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EU'S Parliament agree to watered down REACH

by madrone Thu Nov 17th, 2005 at 08:10:34 AM EST

Hi everyone.  This is my first diary.  I had actually thought to post this at the Daily Kos, but lost the nerve.  Since you all are a smaller group, I thought I'd take Jerome's advice and post it here instead.  No one has posted on it there yet and I'm just hearing the news.  

It was expected, but it does look like the European Parliament agreed to the watered down version of REACH.  I haven't been able to find a recent news article on the web confirming this, but have heard it on the radio. Here's an article from a little before the vote: http://www.eupolitix.com/EN/News/200511/b5b5023d-c276-4774-a222-0bde3da22733.htm

French Socialists `non' on EU REACH deal

French Socialist MEPs have decided not to support a controversial compromise deal on REACH chemicals proposals.

Ahead of today's landmark first reading vote on REACH in Strasbourg, the French Socialists said that they could not accept the compromise agreement brokered last week between the parliament's centre left and right groups.

That deal weakened the `Registration' aspects of REACH, diluting the quantity of safety data that chemicals manufacturers have to supply.

The parliament's Socialist rapporteur, Italian Guido Sacconi, admitted that the deal had meant concessions to industry, but had been the only way to obtain an agreement.

French socialist MEP Beatrice Patrie announced this morning that her group could not accept that deal.

"(The agreement) has not achieved the right balance, French socialists will not be voting for the compromise deal."

Patrie said she hoped their decision would send a political signal to the commission, council and the chemicals industry.

"We don't want a cut price REACH."

The French socialist 'non' should not affect the outcome of the vote on the compromise deal, which MEPs are expected to agree.

This is sad news for the world.  The original form of REACH would have kept many toxic chemicals from everyone just because of globalization.  Having this is better than nothing though.

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