PM EST

This week has seen in ET and Kos a good deal of writing and effort to discuss the situation the left-wing policies are facing in the US and most of Europe. We are not heard, we do not know how to fight, TV is killing us, we have to develop a new medium, they are building and financing think tanks in Europe. Jerome has made a superb effort to deconstruct the assumptions and the conventional wisdom that the elites digest. But the most important gun they have is not the think tank, or the media...what they have and we do not have is a MYTH.

I think that nobody can doubt now how powerful myths are. Myths, in the anthropological sense, is a whole narrative that explains the world.. and this is what the right has, a myth to explain the economic world where the policies that are ruining our economy in the medium term (and making some people mega-uber rich in the meantime) come naturally. Their myths is very powerful because it explains everything. It has been worked out using billions of dollars in great think tanks and Academia. If you really want to know more about myths..well Levi-Strauss is the way to go.

The question here is...what can the left do? This is a diary to sum up what I think are the most relevant points made in the blogs and some new points coming from a personal perspective (where physics and maths are mixed with basic anthropology). Some of them are already conventional wisdom in ET and in the US left. I would just try to clarify why they are so important. Others will sound crazy to you...Good, excellent...we can discuss them.

Follow me if you want to know how to change the world..."Of course a small group of dedicated people can change the world. Actually I do not know of any other way" (M.M.)

Back from the front page

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Clash of Giants: Energy, Gas and Europe

by kcurie Tue Feb 21st, 2006 at 01:47:21 PM EST

Today  E.On , with the support of the Bavaria Lander and Merkel in person, has announced that it is trying to become the largest electric company in the World...

From the BBC

German power firm E.ON is to launch a 29.1bn euro ($35bn; £19.9bn) bid for Spanish utility Endesa.
The offer will seek to trump an existing 22.4bn euro hostile approach for Endesa from fellow Spanish energy group Gas Natural.

Gas Natural's bid has already been approved by the Spanish government, but Endesa has voiced its strong objection.

E.ON said it expected Endesa to welcome its approach, but the Spanish firm has so far refused to comment.

An Endesa spokesman said the firm would not be making any statement regarding the E.ON approach until after a board meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

From the diaries ~ whataboutbob

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Spanish energy giant is (almost) born. -UPDATE IV

by kcurie Sat Feb 4th, 2006 at 04:08:27 AM EST

Today a huge step towards the creation of the third world biggest energy company has been given and it seems there is no way back

Barcelona will be the center of one of the most humongous  corporations...Today the Spanish government has given final approval to Gas Natural's 22.4bn euro ($27bn; £15bn) hostile takeover of fellow Spanish energy company Endesa.

This is going to change the Spanish and South-American landscape..and I bet that the European energy sector is gonna see giant takeover bids by this company in the future (will they be allowed?)..The first step of a change in the model of business.

But.. HERE COMES THE SURPRISE, it is also a great blow to right-wing politics in the continent... say what? what has to do right-wing pressure groups and this takeover....??This take over is basically the elimination of one the most important centers of the right-wing influence in Spain...with friends in the US right and some others (less) in Europe...

This takeover is also the way a new model of business in energy is born... Read below and feel free to comment about your best model of primary energy....the nuclear French.. or the new Spanish one, you choose

From the diaries - (with important comments by Migeru) ~ whataboutbob

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Golden Globe now - PARADISE NOW REVIEW

by kcurie Sat Jan 21st, 2006 at 07:37:32 PM EST

I entered the nice movie theater naively. I had seen the standard classic movies announcements, the british cinema sessions. The architecture of the cinematique foundation of Tel-Aviv was ..cool, and red.
The people around was the kind of people you expect there, let´s face it, we are a kind of sub-tribe, we all look the same. Some people call us the professional, intellectual group. Others the evil do-gooders, others just call us the people who care.
But the movie theater was rather different, like a Greek theater with the screen just in front and very few long rows. It was not big at all, but today it was particularly crowded. No sit free.

I saluted the woman in charge of collecting the tickets. The three students going with me took the place we were supposed to sit in the second row. The screen was at the perfect place for the eye. I guess someone had that into account. I watched a nice trailer of an excellent movie that I saw long time ago "Conversaciones con mama" (chats with mum), the movie was even greater than the trailer...it seems that they will screen it again in the foundation.

I commented one of my fellows that if the movie was not English or had subtitles in English I was screwed. I made a joke about going out to dinner myself since I do not know a jot in Hebrew. Maybe the movie was in English or more probably I would see both subtitles, Hebrew and English.

It would had not matter. But subtitles were in both languages.

I was ready to see the movie. I was not quite ready to see how a movie theater in Tel-Aviv full of left-wing youth would watch Paradise Now.

