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Administration Is Seeking $700 Billion for Wall Street Bailout

by igor vincha Sat Sep 20th, 2008 at 08:25:34 PM EST

One billion will be given to each African country, each Asian country including Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, each South American country, each Latin American country and each non-G7 country in Europe.

In return, these countries will uphold the Bretton- Woods agreement and will not scrap the US dollar. Furthermore they will uphold the original values of the United States (before she was hijacked by the economic terrorists). Furthermore, this money will be used to liberate the United States from the grip of global oligarchy which is bankrupting the American people.

The truth :)

The New Dark Age: the End of the Empire

by igor vincha Wed Sep 17th, 2008 at 10:49:40 PM EST

Until recently I though of America as the evil empire. Nice people but shame for their government. This view plainly conflicted with my knowledge of the American people and their values. I never hated the Americans but until recently, I wished for the downfall of "their" empire. As American companies fail I cannot but feel certain satisfaction.

But through my experience and observation of the events since 1990, and as a privileged insider of a certain unimportant group i.e. as a victim, the only rational conclusion which could explain the events in the world and our victimization is that America is not the actual world power that we all think it is. American power is an illusion on a grand scale. It became perfectly obvious to me that the American government had been hijacked from right under the noses of the American people. After WW2 the United States became a puppet state. Uncle Sam became a straw man who deterred the dumb birds from reality. The United States was secretly invaded after WW2. By whom?

Many people have realized this and many have been led to blame the Jews. Now it is clear to me that that was a smokescreen. The Jews were purposely sacrificed to hide the true rulers. Some people then proposed that the true rulers are sitting in the Vatican. This view also had its logic. Avro Manhattan did put forward that case against the Vatican with great clarity. Both of these groups had the money, but lacked the global logistics.

It will be a great tragedy if the only way that Americans can regain their freedom is through a global war. The scenario for the New Dark Age has been seen many times in sci-fi books and movies, the infected organism has to be destroyed in order to destroy the infection.

Hegel's Master-Slave dialectic can provide the answer. If Americans could only identify the "Slave" we could avert the New Dark Age.

The New Dark Age

by igor vincha Mon Sep 15th, 2008 at 01:06:53 PM EST

How did people behave until the day World War One was formally proclaimed? Life was as normal. Everyone went about doing their usual things, very few could anticipate what a global war meant. Even during the war very few people had a global perspective. Most of the little people were concerned only about their daily survival.

How did people behave before WW2 formally began? Now that is trickier question. The beginning of world-wide conflageration was envisaged only by Mr. Adolf Hitler and those close to him. He probaly foresaw many events after the anschluss of Austria, and perhaps that was the day WW2 started - from his priviledged perspective. As far as the others were concerned WW2 did not start even with the occupation of the Sudetenland or with the Italian attacks on Greece.

The world is slow to realize what is happening. It is only years later, when the winners write the history-in the manner in which they would like it to be perceived- that the ordinary guy realizes what was going on.

So it is today. We see the bank losses accruing, we see mortgage lenders going bust, we see the Northern Rock and the government's action, we see huge bank losses, we see huge increases in energy and food prices, we see the "bankrupcy" of Freddie Mac and Fannie May, the collapse of travel companies, we see the bankrupcy of Lehman and the buyout of Merryl, YET we do not see the big picture.

We do not see and do not want to see where all this is taking us. What is World War III going to look like. Is WW3 inevitable?

Let us suppose first that the world economic meltdown is possible without worldwide wars. How long shall each country be able to descend into poverty WITHOUT taking some sort of desparate action? Are human being capable of slow non-agressive suicide and slow death by hunger and cold?

Knowing human beings and their track records, isn't it more likely that some countries will decide to "protect" their own interests at the expense of those who do not have a tradition of "defending" their interests at the far flung corners of the world?  

So, I predict that within one or two years, the world will be at war. You may think or hope that I am wrong, but try to think what will ordinary life look like in London or Paris, during the war. The main question for me is, which parts of the world will be worst affected?

