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Blogrolling at ePluribus Media

by wanderindiana Thu Nov 24th, 2005 at 10:22:09 AM EST

Cross-posted at Booman Tribune, the ePluribus Media Community, and Daily Kos

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday we are celebrating in the U.S. today, I am thinking about ways that those of us at ePluribus Media can give thanks to those of you who have supported our efforts throughout 2005.

One of the things we've been discussing behind the scenes is the creation of a blogroll. Many of you out there have been kind enough to give your support to us, and I (for one) would like to offer our supporters an opportunity to be recognized.

If you have a blog that you would like listed in a "Friends of ePluribus Media" blogroll, please post a link here in the comments.

The final decision on posting this blogroll will lie with the ePMedia Board of Directors, but I promise I'll put in a good word for all of you.

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Impeach Bush/Cheney? What do Europeans say?

by wanderindiana Sun Nov 13th, 2005 at 10:05:58 AM EST

Over at Booman Tribune, BooMan has laid out a strong case today for pursuing the impeachment of Bush/Cheney.


First, barring unforeseen events or disclosures it is very unlikely that the House of Representatives' Judiciary Committee will begin an inquiry into articles of impeachment until after the 2006 elections.


Secondly, there should be no effort to impeach the President that does not include a simultaneous effort to impeach the Vice-President.


Taking these two preliminaries into account, I will make the case for impeachment....

I know how I feel about an attempt to impeach the principles of the Bush administration, but I'm curious as to how the rest of the world feels.

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