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A new deep magic

by kcurie Sat Jan 14th, 2006 at 05:49:33 PM EST

The deep thread.

It was long time ago.. it was long time ago that it was clear.. we needed.. we needed a deep discussion showing that we are the liberal elite. It is time to discuss about the deeper meaning of life....in the sense of what do I do here? and what is all about?

I have never had problem about what we do here... "Life of Brian" and "The meaning of life" (MP) solved that problem long time ago.. we are here to have a good time, laughing and learning...sex, people, drinks food, my own ego or whatever...do stuff..Some people find that it has to exist a purpose...maybe, who knows. If you wish this is your thread too....

But to be frank people I think we normally have our fair share of... our elite tastes with "the purpose of life" of saving this and that, and doing this and that and laughing with stupid jokes. I do it so often that..it is time now for the deep questions of the "what is all about?"

-How do we construct the self (internal, external and "invent-appear" the feelings)?
-How we managed to generate complex symbols (languages, myths, structures, violence...)?
-What is the real mean of magic?
-What is science? and religion?

From these all the other deep stuff comes naturally. From the  construction of the self you can explain all the things that makes as humans. From science and magic you should be able to explain how we "construct" the external object: they are there or we "invent" them? the electron is a purely mind symbol or it really exists out there?..or mathematics is the only thing that really exists. And our brain is out there.. but our mind?  Answer these questions and you have a whole clear vision of the world.... Tell me what you think and I will tell you who you are, what TV you see, what comic, movies you have in your heart..

I know each of you have your own answer and your vision of the world...This is the place!!!!
Follow me below the fold.......

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Movie feature

by kcurie Mon Dec 5th, 2005 at 05:03:39 PM EST

A new weekly feature: The cinema

My great majority of one against zero has decided that it is time to start a new weekly or bi-weekly section on.. movies. A place to gather the different members of this community around a good/bad movie.

(...and shameless self-promotion does lead to results - diary promoted by DoDo...)

I love cinema, what can I say... Oh yes, I can say something. A lot of people still think that characters in the cinema (when they are in love) kiss each other in the mouth because this is what happens in reality when you are in love. The truth is completely the opposite, people in real life kiss each other in the mouth because this is what we see in the movies. Change the movies and make the actors/actresses kiss each other in the elbow when they are in love and everybody would start kissing each other in the elbow to show love.

...so prepare the flowers or the flame-throwers: below the fold, kcurie takes on Harry Potter IV!

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Venezuela's Maria..or weapons

by kcurie Mon Nov 28th, 2005 at 05:44:20 PM EST

It is Venezuela day!!!!!!

OK.. Venezuela, what a beautifullllll country, I guess (I have no firetrucker idea). A country of contrasts, a cultural crossroad, origin of ...

OK , enough of airline travel guide magazine stuff and let's go to the grain (I guess you understand perfectly this idiom: going to the grain; it means going to the grain).

These days are Venezuela days in Eurotrib. A wonderful economic analysis. Check it in no other place than Eurotrib, V-Boom ,  your source of news. In my case I report you decide... if it is really a report or I am just making things up.

There has also been news about the military in Venezuela. Spain sold a bunch of military stuff. But because you only get the anglo-saxon side of deal, which by all details is awful, this is the place where a spaniard can be useful translating the reports from this side of the.. well this side of this side.

Follow me

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It's for real in Isreal-rael (UPDATE)

by kcurie Thu Nov 24th, 2005 at 07:39:18 AM EST

From the front page ~ whataboutbob


Speechless.. incredible...

I hardly can believe it.. But is is true, it is absolutely true. There are lot of things happening in the Middle East.

is it Bush? .. or is it Democracy? or the other big D... Demography..

Short after the withdraw from Gaza another earthquake..

The first, moving out from Gaza was not really that big.. and after this movement, the number of palestinians under occupation are a minority (minority compared with the jews around Israel)...

But now....A true democratic election is in the horizon....and Israel having different real options is not a fact of life....

Follow be below..

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China´s Dragon has a flu.. or not

by kcurie Tue Nov 15th, 2005 at 01:52:03 AM EST

China ooooHHHH China. Next Empire..or next superpower or next just a little little power or one among many in a multipolar world, or just regional important country, or just not that important country or country bordering the catastrophe or future total mega uber collapsed country.

Well, take your pick, all of these things have been said about China. And me, what do I think about it? You must be asking of course, what do I think about it? This is why I am supposed to write a diary for.. always me me me me.

Well not this time. This time I am gonna give the opinion of someone who knows more than me but disagrees with me. Ei, I have not said what I think yet. "Common, tell us" you must be shouting and crying for..