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The giving to man of an eye for an ear...

by igor vincha Sun Jan 20th, 2008 at 07:21:47 AM EST

Mcluhan: Understanding Media, the Extensions of Man, MIT, 1964.
The giving to man of an eye for an ear by phonetic literacy is, socially and politically, probably the most radical explosion that can occur in any social structure. This explosion of the eye, frequently repeated in "backward areas," we call Westernization. With literacy now about to hybridize the cultures of the Chinese, the Indians, and the Africans, we are about to experience such a release of human power and aggressive violence as makes the previous history of phonetic alphabet technology seem quite tame.

That is only the East side story, for the electric implosion now brings oral and tribal ear-culture to the literate West. Not only does the visual, specialist, and fragmented Westerner have now to live in closest daily association with all the ancient oral cultures of the earth, but his own electric technology now begins to translate the visual or eye man back into the tribal and oral pattern with its seamless we of kinship and interdependence.

We know from our own past the kind of energy that is released, as by fission, when literacy explodes the tribal or family unit. What we do know about social and psychic energies that develop by electric fusion or implosion when literate individuals are suddenly gripped by an electromagnetic field, such as occurs in the new Common Market pressure in Europe? Make no mistake, the fusion of people who have known individualism and nationalism is not the same process as the fission of "backward" and oral cultures that are just coming to individualism and nationalism. It is the difference between the "A" bomb and the "H" bomb. The latter is more violent, by far. Moreover, the products of electric fusion are immensely complex, while the products of fission are simple. Literacy creates very much simpler kinds of people than those that develop in the complex web or ordinary tribal and oral societies. For the fragmented man created the homogenized Western world, while oral societies are made up of people differentiated, not by their specialist skill of visible marks, but by their unique emotional mixes. The oral man's inner world is a tangle of complex emotions and feelings that the Western practical man has long ago eroded or suppressed within himself in the interest of efficiency and practicality.

The immediate prospect for literate, fragmented Western man encountering the electric implosion within his own culture is his steady and rapid transformation into a complex and depth-structured person emotionally aware of his total interdependence with the rest of human society. Representatives of the older Western individualism are even now assuming the appearance, for good or ill, of Al Capp's General Bull Moose or of the John Birchers, tribally dedicated to opposing the tribal. Fragmented, literate, and visual individualism is not possible in an electrically patterned and imploded society.

So what is to be done? Do we dare to confront such facts at the conscious level, or is it best to becloud and repress such matters until some violence releases us from the entire burden? For the fate of implosion and interdependence is more terrible for Western man than the fate of explosion and independence for tribal man. It may be merely temperament in my own case, but I find some easing of the burden in just understanding and clarifying the issues. On the other hand, since consciousness and awareness seem to be a human privilege, may it not be desirable to extend this condition to our hidden conflicts, both private and social?""

Thus wrote Marshal McLuhan.

I add:

Did McLuhan imply that the USA should be out there engineering Georgia, engineering Serbia, engineering I-raq, engineering Afghanistan and Pakistan? No, he didn't. But that is exactly what the USA is doing.

How many social restructuring engineers has the USA got on the ground and around the planet? How many "state-building" projects are now discussed in the laboratories of the Pentagon? How many "failed-states" are now receiving infusion and oxygen the global Pentagon Hospital? How many Benazir Bhuttos are held deep-frozen in the Pentagon labs? How many "conflict-resolution" and "mediation" projects are currently in operation? Thousands of American social engineers are employed in hundreds of American international aid organizations, quangos and NGOs. Just take a look at the size of the USA diplomatic offices around the world - in comparison to normal countries.

What this points to is that the Western man is reacting to the transformation of the world by attempting to control every aspect of life on the planet. The Western man tries to control everything on the planet in the name of "SIMPLICITY AND PRACTICALITY".

Hey! Someone's gotta do it!

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Dear eyes and ears of the medium,

by igor vincha Fri Jan 18th, 2008 at 05:03:01 AM EST

Dear eyes and dear ears of the medium,

It seems that some humans have sunk into the medium and that we do not approach the medium as subjects any more. We take it for granted that the internet is OUR tool for expressing ourselves. But the medium grasps us and we become tools of the internet medium. We take this lightly, just as in the preceding millennia no one thought about the relationship between breathing and slash burning of forests - the air was taken for granted. The effects of something have to be impressive before man can be mobilized.

