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This is potentially an invaluable resource for Americans

by Syniel Sun Jun 12th, 2005 at 11:48:30 PM EST

In America the number of viewpoints that are filtered down to it's citizens can be counted on two fingers. Those viewpoints are: US conservatism and US reactionism.  This venue can allow us from the US hear viewpoints from our neighbors on this planet and I'm looking forward to reading from here everyday.

Although I've been on DKOS and BooTrib, I've never done a diary before... so of course i'm afraid that I'm doing it wrong. Some one do let me know if I am and how i can make my stuff useful :)

Anyway, about myself! I am an intersexed (possessing both chromosomal characteristics) individual beginning to get into the gender/civil rights fight. So, as you might guess - I live in a liberal body in a conservative man's world. People keep trying to put me into boxes and categories that do not fit.. and I hope to help myself and everyone else realize a day that we can all just enjoy being ourselves.


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