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Growing Vegetables on City Rooftops

by Bruce F Sat Mar 15th, 2008 at 10:09:47 AM EST

What follows is part of what's on my Flickr site.  

I think it might have a place here.  The issues are global and what we're saying can be adapted to fit local conditions.


Last summer,  my friends (Art and Heidi) and I grew heirloom vegetables on our respective rooftops in Chicago using homemade Earthboxes.   Heidi would come over every few weeks and take some photos of my plants, which she then sent me along with some shots from their roof garden.   I rearranged them and added this commentary.

We're trying to show what's possible using cheap, readily available components and also to learn from anyone who wants to share what they know.

Promoted, with added picture stolen from his flickr pool, by Colman: it's spring people, get planting.

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