When Marshall McLuhan coined the paradoxical phrase GLOBAL VILLAGE, which was later softened into a non-descript word which suited the square mind - globalization, he did not think of this phrase as describing something positive. He thought that the man had overcome the village in which there is only one baker, one banker, one soda shop, one post office, one garbage recycler; he thought that the medium is taking us backwards to the village mentality. This return to the village mentality is happening in a big way. In the 1990s the WEST developed a common consciousness which was reflected notably in the almost unanimous support for interventions in Yugoslavia and Iraq. The Clintons tuned into the Western Village wavelength perfectly: the moma chief and popa chief interventionists, the nasty popa and the forgiving but firm moma.

Why the West again? The proliferation of computers and internet use in the Anglo-Saxon world was exceedingly greater than in the rest of the world. The process of creating global conscience is not yet complete. The requirement is a critical number of English speakers who will replicate the medium in their own language. In some "backward" European countries (thank God for backwardness!) less than quarter of the population ever used the internet. In certain countries of Africa and Asia it is much less.

So, what am I talking about? I can see that my family life is going down the drain. My wife does not smoke and drink at the local wine bar with strangers but she is spending more and more time with strangers on the internet. I am not just counting the time spent at the keyboard. But also the phosphorescent glint in her eyes - the reflection of the computer screen, the smile on her face as she thinks of her next response on her blogs or discussion forums. Somehow she believes that her opinions matter, that she is changing the minds of those who still do not share her viewpoint.

In fact my HUMAN wife has become the eye and the ear of the ELECTRIC medium. Nothing separates her from the medium except the occasional lack of time.

As for her son, he is long lost. Since the age of 12 he has become the eyes and the ears of the medium. For years now he spends 95% of his home time on the internet. His thought and feelings have been noted down in the vast memory of the medium. His communication with the family always comes as a surprise: ELECTRICITY HAS SPOKEN!

The conclusion: Fight against the village mentality. Support your tribe! Freedom in tribalism! Stop detribalization! Support Indias, Russias, Serbias, Indonesias, Costa Ricas, Irans, South Africas and North Koreas, and everyone else who wants to be a tribe and not just electricity. The individual members of these nations which want to integrate into the GLOBAL VILLAGE can do so via their MODEMS and telephone lines, but they must not impose their VILLAGE MENTALITY on the rest of the TRIBE. Just because the internet medium is the latest medium does not mean it is the most desirable medium. The evolutionary paradigm is NOT universally applicable.

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"The future of the book is the blurb."

by igor vincha Sun Jan 13th, 2008 at 02:35:54 PM EST

Encouraged by the number of comments aroused by my last blurb I continue tonight to make good my promise and write about the Paradise Bird with the five foot feather.

The ingenuity of this bird is unmeasurable by human standards. Unlike a man who wishing to decorate himself or his woman with feathers goes out and kills a few birds, the Paradise Bird has no need to go out there and kill. The male Paradise Birds grow one feather to the desired length. The length depending on the desirability of the targeted female.

Now. I can vouchsafe that if Darwin observed the Paradise Birds rather than the dumb finches, he would have driven his barge back home full throtle and proclaimed to the incredulous Englishmen: intelligence designs!

That did not happen and since the time of the Huxleys the humanity is split into two. The first group being the one which believes in Intelligence and the other which believes in Hick-ups. These basic belief create the moral attributes of the two groups.

Warning: by belonging to a certain Club a person does not automatically espouse the beliefs of this club; there are many opportunists wandering around. In other words, do not attempt to grow feathers without proper medical guidance.

---- - - - - - "Only puny secrets need protection. Big discoveries are protected by public incredulity." MMcL

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The Giraffe Tale or Good night Dawkins

by igor vincha Thu Jan 10th, 2008 at 01:10:05 PM EST

 Some 250 million years ago, after just 200 million years of separation from a mushroom, the Giraffe was just another lowland grass-eater of the vast Serengeti plains near Mt. Kilimanjaro.

But this particular giraffe was different from the rest, unlike other animals, she always looked upward towards the tops of acacia trees.

And she wondered, why have I not got the springy hoofs of my cousin the Goat, so that I can climb the acacia trees and try that tiny delicatessen. She spoke to the Goat who told her not to be silly; the thorns of acacia are so big and strong that she would require a completely new mouth. But the Giraffe still wished to reach those tiny leaves.

So our Giraffe started concentrating her thoughts towards the top of acacia trees. Her relatives warned her that if this practice continues long enough, her throat will stretch and her brain will raise high above the clouds.

