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Racism and the World Cup Final

by fls Mon Jul 10th, 2006 at 09:02:41 PM EST

Racism and the World Cup Final

Is this a reflection of the European continent? I'm sure everyone has been wondering what Italian football player Marco Materazzi could have said to a class act like Zidane to have caused him to lay it all on the line and head butt him. I'm sure Zidane will eventually tell all. If what's been leaking out is anything close to what actually happened, it would be a bad commentary on on this sport at least in Europe. I have attached one description of what was said. I don't condone the physical response of Zidane but I understand why he did. Europe and FiFA have a big problem none if addressed during the World Cup, but like all ugly things they will show there heads in time no matter how much you try to hide or ignore them.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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Segolene Royal France's first woman President?

by fls Tue Jul 4th, 2006 at 06:31:10 PM EST

I have always thought that with Chirac's party in the throws of all it's controversies that this would be the perfect time for the opposition to put forth a candidate, and take advantage of Chirac's misfortunes. All commentary that I've seen to date have counted out the Socialists and other opposition parties, at least up until this one. It puts MP Segolene in a positive light. I guess the questions that now remain, at least to those of us who are not familiar with her, is what are her positions on economic and international issues.  

I would appreciate any insight on this potential candidate.


From Royal to French president?
Segolene Royal is an MP, mother and France's newest political star - she could also become presidential candidate for the Socialist Party. But after almost 12 years of Jacques Chirac and 14 of Francois Mitterand before him, could France be ready for its first Madame La Presidente?

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