Well, no I am not. This is the time of R.Poch uber mega expert in China   China is not dragon (Do you speak Spanish?)

OK OK, you want to know what I think. You know China is basically independent of the US thanks to the huge debt that China has (ENB or economic nuclear bottom). But being independent does not mean being the next superpower. I have always bet China will be a regional power in a world where US and Europe are also regional powers. Truth is that, after this, the most probable outcome I see is China as a global super power....Not so fast says our expert...follow me below the fold to show that China is maybe a dragon with an avian flu unless it takes some Chinese medicine to cure it (if you still try to prevent your flu with a Roche shot style you really do not know what you are doing.. snark shhanrk).

Common, it is gonna be long, but everybody wants to know the future once we are all dead. If you do not like geopolitics and do not play Risk then you are lost. What can I do to save you!!!???

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Stop the train. I am gonna make an analysis!!!

by kcurie Wed Nov 9th, 2005 at 10:54:08 AM EST

...from the front page ~ whataboutbob


I should not be doing that. The diary I am preparing right now is about the wind industry (I even have the title for it).I am also preparing another one about cars.

But I have decided, for the first time, and I hope last, to make and analysis of a dynamical system (get some cover, fast).

This is what I did for getting my Ph.D.  Boring?? You bet. NO I am kidding, it can be fun if you are into it.

And wchurchill in Latin America and free trade recalled me how funny was to use this kind of dynamical analysis where you try to figure out what were the main driving forces of a situation that lead you to some place.

So, I know it will be or may be boring, but this is the only place where a rant-analysis about trade policies can get any attention. I know the analysis is mainly wrong but I think is as good as a caricature as any other I could think of. Or maybe not.

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Don't cry for me Argentina.

by kcurie Thu Oct 27th, 2005 at 07:23:34 AM EST

Promoted by Colman

A what a wonderful , beautiful song.. who does not remember ...well Madonna? Ok Ok I am joking.
But the cry of Argentina was real three years ago...December 2001, the month that changed the world, viiiiiste???

Let's see, this is EuroTrib. We deal with Europe but also with spin, false statistics, neo-liberal capitalism. Which country could we take as an example of what happens if you follow the advice of the neo-liberal-old-Washington-consensus (a consensus for the rest of the World but never for the US...do you remember when the US told the other people never to have deficits.. cracking, ain´t?), which country suffered a crash for not getting rid of those stupid kids on the blog (sorry block, what was I thinking of?)???

Of course it is Argentina!!!! And there were elections yesterday over there and Spain strength depends a lot on what happens over there..so it is time to recall why you should never, never follow the advice of the WSJ editorial page. Follow me below the fold

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A lousy Turkish T-Shirt.

by kcurie Sat Oct 15th, 2005 at 12:58:32 PM EST

Yes I was in Turkey, so what? what can an Spaniard explain, say or inform this community about Turkey and the future of the EU?  Spain got into the EU in the middle 80s after painful negotiations.  With Turkey they would more painful and...UUUUUh maybe even zzzzz, this goes nowhere. Let's face it, most of the diaries on Turkey have been just dead right and very insightful. They discussed in depth any angle you can imagine. So I am not writing anything new if I follow this path.  

So, is it possible for me to say really anything interesting at all? No, not really.  Unless, of course, you realize that buying and using a T-Shirt in Istanbul may become an enlightening experience. Or maybe not.

More below...

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Spain's Economic success history: Create & distribute wealth

by kcurie Sun Oct 2nd, 2005 at 07:11:28 AM EST

Great discussion on Spain, from the diaries ~ whataboutbob

Yes, this is a success history  diary (not a lot lately). It may help other European economies, other government and other people to understand how different models can produce great economic results.

Does anybody remember Spain in the sixties-early seventies? (I do not, I was not even born, but I have pictures and I have the histories of my grandparents) It was nasty, not as nasty as the forties after the civil war or the fifties where I still do not know how my family did not starve. But it was nasty. Look at us now. The fastest growing economy in the continent, with a GDP just behind the big ones of Europe and with the possibility of becoming the largest economy in Europe within fifteen years.

Is it a success, isn´t it. Whatboutbob provided this link and asked how did we do it (most of this diary comes from my answer to him/her. And the answer may help a left-wing economic manifesto, or a European manifesto...or may be not. And it could be interesting to you...or may be not..and, it may start bothering Jerome, because a housing bubble can be very very helpful (even an energy crisis can be dealt without problems, ei, did I get your attention now?)...and...and...but in any case it was fun to write. So if you want to know the answer about how to produce a fair, rich and growing economy, just look below the fold

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