Her brain would be so high up that the blood needed to feed the brain would have to be transported at a great expense. The pumping mechanism of the heart would be overstretched; she would need a heart which is 9kg heavy - the biggest in the universe! But even then the blood would tend to go down and avoid the brain. So she needed a unique blood transportation system which would carry the blood one way and then shut off the valves until the blood reaches the next height. (The kind only the Russians produced.)

How wasteful and greedy the Giraffe was. The whole animal kingdom needs to survive, but here she is being selfish and demanding so many resources just for herself: a special neck, special heart, special blood vessels, special anti-thorn lips, teeth and gums. And all because she wanted fresh acacia leaves.

But the Giraffe was persistent; she knew something that those dumb animals did not -
one day she will be presented to Charlemagne the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. And indeed that happened. The Giraffe was sent to pay a visit to the Holy Emperor - a distant evolutionary cousin who even took a part in the problems of church dogma. At this meeting somewhere near the wide and mighty Rhine they discussed the questions of the procession of the Holy Ghost from the Father and/or the Son. How funny and unpredictable is our mother nature.

Next time I will tell you the story of the Paradise Bird which evolved a single five-foot feather despite the recommendations from nature's aeronautical dept. headed by the Englishman Richard Dawkins.

True Europe IV - Greed, Art and Sex

by igor vincha Wed Jan 9th, 2008 at 05:02:43 PM EST

Zen Buddhists and some others from the non-incarnational schools of thought have recently agreed on tha pages of Eurotrib that greed is the fundamental problem of the Western and westernized worlds. I think that is true, but I would also like to lash out against the two last dogmatic bastions of the same worldview. The first is the modern notion of artistic appreciation stemming from the Renaissance, when some ruthless merchants started a collection of sculptures and other artistic artifacts for the purposes of their self-glorification and power. They glorified the artist in order to glorify their own power to "possess" this artist - at least for a short time. The result is art-as-investment. The days of sacred art have disappeared in the West. What would Hitler say today if he saw what is considered art (see for example body mutilation and Psychic TV), Saatchi's melted head made of blood, calves and sharks, her unmade bed, and diamond skull worth millions. Total decadence. Is anything degenerate today? Or are we too stupified by the "liberal" paradigma.

The second lash is against the idea that humans must copulate more that any mammal in the world in order to express their deep feelings of love for one another. Depending on the advisory sources for ordinary couples, they should copulate at least once a week. That is 52 times a year, 520 times in 10 years and 2600 times in 50 years. Once this is overtaken by boredom, the quotidian needs to be broken by leather, rubber and pain, etc.

Whatever I have described above can be seen daily, in one way or another, on the pages of the international newspapers - as articles about private lives of some human wrecks, in films about Bacon and Warhol for example, public lives of Hollywood porn families, etc.  

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True Europe 3

by igor vincha Fri Dec 28th, 2007 at 09:52:25 AM EST

The Vandal "progress" towards Rome was not the first of its kind. There were the Goths who in the 4th century found themselves in Crimea. Not only did they loot these ancient Scythian habitats but they also used Crimea as a staging post for piratery.

They looted the southern coast of the Black Sea i.e. Asia Minor. After a while they moved--women, children, slaves, animals--to the mouth of the Danube. This is the image that impressed the European minds in the Age of Enlightenment and Rationalism: hordes of savages traversing Euroasia.

After a period of domination in the East Balkans they moved to the West Balkans i.e. Dalmatia. And from there they finally entered the Italic peninsula.

The Goths, who were by now Christians of the Arian type, were so rich at this stage that they could finally produce something of enduring value. RAVENNA!

Naturally Ravenna, was not just a Gothic product it was a product in whose making many civilized people participated. The Goths just held the reins and the purse. The Bishopric of Cervia guided the works.

When one mentions Ravenna one should think of gold MOSAICS, country lanes extending to Classe and Cervia, the Po River estuary, wheat fields and light Italian skies. What amazed me when I first saw Ravena is the number of unbroken sarcophagi in churches, church gardens and parks. One can see that it has not been looted and destroyed "properly" since the 5th century or so. On the other hand if you cross over to the Balkans, every old sarcophagus is broken into pieces. Vandals! No wonder those poor Balkan people are still fighting to this day. Even with the Italian peacekeepers in their midst.

