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A Good Ass Kicking

by Akha Drug War Sat Feb 4th, 2006 at 11:52:30 PM EST

The west has a sense of entitlement, that they can have bombs, but not Iran, that they can kick ass but not anyone else, that they can bomb and kill tens of thousands of Iraqis, Afghanistan and other countries, and be untouchable themselves.

Thank God we are coming to a time when the world is becoming like a bar. If you shoot your mouth off or dump on the other guy, your gonna get punched, no matter how big a bully you are.

The west writes the rules, divides the land and resources and kills with impunity, and the Muslim world is challenging that "right".

How about all the thousands of Akha and others who got killed in the western drug war in Asia, should the west be let off the hook for that?

The Drug War. The Brits made their fortune off it, when the Chinese rebelled against the opium, the British killed them and burned their cities.

Now the Brits want to send 3,300 troops to stop opium in Afghanistan. The UNODC. The Americans.

Why does the west always preach its gospel of non violence while raining death and destruction down on everyone else?????

Maybe the days of western arrogance and gluttony are coming to an end.

You can not have injustice and peace together.

http://www.akha.org The Akha Heritage Foundation

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America's Secret Drug War in Laos

by Akha Drug War Sun Jan 29th, 2006 at 12:21:41 AM EST

At the Senlis Council http://www.senliscouncil.net/ there is discussion of changing the rules on opium eradication because of the humanitarian disaster it causes when bully countries start telling everyone the world over what they can grow and not grow.

To that we should ad Laos.
The Akha of Laos.

The US is waging a Secret Drug War in Laos and the result is death for the Akha people, death by starvation and disease.

The world knows it not.

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