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Energy independence in Murkin terms

by kevinearllynch Sat Nov 11th, 2006 at 02:42:32 PM EST

I wish you people here at EuroTrib would be a little more constructive about, rather than accusative, this topic. Certainly there are some troubles with current biofuel plans. Mainly, the fact that it takes serious petrofertilizers consumption to make corn ethanol. But the liquid fuel problem will not go away! Like as not, the USA still needs over-the-road trucking to get goods to the market, and most people will refuse to give up their autos in the short term. We aren't going to get nuclear powered cars, trucks, and commercial shipping any time soon! What would you suggest as a solution? Personally, I think a biodeisel/electric hybrid engine for personal and commercial transport should be a priority for the next 20 years, with an emphasis on rail and river transport to replace trucks. Then on getting people redensifying their population and having light rail reduce reliance on cars. But this is a LONG term solution, and will need a LOT of selling to make it seem reasonable to your average Murkin.
Now, give me a better idea or stop telling me how hopeless we in the USA are


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