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Benazir, victim of globalization or USA social tampering

by igor vincha Thu Dec 27th, 2007 at 01:34:59 PM EST

When I was a teenager growing up in Pakistan, Benazir's younger brother was a year older than me - at the Islamabad American School. Like all other rich Pakistani boys he had succumbed to the emerging Global-Western drill of Sex and Drugs and Rock & Roll. Drugs included alcohol and lots of it. The boys of the Pakistani elites had free reins, sometimes girlfriends were brough even from France, the American girls in the school were only for serious "going steady".

I remember going steady, OOPS... am I revealing too much about my age. Well the cat is out the bag, I am 50 and proud. At least I survived Benazir's brother who was caughed hijacking a plane for some never clarified reason. Perhaps it was drugs and alcohol "thinking" in him.

Anyway, Benazir's father was the Prime Minister of Pakistan. She like other young women of the rich Pakistani feudal landlords was brought up in a strict and Muslim conservative fashion. Unfortunately the boys were allowed to run wild. They could do anything. Their families had stocks in the PanAm, in PIA (Pakistani International Airways) and prominently in the Habib Bank.

When I was 15, reading the great Western nihilists in the American school library--Nietzsche, Sartre, Camus and the funny guy Gore Vidal--I thought to myself: wow by the time I am fifty it will be 21st century and all these Pakistani street urchins, lepers, beggars, burka covered women, street cows and goats, bicycles, rickshaws, street peddlers - all will be transformed and modernized, and everything will look spick and span like Washington D.C.! OBVIOUSLY, I WAS A FIRM BELIEVER IN PROGRESS!

Here I am in the 21st century and Pakistan is worse than back in 1975. It is worse because the population doubled but poverty remained. So double the number of sufferers. Children are not educated properly, women are just biological weapons, men are stupefied.

There was one Pakistani guy in our school who was different from the others of his social class. He was bearded and we called him Ibex. He was a faithful Muslim. He did not drink, have girlfriends or listen to ROCK AND ROAALLLL BABY. O Lord wont you buy me a Mercedes Benz! Poor stupid Janice.

Today, I opened the Forbes page as it was the first on Google's list of news about Benazir's death. It said in this order: Russia had sent condolences to the Bhutto family, the official USA and the UK could not comment on the news as they did not have any confirmation yet! A pitiful state of the Western intelligence community. Everything is there but intelligence. Well duh!?

America killed Benazir by promising her false protection. I can imagine how they lifted up her hopes of activating her political career in Pakistan after years of living in the UK. How closely she worked with the people from THE embassy... They needed her to create the thin veneer of so-called DEMOCRACY, which allows them to manipulate the world impudently.

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True Europe 2

by igor vincha Wed Dec 26th, 2007 at 12:30:57 PM EST

"This diary seems to be trying to relate events 1,500 years ago (or so) and earlier to the present day geopolitical situation." A comment from a colleague (blogeague) to my previous diary entry.

Since time immemorial man has tried to predict the future and so today respectable reformists, economists and geopoliticians are trying to see what will happen if... But despite the percieved risks they still go ahead with their schemes.

On the other hand. no one had predicted the appearance and consequences of the appearance of an entity called Christ, and then of prophet Mohammed. These appearances still influence geopolitics of the world. That's 2000 and 1400 years ago.  

It is interesting that no once predicted the wars in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and air bombardment with scientific precision (not quite a regular war) of various countries. Not to mention 9/11.

The general unpredictability of life is more interesting that the mathematics of probability and statistics.

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True Europe

by igor vincha Tue Dec 25th, 2007 at 02:03:24 PM EST

Western Europe has swallowed East Central Europe. If this was 1990 I would have written probably: "We have deservedly united with the freedom loving West".
But this is almost 2008! And those with a mind have suffered the first Iraqi War, the Yugoslav Wars, the Second Iraqi War, the plundering of Russia, the demonization of Iran and North Korea, numerous skirmishes in and around Israel, Somalia, just to name some of those who made it to the news.

And, in all of these messy businesses the EU has willingly collaborated with the good daddies from the USA. To make the situation more ironic, the liberal democrats, that is the politically correct socialists, from the East were and still are staunchly and unswervingly pro-American. Me thinks, something stinks in New Europe.

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