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OFAC is acting on Victor Bout again

by Graceland Wed Nov 1st, 2006 at 02:10:16 PM EST

Richard Chichakli's case is getting a lot of attention especially in the event that Victor Bout and his partner Sanjivan Ruprah were frozen by OFAC on October 30, 2006 this time under the DR Congo Executive Order by George W. Bush ( http://www.ustreas.gov/offices/enforcement/ofac/actions/20061030.shtml  ). It seems that the office of OFAC have done such action in haste, as it did not get the same publicity the freezing of the small accounting practice of Richard received, not even a press release by the Treasury.

Very likely OFAC has done that in some way to respond to the strong defense and the law suit generated by Chichakli, to which they have not yet responded. Thinking, possibly, that this new action is going to provoke Chichakli to say something in defense of Bout, OFAC would like to use Chichakli's talk to reinforce their assertion that Richard is a spokesman for Victor, and then redesignate him under the newest invention. Richard, be careful!

The timing of this action can also provide them with another benefit of showing that Bush administration is fighting strongly against "enemies", as Bout is generally negatively perceived by American public. Anything to help the Republicans gain more seats in the upcoming election!

Very interesting comments concerning Richard Chichakli's case can be found here: http://nosuchblog.blog-city.com/a_little_bit_of_missing_727_stuff.htm

With respect to that site, I'd like to find out what is the dead man still doing on the President's Executive Order? And what was the urgency that prompted the Feds to search Chichakli's premises without a search warrant? (Didn't they investigate him for two years prior his designation?)

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