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Good for Miliband?

by koksapir Fri Oct 30th, 2009 at 08:52:01 AM EST

The narrative that the Blair candidacy will be sacrificed in favour of David Miliband taking on the high rep job is gaining a lot of traction. One can see lots of positives for many interested parties but would it be a good move for Miliband himself?

Points in his favour:

1. The work of the High Rep will have little to do with Schengen and the euro, so UK opt-outs in those areas are not problematic in the same way as they are for candidates for European Council president.
2. Although a member of the Commission, the high rep will be out of town much of the time (and will have plenty to occupy them when they're not). So it will be harder for him/her and their cabinet to influence dossiers in other areas of Commission work, such as the economic/single market/competition fields. Now wouldn't it be attractive to France and Germany to keep British fingers well out of those pies?

Miliband, Flavour of the Day - afew

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